Monday, June 30, 2008

Happy Birthday To Me!!

My morning started with an 8:30am phone call to my answering machine with my mother, the early bird, singing the birthday song to me.... Me not being a morning person, I don't normally communicate much before 10am... well, you can imagine.... 8-) Then Mom and Dad popped in at 10:30am with cake in hand.... Time for my happy face! 8-/
This afternoon DD#2 and I went to get her some good walking shoes for her Australian trip in 8 days. While shopping for her I though I might as well get the Birkenstocks that my doc suggested I get for wearing around the house. Foot problems! Oh the joy of growing older... 8-/
My mom brought over the little local paper with the article of our presentation of, the Path Through the Pines donation quilt to the school. Don't ask me about the front page with the grown men in diapers. Not a clue, and don't want to know!
Here is the fruits of my labor from yesterday. I just about had the center of the anniversary wall-quilt completely quilted, and by 9pm things were just not going right, so I pushed myself away from the sewing table to look at again today... I haven't thus far yet. This is how I left it....
And the underside of it....I am still in the learning stages of machine quilting, so it is kind of wonky, but that is OK! 8-)
DH is apparently taking me out for eats tonight, so that will be nice....

That be it for today.... I think! 8-)

Sunday, June 29, 2008

The sun is shining!

A beautiful sunny day today! A good day to go to the beach.... if I felt like it. 8-)
A few more photos from the Kenora Quilt Show...
Can you imagine doing all those Snails Tails!?! Wow!
A Destination Void...
I took apart one of my Moda Garden Inspirations charm packets just to see all that was in there. I plan to make half square triangles with this bunch, and then play around on my display wall with them.... But not until I finish a few other things first. I have quite a few nagging on my back! 8-)
Click on the image for a closer look at the fabrics...

DH was busy out in the back all day yesterday. In and out of the house... The fur girls were running back and forth to see what he was up to... Ruby has the cutest little cinnamon curled tail.... 8-)

I am off to the sewing room now... I shall come out for air at some point! 8-)

Saturday, June 28, 2008

Some little things....

The sun is finally staying out now....been trying hard all day! 8-)

I had told Cathi from Quilt Obsession I would post my little needle case for her to see. I did not make it this one. I bought it at one of our Quilt Guilds vendor table meetings. The gal that made it is Rose Anne from My Quilt Works. Rose Anne makes all kinds of little goodies.... 8-)

These Thread Catcher/Pin Cushions I did make a few years ago now. The one with the hearts is for traveling as I can tuck my pin-cushion into the sack part for easy packing. The blue/gray one is for home use beside my Pfaffy. I put a plastic container from sour cream into it for easy clean-up. Very handy little things that I wouldn't do without!

My friend K just started her own blog! Congrats to you K!!! Looks good so far! Her blog is Quilter Going Bananas. Have yourselves a look-see! 8-)

I had big plans to do some bonding with Pfaffy, but it doesn't seem to be in the cards today. I am dead dog tired today. We shall try again tomorrow.... 8-)

Friday, June 27, 2008

A rainiy afternoon in Winnipeg...

The thunderstorms, wind, and rain came mid afternoon today. There are still tornado warnings on the weather channel since about 4pm, for most of southern Manitoba. That includes Winnipeg and surrounding areas.... I don't like all the climate changes. We rarely had to worry about tornadoes up here. Now it seems the last 3 years it has become a big concern all through the spring and summer months.

While I was gone all day yesterday a few things happened.
DH got a speeding ticket...again! That is 3 in two years! And he tells me he drives like an o
ld grandpa...RIGHT!
DD#2 picked up her Australian and area money for her trip. Very colorful isn't it? She leaves in about 9-days for a month!!! I surely will miss her.
DS paid off his truck! Finally! Yahoo! Time to party! 8-)
And I haven't heard from DD#1 for a while as she is gearing up for the start of training her Camp Counselors next week, and starting summer camps. Her busy time of year...while the rest of us sit back a bit more for the summer...this is a b&w photo of the retreat house where DD#1 works.

So, getting back to the Wonky Bit's outing yesterday....The Quilt Show was at the Lake of the Woods Museum. A lovely building with a beautiful flowery entrance. Three of our gals in the photo discussing the thought of going to the Blue Heron Gift Shop next... We did tootle on down there for a bit. It was terribly hot and humid in there... It was a quick look for all of us...

The Quilt Show, was a lot smaller than we had experienced before, but still the quality showed in the workmanship on the quilts that were there...

This quilt was a favorite of the gals in my group.
Then there were 3 different quilted jackets....
A lovely table topper....
And this photo was taken in one of the shops. Made from a Geisha Girl panel, but beautifully quilted. Too bad they were sold out of these panels, I think a few of us would have bought.
This is a Log Cabin restaurant that we visited for a lovely dinner before our trip back home... The food was delicious!!
I had visited this restaurant before with my DH and another couple, good friends of ours, and before entering the restaurant we sat in the car for about 20 minutes watching a black bear having a grand ol' time eating grease out of their grease waste bin out back by the parking lot.....

I shall post a few more quilt show photos tomorrow....
Are you all starting to think that I am not working on something myself? Well you would be right! I gotta get back at it! The sewing will not get done on it's own!!!

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Had a great day with the Wonky Bits ladies!!!

We had a great outing to Kenora today! Sadly 3 gals canceled (we missed you), but 9 of us went for the day! After both car-loads met up at the South side rest-stop at the Manitoba/Ontario boarder, we headed straight to the new Keewatin quilt shop "Cottage Country Quilts". A beautiful shop! We enjoyed our stop there.... AND our goodies! 8-)

My goodies that came home with me from the first shop....
A Hollyhocks quilt caught my eyes, as did D's, and right away I went to look for the pattern! I plan to make this for my mother. Grandpa used to grow hollyhocks beside his house for years, and several times during the season he would bring my mother a bouquet of them. Whenever Mom sees, or receives hollyhocks, she fondly thinks of dear Grandpa, thus the thought to make this for her.
Two Moda charm packs, one fat quarter, 1.5 m of red fabric for a black/white/red paper-pieced quilt I plan to make once I have collected enough, and a pigma pen. I did pretty good for someone that was going to restrain herself! 8-)

Next we went into Kenora to hit the next shop. I had been to this shop before, but it had since moved to a new, better location. Right on Main Street beside the City Hall's parking-lot (photo).

After all 9 of us managed to safely cross Kenora's busy Main Street, we entered the Quilter's Quarters Quilt Shop. Lots to see and feel there, and we did good damage there!!! Damage to our pocket-books that is.... In the photo D and J stand in victory upon exiting the shop! Ready to face whatever else comes their way! 8-)

These are the goodies that came home with me from that shop. Ten fat quarters, and a half meter of fabric with birch trees. Good for my landscaping stash. The one fat quarter is footprints in the sand.... cute!
I had my eye on another pattern, but thought, "I have enough patterns at home and on the internet to last me a lifetime!!", so I left it there.....

That be it for tonight people! I shall post more tomorrow....

Goodnight from me, from where I am... 8-)

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Nothing exciting going on....laundry.

Nothing happening in the sewing room for the last while. Reasons, excuses, who needs them!?! It is what it is..... 8-)

J sent me a photo of myself sandwiching the Anniversary Quilt. How many of you end up working on things in this way? I seem to have been "caught" in this predicament a few times.

Today I have a roast in the crock-pot, which got me thinking about a wonderful blog I came across, with Crock-Pot Cooking. Stephanie has some wonderful sounding recipes!!! I plan on trying some out....soon!!!

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Show and Tells from retreat mentioned earlier...

I picked out a bunch of photos of some of the wonderful Show and Tells at the end of our wonderful retreat weekend! I don't recall all the names of the creators of the quilts, but even if I did I would only use their initial... 8-) ... You know!!!

This is the dining room where all our meals were served. Wonderful menu! Delicious! This is also where we had our Show and Tell by the fireplace on the right in the photo...

I know this is my friend L's quilt top! I haven't seen it since the retreat, but I know she has added an outer boarder, and maybe finished it off even!? I love the colors and the effect! She did a wonderful job!
This one was a beauty! There were several women from one group that was making this pattern...in different colors of course! 8-)This is one of those Row-Round-Robins. Made with some Laurel Birch fabrics...
Not sure, but I believe this was a Round- Robin quilt.I recall the lady whipping this one up quite quickly! I think the blocks were about 16 inches square. Makes for a fast quilt top hey!?!
I recall the gal making these beauties was not a quilter. This was her first try at it, and she was having a blast with it!!! The printed fabric was all cats. Very cool!
An Around the World done with pre-quilted fabrics. Made to show non quilters an easy way to make a quilt...
The gal that made this one took her time with it.... I believe her quilt group were bugging her about it taking her 5 years worth of retreats. I guess you could call this her Retreat Quilt! 8-)
Isn't this a sweet winter wall-quilt? Love snowmen! 8-)Don't recall much about this one, but isn't it a beaut!?And a flowery pastel... Very cute!I was told the name of this one, but for the life of me I can't remember! It is a very cool pattern! There was an all weekend tutorial on landscape quilts. There was about 8-10 ladies took part in that... They were all beautiful, and each so different even though the photo was the same.