Friday, May 23, 2008

When you move things around...

Good Morning!

Funny what you come upon when moving things around. Things that are in the back, sometimes way in the back of your mind, conveniently forgotten, and at times the subject of procrastination.

I came upon my half finished project, from my very first quilt lessons, which were taken about 5 years ago with the wonderful instructor Marilynn Wiebe, of the then Shared Threads Quilt Shop (sadly closed about 2 years back...maybe more). I had gone in there and asked if they had any beginner quilt classes, and this is what I dove into head-first!!!


It ended up being a very enjoyable class, and I fell in love with the project! Marilynn is such a good teacher. She even has her own book out now! "Sensational Patchwork Quilting". Lots of embroidery in it....

Anyway, getting back to my first quilt, it still needs, what I promised for that project, A LOT more hand quilting, and binding. The pattern is "Many Thanks" by Nancy Halvorsen of Art to Heart Designs.

My second project lessons were also from Marilynn. The "Simple Country Sampler" by Lydia Quigley, The Rabbit Factory,

This quilt was the better quilt for me to learn some basic patchwork, and I promised machine quilting to this one. That is still needed, and binding. I have put this one off because my confidence in machine quilting is not up there yet, that is where these baby quilts that I have on the go come into effect. They are my machine learning pieces.

I also have a Round Robin photo here that my Country Rose group made for a donation to the Costume Museum of Canada. They are in downtown Winnipeg now, but when they were out in Dugald where they aloud us the use of their meeting room. This Christmas wall-quilt is for them to raffle off as a thank you from us.

Well people, that is probably it for today... gotta things to do, places to be! So till tomorrow, I bid you good stitching...


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Annet said...

What beautiful quilts you have made. A like the scrappy look of it.