Thursday, October 30, 2008

Quilt Top Done!!! 8-)

A beautiful sunny, warm day today... Can you believe it!?! 17*C!!! This is really warm for up here at this time of year!! Typically we could have snow, that would stay by Oct 31st, though, with the climate changes all over the world, nothing seems to surprize me anymore... A beautiful day!!! 8-)

I had quilting friend J over early this morning for half a day of stitching, and as I was getting my "sewing area" set up in the dining room, I was moving my bobbins closer to the side of my machine and one went PLOP into my coffee. Friend J had a good chuckle for that one!!! Lucky it was the empty bobbin!!! Sheesh! Butter-fingers.... Thanks for the company J, and for the yummy banana bread!!! Mmmmm..... 8-)

Being so warm out, I should have had my coffee outside this morn, then I would not have dropped a bobbin in my coffee!!!

I finally have my boarders on my Holly Jolly quilt, though it still needs some trimming. But it's done!!! 8-)
On to one of my UFOs now, but which one!?!

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Quilt gathering night!

Yahoo...we had some show & tells tonight! Eleven quilters came to the community club tonight.

This is Sw's lovely Bag she made at a class. She is also a new quilter... Nice job Sw! 8-)

Next we have 3 Halloween wall-quilts that Pg brought just because of my last post, mentioning show & tell... Wasn't that nice of her?! Thanks Pg!!! 8-) Your wall-quilts are adorable!!!

This is N's creation she atarted at a class... Apparently it is all done with Polyesters... Very cool seeing it in person. That is going to look gorgeous on a wall!!! Nice work N!

This little lovely is being made by Jr. She had been making yo-yos for a while now, but not all for this project... Isn't it pretty? 8-)

This is what Dk was completing tonight for a Project Linus donation. Finishing off the binding.
Easy on the eyes... 8-)

Dk made this for a family gift. Family names were labeled on the snow-men's scarves. Original pattern only had 4 heads... 8-)

I was talking about my UFOs tonight, and Dk says that when family members refer to all her incomplete projects she tells them that she is working on her PHD (Projects Half Done), instead of UFOs... Thought that was cute... I think I will use it! 8-)

This is J's "Puzzle" quilt that she has been working on lately. Cute stuff hey? Nice job J! 8-)

And lastly, we have Frosty and Santa finger puppets that one of Vf's friends made for her... They are adorable! 8-)
DD1 came over for a visit yesterday, finally! Sounds like she really enjoyed her solo trip to the east coast... Very proud of how she handled her car problems along the way (which we thought we took care of before she left).

DD1 gave me a really good chuckle with the little gifts she brought back for me. The "Grand Central Station" sign is what life has been like, only now the station is starting to empty...the birdies are leaving the nest... 8-)

For those that know me, know that I am not the picky house-keeper I used to be, so this gifty is just priceless...
Biggest laugh!
Love it!!! 8-)

Here the fur-girls are waiting for DS to come home from work last night. First the back window, then the front window, and back and firth again... Too cute! 8-)
I think they are missing DD2, been out of sorts the last week...

Tonight is my Crescentwood gathering night. I hope we have a good show of show and tell! I best get into the sewing room to get my "stuff" packed and ready to go! Will post later tonight... 8-)

Sunday, October 26, 2008

In the Sewing Room!

I spent a good part of the day in the sewing room, and got my boarders ready to attach...hopefully tomorrow! ...?... I have a brunch date tomorrow with gals I haven't seen in a long while, so we'll see how long that will be... 8-)

I would like your opinions.
I had 4 charms left over from the charm packs used in this quilt top. The yellow stripe. This is "Option A". I thought it would look good to use the stripe in the corners on the boarder like this setting... but it looks washed out to me...

I then thought to twist the corner block around in "Option B"... I think the stripe still doesn't work...

"Option C" would be to ditch the stripe, and replace it with the yellow used in the boarders...

I was also thinking to use the candy-cane stripe as the binding... but now I don't know?
Suggestions welcomed! 8-)

Mr Handyman with the two fur-sleeping-beauties this morning. All three soaking up the sun... 8-)

Saturday, October 25, 2008

No stitchings the last couple of days. Life just gets in the way at times... 8-)

DH came home with a boat after work(2AM) this morning. Old, yes, but it works fine. Good for fishing, and the odd boat/camping trip. DD2 was very excited to hear that her dad did indeed buy the boat.

This morning over breakfast with DH, DS and the GF, we were talking about the annual fishing trip. Son commented that if Unc T could decided to go on this trip, he would not be crazy about the long drive towing his "big" boat. I told him that Unc T wouldn't have to take his boat as 3 will fit fine in our boat. ?..."What boat?" (DS always seems to be the last to know anything around here, as he does not listen half the time...) I told him "our boat! The one in the garage." It took some convincing him, and then we went out to the garage to have a look at it!!! He was amazed and pleased. 8-)

So now DH is happy with his new/old "toy". 8-)

DD2 bought DS's GF's lizards today... lovely... She also started a P/T weekend job with her friend Mk as coat checks at a local bar in the area... Don't know how they are going to handle it with their F/T jobs, but time will tell....

DD1 is apparently back on home ground tonight (from her trip out east). Safe and sound, thank God.

My dear darling fur-girls had 2 major fights, downstairs in the same spot, before 11AM today... We found out why when we were near there when a 3rd fight was about to start. DS's GF had a bag of food for the lizards on a chair there that both fur-girls were intrigued with... Food moved, problem solved! 8-)

Hope you are all having a good weekend!

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Done, Done, Done...

...yes you read it right! I have finished my mother's Sweatshirt Jacket!!! All I need to do is wash it to get the rest of the bits of paper off it and for the design cuts to soften some... Another (4th) done for Finn's New Year's Challenge!!! 8-)

What to work on now...?

It was a Wonky Bits gathering day today, and you know that means, some show and tell! 8-)

This first WIP is Jm's, a Christmas gift for some luck people!!! "You are on a roll girlfriend!!!"

This next lovely is Lp's Fall creation! Love those fabrics and the pattern Lp!!! A must on my list... 8-)

This wonderful paper-pieced block is the front of Pg's tote she made... Love the colors! 8-)

We had an extra couple of gals join us today, gals from my city group. Kh of QGB and Yn. I believe they had an enjoyable day with us... Photoed here are the Wonky Bits ladies (10+2 today) all working away on something wonderful! 8-) We are very fortunate to be able to use the well lit basement twice a month...

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

My Chatelaine, and a little of this and that...

This is my "chatelaine" I made about 4 years ago when I joined our provinces quild. A lot of the ladies wore them, so I just had to have one also, being a fairly new quilter and all...

The chetelaine has little pockets on the bottom of each side, with a bit of elastic at the top to help keep little items in it contained...

I am not getting anywhere fast with my mother's Sweatshirt Jacket. I hope to have it done...tonight, to post it at the bottom of the tutorial... 8-/

This next photo is of a gift my DD2 received from one of her employees yesterday. I tell you, this woman is an artist!!! She painted it for DD2 as a combination "thank-you", birthday, and house-warming gift, to remind DD2 of her trip to Australia this past summer. This photo really doesn't hold a candle to the gift itself!!! Beautiful!!!

I picked up some fallen leaves on my walk with the fur-girls...DD2's hand is beside them... That big one is from a Little Leaf Linden Tree... little leaf my foot!!! 8-) I love the colors in it.

... and there is DH doing the handy man thing once again... or should I say, as usual... 8-)

Found this neat "Paintbox Quilt" and the "tutorial" made by
Elizabeth Hartman on her "oh fransson" blog/webpage. Check it out! She has some absolutely wonderful items to look through there... 8-)

Found cute little
Fabric Chalkboards on the "Anyone Can Quilt" blog, but could not find that name of the blog holder...? The little chalkboards would make cute little gifts...

Check out Megan's blog "The Bitchy Stitcher", read this post of her first experience with binding...It's hillarius, and oh so true for many... Warning, she uses a few "colorful" words, so if you are offended by that, perhaps you should carry on with what you were doing... 8-)

And lastly, I am thinking of looking for a new doctor...if I can find one! I came across this list, so if you are interested in checking out your Doctor's patient rating, go here. They have lists for CA, USA, UK, AU, & India listings...

Monday, October 20, 2008

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Weekend with DS's GF here...

Well, our weekend with DS's GF staying here has been eventful and interesting. If you've read yesterday's post you know what Saturday was like.

Today, we had another lovely sunny day... For some reason, everyone was up before 8AM. I awoke from all the noise! Only 5 hours sleep for me, but I seem to be functioning ok still...

DH and DD2 did go for the 2-hour drive to store one of the cars. DB-I-L went with them for the drive and visit.

DS and his GF decided they were going to make supper stuff today, which started with a trip to the grocery store. The afternoon started with cheese stuffed Jalopeno peppers for them to munch on while the do prep work.

First they made Spinach Dip to snack on, and boiled eggs and potatoes for Potato salad. After eggs and potatoes were cooled, DS cut it all up and put in all the "add ins" with Mom's instructions. While he did that, GF washed, spun dried, and broke up romaine lettuce for a salad that I said I would make. I prepped the rest for the salad.

Later DS bbq'ed some chicken burgers and veggie burgers (GF vegetarian), while I made the yummy salad (lettuce, peppers - 1 red, 1 green, 1 yellow, green onions, pecans, dried cranberrys, and a poppy seed dressing) that I had at friend Wk's at Thanks Giving... Hers ended up better in the end, but mine was still good.

I forgot to take a photo of our wonderful meal just after I set it all on the table, but a halfway through shot is good too. The 3 of us were done eating by the time DH and DD2 got back from their day-trip.

Another good part of my day was working on the Sweatshirt Jacket Tutorial again... I had hoped to post it tonight, but I was getting bug-eyed with it, thus thought to edit the rest tomorrow...

Today, when looking at yesterdays damage that was made in the back entrance, DS's GF said to me, "You took that all very well yesterday. My mom would have had a cow with lots of yelling!" 8-) I told her, "there was nothing to get upset about, because I know it will get fixed..." (have I mentioned that my DH is a handy man to have around?) 8-)

I hope you all had an enjoyable day today!

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Rats, and Lizards, and more, oh my!!!

What a weekend!
What a zoo!
Oh what damage and confusion!

* DD2 assumed/expected to move Friday night, but her "movers" (our family's guys) were not available... Nothing like making definite plans with people! 8-/
* Saturday the "movers" (our family's guys) are available, but she's gone for 6 hours bridesmaid dress shopping with a bride. So "movers" proceed to bring stuff up and out onto the deck in the latter afternoon anticipating her arrival any time...ya right!!!
(We've thought that, a couch set that was left in the basement here when we move in, was possibly impossible to make it's way up the stairs and out the door, but we told DD2 that she could have it, and were willing to give it a try.)
* Love seat went out the door no problem! Large corner table to set out the door no problem! They were just about to bring the couch up, and I went to walk the fur-girls.
* A 45 minute walk later brought us home to a couch stuck on the stairs and in the back entrance, a few choice words, and after another 45 minutes the couch was out, but...

This is what came of all that struggle and cursing... Door frame completely removed, part of wall bent into stairway, and big gouges in the entrance wall.... I mentioned to DD2 that we should have just let her take our living room set, as we hope to buy a new set soon. She mentioned what her mom said to her dad... well, lets just say that dad did not look too impressed after the fight up the stairs... Now DH has some more fixings to do around here. 8-/
* The first loads of the move pulled out of here after supper (7PM)
* DD2 probably just made her bed around 9-9:30PM, and she was planning to go to a corn-maze yet tonight!!!! No time for that now!!! Definitely did not have her priorities right this weekend!!! Big sigh...

AND... DDS (dear darling son) is having the girlfriend stay for the weekend because her place (that she shares with a bunch), was getting fumigated for bed bugs!!! Lovely!!! Along with her came her 2 rats, 2 lizards, and 3 loads of laundry (which she and DDS managed)!!! Her cat definitely could not come along...

DS's GF was an extra helper for the move... a move that is still not completed, and probably won't be tomorrow because DH and DD2 have plans to drive one of our cars 2-hours away for winter storage! Their priorities are still all scrambled!!! 8-/

Being that I am not much good for helping with a move, I stayed out of the way, did some hand stitching on the Sweatshirt Jacket's (SsJ) binding, worked on the tutorial for it quite a bit, did some bonding with DS's GF, walked the fur-girls with her, made supper, did the dishes, and now I am beat...

DD1 called today. She is hoping to be home by next week Sunday or Monday. "God, please bring her back home to us safe and sound..."

My dad is doing fine. He hasn't had the 24-hour heart monitor on him yet I don't think. Hopefully that will tell us what is up with him...

I hope that all your weekend has been a good one!