Wednesday, May 21, 2008

It has been a productive day! 8-)

Well, considering how the day started, and my dwindling energies, things went really well. Quite productive. 8-)

Once I decided my pattern/layout for the baby quilt, I got cutting, and stitching...with Pfaffy of course!! I got my 4 patches done, so now I have something to bring to Wonky Bits to work on tomorrow. I may even get most of the top pieced there!!

Lets see if you can figure out how I did my 4 patches from my photos... 8-)
Click on the photo for a closer look...

One on my trusty side kicks sleeping beside the computer desk... The baby... still in her diaper... still in heat.... waiting to get spayed next Wednesday.... Ouchies!!!

Part of my layout on the display wall...
Come to think of it, I need a bigger display wall... SOON! 8-)

My patches ready to put together tomorrow...

And, another flower opened up today... too beautiful not to share!! 8-)

OH! And there's my feet with my phentex slippers that I make... I can't live without my sloffies...

That be it for today! I hope you don't think I am posting too many photos! I myself love looking at blogs with lots of photos!!! Get the creative juices flowing....... 8-)

Till tomorrow!

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