Monday, January 13, 2014

Happy New Year!!!

I hope you all had a blessed Christmas, and that 
your 2014 will bring you all good health and happiness!!!

We had all 4 grandsons together here. Talk about busy boys!!!
 Here they were watching Daddy/Uncle shovel the mountains of snow we had...
Can you tell which ones are the twins?  ;)
I just got home from another retreat with my gals!! There are 9 of us that retreat in a small cottage about 5-6 times a year, and have a darn good time!!! Here is the proof of my efforts.

 My "Take 5" Quilt Top
 Oldest GS TJ's pillowcase, made in the "hotdog" method...
Prior to going to the retreat I had received a newsletter email from Faye's Henhouse, which had info for a retreat with a photo of Table-Toppers that were to be made in a class. Click link to check out the photo at the bottom of that page. 
 Anyway, at the retreat I couldn't recall where I had seen the photo, and couldn't for the life of me find it on my iPod to aid me in trying it out with fabric I brought to do so. So, I winged it from memory. I did pretty good!!! Got my pieces all cut and up on the display wall. Looking good I thought!!
Photo 1
 Photo 2
Started sewing them together...?... Oh no!! Y-seams!!!
 Photo 3
 I did thinking and did some stitch-ripping to avoid the Y-seams...
 Photo 4
All pieces together! Looking good! I take photo (funny what you can see in a photo and not in reality) and see my error, which I should have seen on Photos 2 and 3...Do you see it?
Where my triangle/pattern, in center, changes direction, my stripes were off!!! 
NOOOO....!!! I forgot to watch my 1/4" seam match up... Grrrrr....
Oh well, what can you expect when done without a pattern? It will be a good reminder for my next one!!! I did pretty good for "winging it" from memory...

Happy stitching!