Saturday, June 29, 2013

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

What's been happening in my patch of the world...

  The latest, our daughter came for a 10-day stay with the twins.
On right FT and left DS.
They are indeed identical, but very different in expressions and personality.
13 months old now. Still not walking (premies), but one is getting 
around quite fast on his knees, and the other by butt scooting.

Here is our latest photo of our little SA.
 He is 7 weeks old now. Getting to be a little porker, as expected of course!! ;)

Older brother TJ is just a going concern all the time now!! 
Latest interest, climbing in and out of our dog kennels.
 He even figured out how to open and crawl into the rabbit cage at home 
when his mom wasn't in the room for 5 seconds. Little monkey!!!

I did my first ever Ikea trip. Had never been in the store before, 
but since we have one in Winnipeg now, woohoo!!! 
I bought a bunch of see through containers to reorganize my stash/projects/sewing room...
 Tis a slow process, but I am getting there...
 We had another wonderful small group quilt retreat for 5 days.
Still working on my D9-P for my bed.
 You can't rush these things....  ;)
Slow and steady...?... Sort of...

One of our gals even led us in creating snap bags! Cuties!!
I put my cell, small camera, and ipod in mine (just to see how secure it might hold), 
turned it upside down, and it held!! Given a shake or two and it fell out, 
but that is pretty good holding for that weight!!!

That be it from me for now!

Later Gaiter!!