Thursday, May 8, 2008

Another Day in the Groggy Fog...

Well, after 3 days of very little sleep I thought I was bound to have a good nights sleep last night. Turns out it was a fictional thought indeed. I think I got maybe 4 hours. Heres hoping for tonight!!!

You are all probably thinking I bonded with Pfaffy today hey? Well, it didn't happen! Too much on the go today....and I doubt that I will get on it tonight... I need a clear, rested head for that.

All I got done today, in the way of sewing/quilting, is some hand sewing the binding (still working on it) on my Double Wedding-ring table topper...It is just a scrappy topper as it was a learning experience with our Wonky Bits group.

My problem from last night's blogging (the photos saved "in camera"problem) got sorted out, by
your's truly, all on my own, around midnight, but it was too late to do anymore blogging... Had I known I again would not sleep, I did have time that I could have done it!!!! Grrrrrrrr!!! Anyway, here are the few photos that I was going to post.

The boarders on the nature wall-quilt for my bro and his wife...and the backing for/and my sunflower quilt.

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