Friday, August 28, 2015

Wonky Bits...

Added to my display wall are the first six rows of blocks for my "Summer Solstice" Quilt, from the Sunshine and Shadows book, mentioned in this post, if you wish to check out the links there.
Definitely out of my color comfort zone with the pink and the yellow, but I think it works? Perhaps you can see the green and yellow in the pink print? There are six of us doing a project from the book, and the majority of us went out of our color comfort zone. It will be interesting to see all the projects together when done. A future show and tell post for sure!!! 

It was a Wonky Bits day yesterday, and here is what some of the gals have put together.

PG put together another lovely Bonnie Hunter quilt top. We helped her sandwich it.
 PK's darling baby quilt just needed the binding hand-sitched yet.
 Another of PK's, needing some finishing up on the binding.
And, I didn't take photos of PD's sandwich that she put together, nor the sandwich they helped me with, but here is a link to the quilt top that I'll be quilting next week, hoping to have done and bound for a Sept 10th quilt retreat I have coming up.

Hope you are all having a wonderful summer!

Happy stitching!

Thursday, August 20, 2015

"I Spy"

I've got my display wall put up at my trailer, and already put to good use! Here is the "I Spy" project I am putting together for the grands. 
Not the greatest photo. Cell phone photo...
 Row 2, 3, 4, is how the rows will be when done, the rest is just laid out as to where I want what block. There still needs to be a sashing in between them...

Edit: Sitting here to do today's post (August 28), and it seems I forgot to hit publish for this post for last week. Oops!

Saturday, August 15, 2015

Went to two Quilt Shows today...

So I thought I'd share some wonderful eye candy that I've seen today.

Only machine quilted circles on this quilt, and I love the way they 
stand out on this very simple use of scraps! Very effective!
 Love the fabrics used on these pieces! I bought the tote bag pattern (kit), and friend PD bought the the pattern for the other pieces. Looking forward to making them!
 This one really caught my eye! Take a good look at how the blocks 
are put together, using 9-patches.
 I bought the pattern for this quilt that was on display in a vendors booth. 
Hexies and 3D Flowers that I thought was cute...
 This one would make a great one for a man in one's life. 
I find it very striking...
 A modern quilt. Love it! Something to try at some point...
 This one caught my eye as something totally different. 
Unusual even. I like it!
There were many vendors at this quilt show, and even a few long-arm machines to be tried. Have you ever heard of "George". Tried it. Loved it!!

Happy Stitching, and I hope you are all enjoying a wonderful summer!


Sunday, August 2, 2015

Hot Days of Summer.

 DD#1 is here again for a wedding in Regina this August long weekend...
  Yours truly and the twins.

Fur-girls soaking up the sun, after many rain and cloudy days this past week.
 Friend PD came to my creativity trailer for a day of stitching.
This is her project on the go.
 Fun photo booth pics for a bride and groom keepsake album of all the guests.
DD#1 and twins leave for home Wednesday, and Grammy needs a holiday...


Sunday, July 26, 2015

I Spy Progress...

 A peek at what I'm doing with my "I Spy" charms from our exchange. 
 I have all my charms boxed in now (about 180), and ready to make into rows. There are probably too many of them to make one quilt, so I may have to make two!!  

 I had my first (of many) quilting friends join me at my trailer for a day of quilting on Friday. We had a lovely and productive time. I then cleaned up my sewing stuff for card friends to join me for a Canasta that night. I got skunked, but we had a great time, good food, and lots of laughs.

A pic of Friday night's sunset out at my home away from home.
You don't see much of that when living in the city...
So peaceful out there...

Happy Stitching!!


Sunday, July 19, 2015

A Fly By Photo!

 I brought my Bro and SIL out to see my trailer last week. Bro came with a small helicopter camera thingy, and took photos from the air. He got some very neat photos!!! Thanks Bro!!!
 This critter visited here last Thursday. Saw him about 4 times that day. I haven't seen him since, and hope that I don't. I don't need another critter living under my deck. That is the rabbits home! lol... I think this is a gopher, but not sure...?
 Spent another day at the trailer sewing up a storm yesterday. Same two projects as mentioned in the previous post. Making 9-patches here...
 Though, I think I made more progress on my I Spy. I got quite a few square-in-a-squares done. Many more to go! I have a feeling that this may end up being a VERY LARGE quilt. TOO large, so I may make two quilts.
Apparently my GS#1 and GS#4 were wondering why Grammy made GD#1 a quilt, and not them. DD2 informed them that they do have quilts from Grammy, and showed them. GS#1 Thinks he should have a red and blue one like GS#4, because those are his favorite colors, but his is green. I guess it is time to make him a big boy quilt! He'll be 4 this September....?... A new quilt for his birthday maybe? Heck why not! I've got so little to do! lol!

That be it for this week!

Happy Stitching!


Monday, July 13, 2015

Myra's Hide-Away...

Photos from Friday.
Getting settled into my hide-away, slowly but surely, with bits and pieces of furniture from here and there... It doesn't have to match, just needs to be functional and comfortable. 
(I already have a future card night planned for here in two weeks!)
 Every trip there to stitch I bring more things with me... That's why you see the plastic tote in the forefront here. It is sitting by the door to go home with me for more items.
 Getting set up. I was going to set up shop in the large bedroom, but it has been too hot in that South facing room. Seems the A/C barely makes it tolerable for me in the living area, thus I set up in the kitchen.
I busied myself with strip piecing for one project (Summer Solstice), and then attaching charms to a WOF strip for my I Spy quilt for the grandchildren.

Photos from Saturday.
On this day I did some pressing in my "sweat shop" (I'm melting....), and got most of my cross cuts done. Only half showing here.
 I just had to put a few 9-patches together to see how it was going to look. I was worried that the green would be overpowering. Now I'm thinking it might be okay...
 I also did some pressing and cutting on my I Spy, but didn't take a photo. Next time...

I haven't stayed overnight in my hide-away yet, as I haven't stocked the cupboards and fridge yet, nor brought any changes of clothes. Rome wasn't built in a day... Right!?! All in good time! 

Hope you all had a great weekend!
Stay safe!
Happy stitchings!


Friday, July 10, 2015

I Spy....

 All my I Spy charms are at the ready, and I've bought and cut up all my background pieces (the white fabric, and the black fabric), and I will start putting the blocks together when my sewing-room, in my "home away from home", is all set up ... Photos to come.
 I just couldn't pass up sharing this cutie-pa-tootie photo of my GD#1.
She is 3 months old now.

Till next time....


Monday, July 6, 2015

Happy Canada Day...

 ...a tad late, but I hope all my Canadian friends had an enjoyable day with family and friends!
 I've been busy with my "home away from home" project. All services connected and working, so I've been busy vacuuming, carpet cleaning, and washing everything down, in preparation for furniture and all my sewing supplies. I'm hoping to bring things in by this coming Wednesday!! Woohoo!!!

Mmmmm..... Strawberries.... 
Especially good because the twins helped pick them!! 
What a cute family selfie photo hey!?!
Back to packing now...

Happy stitching!


Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Ashern Quilt Show

 I forgot to show you some quilt show photos from a few weeks back!!

These are the quilts that really popped for me. Some are sideways, sorry about that.

This one has a lot of depth to it. Of course after seeing this I bought some striped fabric (below)
 How striking is this!?! A mother made for daughter.
 Love the added applique on this one! Gives it so much more interest.
 Love the color scales on this one...
 This one was just plain different. Centers are Yo-yos. Love it!
 My purchases from Mama Bears Quilt Shop (Ashern).
 My purchases from Keystone vendor at show.
Okay! Now I AM going on a fabric diet for the rest of the year! Really! Once I put my mind to it, I do very well. I've done it many times over the last 8 years...

Now it is time to get serious with my sewing!!

Happy stitching!


Saturday, June 27, 2015

WB Shop Hop

 Our Wonky Bits gals did our own shop hop this past week, complete with a nice lunch stop. I needed fabric like I needed a hole in my head, but you know how that goes! I had full intentions of not buying anything, but.....

So here you see six fabric I picked out for a shadow boxes quilt, plus two fat quarters I liked.
 Six of our eight WB gals have decided to make quilts from Helen Frost & Catherine Skow's book Radiant Shunshine & Shadows. These are the fabrics I came home with for the pattern in the photo. It's called Summer Solstice. Approx 50"x64"
I seem to be committing to starting a few new quilts.... I really should finish some that I've started!!
Quilt tops to sandwich, and quilt tops to finish... Ah well... You know how that goes too I am sure...

When I am set up in my trailer and staying there, I hope to have a friend over to quilt with me every other day. I know I'll get lots done then. I always seem to get more done in company of a fellow quilting friend.

Happy stitching!


Sunday, June 21, 2015

Happy Father's Day!

 Family Time...
 All five grand-children... Too bad GD#1 isn't in pink...
 Grammy made popcorn for the twins...
They are heading back to Wisconsin Tuesday.


Thursday, June 18, 2015

Trailer Thoughts...

 I drew out my trailer get-away dimensions, to figure out what piece 
of furniture I want where, especially for the room I'll be sewing in.
It is going to be a tight fit, but doable...

Hydro should be hooked up soon... I hope!!

If I get things moved in by the end of this month, to be able to function, 
would be sooooo very happy... 

Happy stitchings!
Hope you are all having wonderful weather!


Saturday, June 13, 2015

GD#1's Quilt - Done!

 Not the best photo, but here it is. Quilt-as-you-go, 
complete with Prairie Points and Yo-Yos...
 A label on the back, and now to wash it, and give it to our little darling grand-daughter...

We have DD#1 here with the twins.
Busy, busy boys...
Grammy needs a rest!!!