Thursday, May 29, 2008

A retreat photo...

I just received an email with photos that a friend took at a retreat we were at. Seems that I come home with lots of photos on my camera, but there are never any with me on them. It is kind of like I wasn't even there! So, I am happy to have a couple with me in them...

This is a photo of my Sunflower Quilt top that I was working on that weekend. I was putting on and machine appliqueing my sunflowers. The quilt is still just the top as I have not sandwiched it yet. It is made of all sunflower prints. I cut strips of different widths, straight and wonky. I learned that the thinest strips made should not be any thinner than 1"!!! Lesson learned! I sewed the strips all together and cut 8 1/2" blocks out of them, and sewed them together as shown in the photo. Once I get the baby quilts 1 (quilted and I need to hand-sew the binding now) & 2 (needs sandwiching, etc), and the 25th anniversary wall-quilt done, I can finish this one up!!!

I tell you people, "This blogging IS keeping me to task!" 8-)


call me crazy said...

Hi Myra~

Thanks for visiting my blog! :-)

I love your Sunflower Quilt! I seem to have a collection of sunflower fabrics too, but haven't thought much about how to use them. There just might be a sunflower quilt in my future... ;-) And you are so right about blogging keeping you on task! LOL ;-)

Happy Stitching!

marisa said...

Lovely your blog.I'm happy to you know.Ciao

Grazia said...

Congrats for your blog and works!!!!
Thank you for visiting mine!!!