Thursday, January 31, 2013

Row Robin, D9-Patch, Bits & Pieces...

 I've been doing a paper-pieced row to add to my Row Robin project, that 
I showed in the previous post. Odd size pieces, thus the paper-piecing.
 I added the new row to the others...
 Now I am pondering my borders, and debating if "my blue" is close enough 
to go with the blues that my friend's added in.
 Also showing a new book... I haven't really had a good sit with it yet, 
but a quick glance through it looked very promising.

While pondering my Row Robin borders today, I've been working on 
my D9-P project that I started a year or two ago.... I'm using up quite 
a few old fabric yardages and FQs, mostly small florals.

This afternoon I put some of the "bits & pieces" together that were too 
small to cut into charms for the 9-Patches that I start with. A bit more 
fussing, but I wanted to use it all up.
 Tonight I put more 9-Patches together...
  Halfway through getting all that done.
I just need another productive day of sewing, ironing, and cross cutting 
my 9-Patches, to be ready to play with all the blocks on my display wall...

Busy days coming up... Mom to physio, Mom's 73rd B-Day visit, BIL's 55th B-Day visit, 
Mom to X-rays/6-wk Doc appointment, etc, etc... Mom is doing really well with her 
new knee. Much better than her first experience with this 2 years ago..

Well, have a great weekend everyone!
Happy stitching!


Saturday, January 26, 2013

iRobot - Poomba

Look what DH came home with yesterday!!
Time to read the instructions and charge the battery!

In the process of getting some of my PhDs done. First up is my Row Robin Project that I did with 9 other gals. You will note the changes I've made in some of my rows, as one did not measure properly, and the other I split in half, which I think looks great, and added another row of flying geese...
 Only one of us has fully finished their quilt. I have to make one more row to balance it out, and put the boarders on. So that is my thing to do over the next couple days.
Hope you are all keeping well!

Back to the sewing machine...


Thursday, January 17, 2013

Photo issues with Blogger...?

Hello blogging friends!

I have a question for you, that I hope someone can answer. I have a private group blog with my quilting gals, and many of them cannot access the photos in their personal computer files. They click on the photo icon on the "new post" page, and everything comes up except the "choose files" option that would bring them to their own photos... Anyone know what that is about?

Would sure appreciate some feedback about this...


Monday, January 14, 2013

A quilt top finished...

Poor quality photo, but I set in a better photo of my fabrics in the corner.
DH will have a new quilt soon! 
I hope you all had a wonderful holiday season, and that 
2013 has seen you all off on a good start so far...