Saturday, September 19, 2015

Retreat Time!

 I had a wonderful retreat weekend, though I came home sick. 
Hey! It happens right!?
There were seven of us, with three pop in visitors on Saturday.
This is my work space. I was working on my "I Spy".
 This is our set up. Cozy right!?!
 This is one of the quilt tops worked on this weekend. It is friend Yn's.
 This is my Sunshine and Shadows "Summer Solstice" project I had mentioned in past posts. I'm finally getting to blocks put into rows! Do you see anything amiss? 
 I think I will give it another name though, because it is not done in the colors as the one in the book.

GrS#1 turned 4!! I can't believe he is 4 already!!! And started pre-school too yet!
 His younger brother, GrS#4, just got glasses, and is finding some interesting spots to hide them from his mother when he doesn't want to wear them. Little stinker!
 Summer is coming to a close for many of us, and I look forward to my favorite time of the year. Fall.

Happy stitching!


Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Retreat time!!

Summer is over, and it is time for retreats to start up again!!
Boy am I and my gals ready for one!!!
Getting things packed up... 
... and ready to head out tomorrow morning...
First stop my Wonky Bits quilt group gathering,
and then on to the retreat house from there!!

Some serious stitching will be done!! 

Hope you have a good and productive weekend!


Saturday, September 5, 2015

A lovely quiet week...

 ...at my home away from home. My trailer. A place to sew, 
read, and watch the odd favorite video. 

During this week there, a start on the driveway was made. 
Due to heavy rain, it is at a stand still till it dries up again.
 I got a good start on quilting my Row Robin quilt.
 Quilt a row, read a chapter, quilt, read, and so on...

I even got the binding ready!
Still working some on my I Spy, and Summer Solstice projects.
(recently blogged about)

I am very pleased with the progress I am making
with my renewed interest and effort in my hobby.
All due, I am sure, to having a nice and quiet place to be.

Happy stitching!