Thursday, October 29, 2009

Retreat Weekend...

Well, I've got the Sports Sudoku donation quilt all done, washed, and ready for us to present to the director of the retreat house tomorrow. Feels good to have that finished... and not a moment too soon hey!?! 8-)

I shall reconnect with you all after the retreat!
Have a good weekend everyone! 8-)

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Tuesday Tidbits...

Today I've been hand-stitching the binding down on the Sports Sudoko Quilt that our city group has put together to donate to the camp/retreat facility where we have had our 4, soon to be 5, group retreats... I had wanted to be done with the binding of the quilt about 2 months ago, but obviously that was not meant to happen... We will present the quilt to the Director this Friday, and then the fun of our 5th retreat will commence! 8-)
3 more sleeps!!! 8-)

One of our city group's gals has just started blogging. Pop on over and say "Hi! Myra sent me!" Encouragement from you would be well appreciated! 8-)

Happy stitchings all!

Sunday, October 25, 2009

A family wedding...

Yesterday we went to my cousin's wedding. They have a blended family now. It was a wonderful service, and the girls all did great walking down the aisle! My cousin and her groom look so happy, and its great that the girls all get along...
A family photo from the day...
A sad point in our family's mind though, is that my dear aunt, my cousin's mother, who we recently lost, could not witness this union in person, but we know she was there in spirit!

A happy event in the family was well received... 8-)

God bless your little family Cous!!!

PS: I just noticed that I am just about at my 500 post anniversary!!! Hmmmm....?

Saturday, October 24, 2009

I won! I won!!! Woohoo!!!!

I feel so lucky today! I won Em's giveaway! Woohoo! Go check out the wonderful prize. It's awesome!!! I think I will stop and buy us a lotto ticket today! 8-)

Thanks a bunch for hosting a giveaway Em!!! 8-)

Happy stitchings all!

Friday, October 23, 2009

Button, button, who makes buttons!?!

I have buttons... Oh boy do I have buttons!!! Three containers full!!! My buttons, my mom's buttons, inherited my gram's and my m-i-l's buttons, so yes, I have buttons!!! Tons of buttons! Lots of very old buttons...

Sometimes though, you want a couple of those specialty buttons, maybe even just one button, and they are sooooo expensive. Our Wonky Bits group yesterday just happened to be talking about this and thought we would like learn how to make them one day!!!

Well.... I was visiting Em's blog and was so excited to see a link in today's post to a button making tutorial she made back in August 2008!!!! It was meant to be after yesterday's group convo!!! Yippee!!! We shall have to try this!!!

Thanks so much for the coincidental link/post Em!!! 8-)

Happy stitchings all!

Just heard - Blogging friend Pat's 5 year old granddaughter is very ill with a 105 fever.... Please send up a prayer or few for the wee one and Pat's family at this time... God bless you all Pat!

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

2nd post today! wow!

And then there were two... Two bags that is!!! 8-)
Well, it took some more stitching and ripping, but Bag #2 is done!!! Yay!!! 8-)

And then I also got permission from Cb to post photos of her projects.
This is one darling little wall-quilt that she intends to put a decorative button in the center of each flower.
Love the pattern! Looking good Cb! 8-)
Cb was working on another applique project during the evening. Perhaps we shall see that one in the future also...

Well, I best get to bed now! It be a Wonky Bits gathering tomorrow, and I am helping the ladies with their envelope bags...

Till tomorrow!
Happy stitchings!

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

A Country Rose Gathering last night...

We had a good show of gals come out for our Country Rose group last night!!! (Yes I did get out!) We were excited to have 3 new ladies join us! Besides having 3 more quilting friends, we all benefit by the sharing of ideas, methods, and inspirations! You can never have enough of any of those! Right!?! 8-)

I'm not showing the photos I took of these new lady's projects on this post/blog... as I don't have permission to do so... The other gals take it for granted that I will post them, and then tell me which projects they don't want online... and I can respect that! 8-)

This first quilt photoed is Pg's "Hidden Wells", a quilt top that she made a few years back to promote a line of fabrics for a quilt shop. Pattern is by Mary Ellen Hopkins. It came out of the UFO pile because her granddaughter wants her bedroom redone in greens and purples, so Pg was binding it last nigh... Fitting isn't it!?! 8-)
Click on the photo for a closer look at the fabrics!
Great looking quilt Pg!!! 8-)
Pg tells me that I have the pattern for this quilt in my left hand sidebar under tutorials (which I think I will have to separate into "tutorials" and "patterns" categories)

Pg made this quilt below after a 1 year "quilting slump". She heard/read about a color reduction technique using VIM Toilet Bowl Cleaner. She cut up squares of fabrics, played in the kitchen sink with it, had fun, and had this quilt together in no time. Her slump was over!!! 8-)
Isn't it an awesome quilt!?! I think it's great!!!
One thing Pg cautions on, is that if you play around with such, make sure to use the same black fabric, or they'll bleach out to different colors... Unless you are looking for that effect... 8-)

This little project is one of two heat pads that Jb was binding. Nice additions for on your table at dinner time there J!!! 8-)Jb likes making little projects, but that is not to say she doesn't tackle big ones! 8-)

This Halloween wall-quilt was made by Cd for her daughter's classroom. Positive/negative piecing... Cd makes little seasonal wall quilts for her quite often. The children love it!
Looks great Cd!!! 8-)
Our Gk was so excited because she has been having quite a few free nights to get some sewing done in the evenings! It doesn't happen very often... Here she is busy with flying geese and 4-patches. On a roll! Good for you Gk! 8-)
And me? Well, since I hadn't joined the ladies for about 5-6 weeks I just enjoyed their company and looked through all their new books and magazines! Someone had to!!! 8-)

There may be more Sew & Tell yet this week!
Happy stitchings Ladies! 8-)

Why did I even bother turning Pfaffy on today?

Do you ever have days where you ask yourself that question,
"Why did I even bother turning my machine on today?"

Well, today was my turn! Stitch, rip, stitch, rip, stitch, and now I have to rip again... big sigh...
The beaded piece does get attached on the inside of the bag (to be flipped to the outside and stitched down), as I've done, but on the end with the handles... Dufus!!!
Yes I'm a Dufus, with a capital D!!!
Big time lack of concentration!!!! 8-(

I should have known... Last night I wasn't feeling too well again, felt some better this morning, thus thought time to make another bag, and I think I am pushing myself...
Sometimes it is just best to leave things alone...
Time to go and lay around on the couch some more Myra!!!

Hope your efforts have gone well today! 8-)
Happy stitchings!

A giveaway...be quick! 8-)

Linda of the Quilting Cat is having a giveaway of a wonderful prize tomorrow. Apparently it is a final part of her birthday giveaway... Pop on over there quick if you wish to enter... and wish her a happy birthday too! 8-)

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Bendable Bright Light...plus...

Back in May my DH bought me 2 wonderful goodies. One was a Bendable Bright Light that I have found very useful.

Kathie, from Inspired By Antique Quilts, noticed it in a photo on my last post and asked me about placing it on my machine, as she has one but hasn't placed it yet. Thus, I thought I would show you all in case you get yourself one...

???????????? Well that's a first! Blogger wouldn't let me load photos on this post earlier this afternoon...? But we are good now... ah, still being difficult, but my photos are all on now!!! 8-)

Left photo: check where your light would be anchored best. If there are any dials/knobs around there, make sure there will be room to slide the light out off the base if need be.

Right photo: trace a mark of where you want the light to sit WITH A PENCIL, not with a pen as I have demonstrated with...
Can't recall if I had to stick a sticky on it that came in the package, or if it was already attached? At any rate, we will assume the sticky is stuck to the anchor piece.

Left photo: to stick the base onto your machine, remove the paper to reveal the sticky surface and line it up with your trace line (easier handling with the light section on the base). Making sure that the little tab that sticks out is sticking upwards.

Right photo: base and light are now in position.

Left photo: the flex arm lets you move the light to where it suits you best, and can be moved up an out of the way if you don't need it.

Right & next left photos: shows you where I placed/stuck the little hooks on my machine to anchor the cord on so that it doesn't get in the way while sewing...

I hope this was helpful to you and others Kathie! 8-)

EDIT: Diah, in my comments, said that she has been looking for one of these kind of lights.
* Sometimes if you look at a quilt shop or sewing supply store and they don't have what you are looking for, if you ask, they may order some in. You never know if others have asked ahead of you. The more that ask, I am sure any retailer would be happy to bring them in! Good luck!
Most of you have probably heard of/seen the blog "365 days of free motion quilting" by Leah Day, with her excellent daily video examples. Well, I just came across a blog called "365 Paper Pieced Quilt Blocks" being done by Kim Noblin, owner & editor of Block Central. She has challenged herself to create a new paper-pieced block pattern every day, for 365 days, which started on October 5th, 2009. This should be interesting! 8-)

Going back to enjoy the beautiful, sunny day we have today! 8-)
Happy stitchings everyone!

Pfaffy a workin'!

Don't fall off your chairs when you read this!
I gave Pfaffy a workout today! 8-)
She was quite happy and gave me no problems!We made a bag together for "The Grandmother's to Grandmother's Campaign" from the Steven Lewis Foundation. I've never worked with beaded ribbon or mesh before. It went OK... 8-)
I had committed to making 6 for friend Nd, but since I was sick for so long, I am behind schedule, so I hope to have them all made this week... These are the other prints I will be working with. Must remember to watch those directional fabrics!!! 8-)
I hope you are all having a fantastic weekend! 8-)

Happy stitchings!

Friday, October 16, 2009

Mystery Solved...

Received in an email from friend Cd today... chuckle... 8-)
Thanks Cd! 8-)
For those of you who worry about missing appointments,
here is what really happened to the dinosaurs.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Tonight's Sew & Tell

First up is Ls' near finish. She was working on the binding tonight...
L is getting much more creative with her quilting. Great job L!!! 8-)
Bags in foreground were being made by Ac for the Grandmother's to Grandmother's Campaign.
The Stephen Lewis Foundation

This is a sample that Dl is making for a sample at one of our local shops...
Love it D! Gorgeous fabrics! 8-)
This is Du's effort from a weekend retreat class a couple of weeks back. I believe it is called a Bling Thing... Apparently very simple to put together... Wonderful D! 8-)
Nd had been busy with Pineapple blocks... if you click on the photo and look closely, you can see the end result in the magazine... Awesome N! 8-)
One last photo of the Cats quilt, promise!!! Jc brought it to show us the finished result, with the wonderful quilting that the pro did for it...
This cat is the "special" cat of the whole thing, as it is to represent the receiver's cat. Click on photo for closer look at the quilting...
This is how the rest of the cats were quilted...
The odd mouse was quilting into the inner border... darling! 8-)
And a mouse in each corner of the quilt. The outer border was all done in feathers... Nicely done! 8-)
Your friend will love this quilt J!!! 8-)

This was my first night out in about 4 weeks now. Feeling much better, though I still have to take it easy, or I will be missing the retreat at the end of the month!!! It was nice seeing everyone again, and I was so glad to get out of this house!!! Feeling the cabin fever...

Today I made and attached the binding and label to the Sudoku quilt. Tomorrow I shall be handstitching it, and spending time getting caught up with all of your blogs tomorrow...

Happy stitchings!

Friday, October 9, 2009

Freezing Point Friday...

I opened the front blinds this morning, and was surprized at what I saw! It was like someone had just given the trees permission to unload themselves of their leaves!!!

First photo was taken at 10:00am, and the second one at 11:00am...
The tree is nearly bare of all leaves in one night!!!
And just now, 1:30pm the wind has started and getting stronger, so more will be coming down all over town... AND it is snowing...

I don't like the cold... Besides feeling like I've missed summer, now, with being sick all September and yesterdays bit of snow, I feel like I have also missed Fall. My favorite time of year!

I've managed to visit and comment on quite a few of your blogs yesterday. My but you've all been busy bees!!! I will do some blog hopping a bit to day too, but I think it is time I tackle a sewing project, and figure out what I shall work on at this month's end weekend retreat!!!

Go and check out Rosaline's blog Samadhi for some eye candy and inspiration! 8-)

Happy stitchings everyone!

Edit: Update photos... Snow dusting photo at 3pm
Snow covered ground 4:30pm...

Thursday, October 8, 2009

My Magazine and a new Cadillac in the family...

I can't believe it!!! We had a bit of snow today. Nothing to stay, but still, SNOW!!! Not ready for that by any means!!!

Myra's got mail!!!
I saw K's magazine from Quilter's Connection on her blog, and then looked through it a couple of weeks back at our quilt gathering. I was impressed with the patterns in there, thus I mailed in my subscription right away. So excited! 8-)
You can visit the magazine site here...

Now, here is the new and only Cadillac in the family!!! 8-)

This is what my dad called his scooter when he introduced me to it... "My Cadillac!" LOL!

Photos taken by my mom from their 3rd floor apartment balcony...
Now my parents can "walk" together to the store or just out and about for some fresh air... 8-)

I thank you all, my blogging friends, for your continued visits and comments even though I have not been up to doing so myself. Today I have started getting caught up on all of you. Lots to read, so it may take a while, but I'll get to your blog eventually... 8-)

Thanks for all your get well soon wishes... Feeling some better, but not 100% by any means... Hopefully I will be right as rain by the end of the month for the quilt retreat I will be hosting!!! 8-)

Take care all!
Happy stitchings!
Myra 8-)

Friday, October 2, 2009

Checking in...

Hello everyone! I have a bit of energy to sit at the comp just now, thus thought to say "hi", and thank you all so much for all your concerns and well wishes in your comments/emails. I feel so well blessed! 8-)

Pneumonia was confirmed, and my energy and stamina are still very much lacking. I guess all in due time hey... I see the doc again on Monday.

I have done some knitting as I sit on the couch watching TV. A dish cloth and little scrubber, and have now started in on a pair of slippers... (I suppose I should make a nice cover for my yarn bucket hey!?!) To hand-stitch or applique just now I find is too much... 8-(

I just realized yesterday that my city group's Fall Retreat is at the end of this month!!! Time sure has flown! I don't know where September has gone!!!?

I am hoping that next week I will be up to sitting at the comp a bit longer in order to get caught up with all of you... 8-)

I hope you are all well and healthy, and that you all have a great weekend!