Friday, May 9, 2008

Early Start To My Day...

Well, I did fall asleep last night, but it only lasted till 5am...felt unrested, otherwise I may have gone into the "shop" to play with my Pfaffy. Can you believe it!? I haven't even looked at Pfaffy since Wednesday night!!! Been busy with other things.

I forgot to highlight this "Going to Market" wall-hanging that I have in my sewing room. It is very special to me. My Aunt made this when she was 17 years of age. She was ill for a whole year, and basically in bed-rest the whole time. This is what she did to pass the time. That was about 57 years ago. It is made of whatever scraps and old clothes to be found, on burlap. It is a treasure to me...

I thought I would post some photos of some finished projects for your viewing enjoyment. Perhaps to help inspire you too...?

The 3 small wall-quilts I have hanging around my home.

The "Western" was made for my cousin's 25th wedding anniversary. They are big into horses and such.

My "Delf Blue Welcome" is one of my UFOs soon to be quilted, bound, and hung up in my front entrance. I met a lot of my now quilting buddies through taking a class to make this "Persian Star". I am very thankful for that!

Yesterday was a Wonky Bits day! There were 11 of us present!! And we were ALL in great moods! Even celebrated a birthday with a real yummy desert! 8-P

Lastly is a photo of Dear Daughter #1 holding Ruby When she was 2 months old., and a photo of our Ruby now at 8 months.


Finn said...

Hi Myra, here I am *VBS*and so happy to be saying 'welcome to blogland' in person(so to speak...LOL)
The Going to Market is just striking...and I admit to being envious...it's gorgeous. Hard to believe it's that old. It looks very comtempory.
Loved seeing your sewing space...you do have lots of room to creat. All the neat wallquilts in your house...very neat! I'll be back to read a bit more, but for tonight my eyes are collaping on me...see you soon. Hugs, Finn

Darcie said...

Aw...your fur babies are adorable! Looks like the whole family enjoys them!

Your aunt was certainly a woman ahead of her time. "Going to Market" is indeed -- as Finn said -- contemporary. Very innovative! Oh what she would have done with all of the magic that we are able to work with these days!

Happy blogging!