Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Retreat Photos...

 As mentioned a couple posts back, we were doing an "I Spy" exchange at this retreat. Six of us taking part, and agreed we should have a due date as to when the quilt tops were due to be shown, but for some reason a date was not agreed on...yet! 
 I'm recalling that they should be done by the end of this year. 
"I Spy" pattern is up to the individual.

These blocks were done by friend LS. Toonie-Tuesday packages she collected from a local quilt shop a while back... She/we are quite proud of her success with her points, to the point she is saying, that maybe she is ready for a Bonnie Hunter Mystery. 
 I said, that if she does, I will join her. Been wanting to do a Bonnie Hunter 
for a while now, but I just haven't jumped in yet.

DW brought a quilt to show us that her sister had made while wintering down south.
Lovely! I believe is was all Batiks.
 A few posts back I showed you a new book that I purchased with this pattern in it. I never should have brought the book to share with my gals "yet", as now I wasn't the first of my group to do this pattern. The "Disappearing Churn-dash". DL, who is very quick at whipping up a quilt-top, decided fabrics she brought to the retreat would work great with this pattern, so proceeded to whip up the blocks... Love the print background.
 So now, my accomplishments from the weekend...

A pillowcase for our GS#4.
 A Quilt-as-you-go quilt (like YN's done here) for GD#1. 
All it needs now is a few Yo-Yos, and the binding...
 Much needed receiving blankets for our grand-daughter. It is ok to have her wrapped in the boy's blankets at home, but not when out visiting or in public!!  ;)
 I sewed some more 25-patch blocks, pieced some rows, and combined them, just to see how it was going to look. Much more to be done to finish this quilt top up...
Pattern - Quick Quilts - March 2010 - Raspberry Cheesecake, I posted about it here too...
 And now, a photo of DGS#1, with his very first catch, on his very first "gone fishing with Daddy" trip. A very small catfish in his hand. 
 "It was really wiggly Grammy, and then a put it back in the water."

Wonky Bits on Thursday. I may have some more show and tell photos from that gathering...

Happy Stitching!


Saturday, May 23, 2015

Retreat Time Again!

We are at our five-day May retreat having a great time! I can't seem to figure out how to access my photos on my iPod, so that will have to wait till I'm home to do in my desktop comp.

Wonderful weather here! Hope you are enjoying some in your patch of the world!

Happy stitching!


Saturday, May 16, 2015

A Shop Day + G-Babes

Bought a few FQ for an I Spy Charm exchange.
Had to stop in at a 10,000 Villages Shop.
Love my new bracelet!
 I envy our NFLD friend's backyard view... 
Photo taken 2 weeks ago.
All five of our grand-babies. Hopefully we will have them all 
in one photo, together, very soon.

Hope you are enjoying your May long-weekend!


Thursday, May 7, 2015

Myra's Quilt Hideaway...

 Back in September we bought a small trailer, 12'x42', and in October 
we had it moved onto some property we have out in the country. 
You see, I need a "hideaway" to have a break from my normal 
everyday life at times. So this will be just perfect.
 I haven't moved any of my belongings into it yet, as we just had 
a well drilled, and waiting on septic and electricity. Also waiting for 
a bit of a deck and decent stairs so I don't break my neck.
 It isn't a big trailer, but just big enough for me. One bedroom to sleep in, 
and one to set up for a sewing room away from home. 
What more does on need?
I am soooo looking forward to staying here, and hoping that 
it will be warm enough to stay in during the winter months also.
A year round cottage if you will...

Do you have a small home away from home?

Happy stitching!