Wednesday, December 30, 2015


Oldest and two youngest grandchildren were over on Christmas Day...
The second oldest grandchildren, the twins, came on the 28th for a holiday celebration visit.
Along with our children, in-laws, and grandchildren, we had a very nice day together...


(Oops! Seems I forgot to "publish" this post when I wrote it!)

Thursday, December 24, 2015

Merry Christmas...

 To one and all...

Saturday, December 19, 2015

Oh the weather outside was frightful,

 But in the trailer it was quite delightful,
I had no where to go, let it snow, let it snow, let it snow...
Then, there was too much snow (drifts) to get the truck to the road, but I was happily using my time sewing. First I finished Clue #3 of Bonnie's Mystery...
 Then while waiting for Clue #4 I worked on this project. The blocks are now sewn into rows. Now the rows need to be sewn. Slow and steady... Remember, these colors are out of my comfort zone... What do you think?
 I was at the trailer all week (couldn't go anywhere even if I wanted to), and then DH came to help dig me out.... 
Shovel-Scoops... Two and a half hours later, I was able to drive out of there... First winter doing my hideaway! Tis a learning experience!

I have started Clue#4, but forgot to take a photo of it before I left my haven.

Happy Stitching!


Friday, December 11, 2015

Clue #2, Done!

Yahoo! I got my Clue #2 of Bonnie's Mystery done on Wednesday!! 
Thursday I worked on my Summer Solstice project. 
It had been a while since its been out of the box!
This is just 1/3 of the blocks put into rows...
 Halfway through the day, making good strides.
Though I didn't take a pic when I was done for the day, I did manage to get just over 2/3s of the blocks put into rows. Felt really good about that!!

Bonnie's 3rd clue it out!!! Wish I could have stayed at my hideaway to work on it. Instead, I will be home, babysitting 3 of my grandchildren, so that their Ma can meet a friend for coffee, and do some more Christmas shopping. Tomorrow is another day for sewing!

Happy stitching!


Monday, December 7, 2015

BHM Progress

   Sew, press, sew, press....
 And sew and press some more...
And then some more!

Hoping to have the parts all done soon, in order to keep up, and to be ready for clue #3.

Check out Allietare, the Mystery Monday Link-Up, Part 2!

Happy Stitching!


Weekend Retreat Show & Tell

 First up, AS's Christmas Table Topper. The true colors are not showing up. The colors are very striking in reality, with gold bits in the fabric. It grew in length by another two blocks after this photo was taken. AS found a pic of this on Pinterest, and created it from that.
 YN's "I Spy" from our charm exchange. A Zipper pattern. Here she is auditioning fabrics for inner border. We all liked the gold fabric she puller from her BHM box. She had enough of it for a bit in both projects.
 To the left of the I Spy is a part of her table topper in progress. Love the effect. True colors not showing.

This Cardinal wall-quilt to be, is our LS's work. Machine applique to be done yet....We all love Cardinals...I think it is because we don't have any where we live. We have Blue-Jays though!
 DL's "Disappearing Pinwheel". We had fun playing with the pieces for quite a while, till we came up with this layout. There are lots of ways of making different blocks with these cuts.
 My Cousin-in-Law, DT came for a visit during our retreat and showed us some of her latest quilt top creations. This first one was started at our retreat in mid November. She was not enjoying putting the pinwheels together, but now that this top is done, she is thinking of making another!!
 lol... Funny how that happens!
 A pattern from a magazine. Sorry, don't recall the one she mentioned. The yellows are more vibrant than the photo shows.
 DT's Disappearing 4-Patch.
 And here, her baby quilts. Girls...
 Boys.... She found the pattern on Pinterest I believe.
That be all the eye candy from this weekend!

Happy Stitching!
Back to my BHM clue #2!


Monday, November 30, 2015

Bonnie Hunter Mystery Quilt

Yes! I dove in, to do my very first BHM!!!

This are just a few of us that are doing the Mystery. 
Some sadly couldn't make this gathering for the start.
Spent a wonderful few days at my retreat.
Love the look of Hoarfrost.
My work space. Bonnie Hunter Mystery Quilt, part 1!
Cut, sew, press, repeat!
Hint #1 is complete!
Good thing one friend suggested I count what I have cut. I wasn't going to, but then, I'm so glad I did! I cut way too many sets, and strips! (seen in photo) I would still be cutting and sewing them up. I would have ended up with enough for two quilts I'm sure!

Check out Bonnie's "Mystery Monday Link-up" for more participant's posts.

Now I sit in anticipation for Hint #2...

Happy stitching!


Four Generations...

 We finally took a photo of our four generations of gals.
DD#2, Myself, "Oma", and DGD#1.
 Not the greatest photo, but it caught the moment!

Not to be outdone, the guys got into the act.
DSiL holding DGD#1, DH holding DGS#4, 
"Opa" with DGS#1 (hockey boy)on his lap.
We celebrated my Dad's 82nd birthday yesterday!
Happy Birthday Dad!

Wednesday, November 25, 2015

The Winter Snow

...has arrived, and looks to be staying, thus I'm staying warm indoors...

GS#1's Rag Quilt is coming along. "Fun snipping" is only fun 
in short spurts of time, thus a little gets done each day...
This is 4 year old grandson that the quilt is for.
This is his first year in Hockey, and so far he is enjoying it.
 Progress is being made at my little quilt haven. DH has put shelves
in the closets, which now have more in there than the photo shows. 
Soon he will put shelves in between the closets, like he has in 
the smaller bedroom shown in the photo below.
 Later this week those shelves will be full. I am still slowly moving items from my home
 sewing room, to the trailer, and will then again have another spare bedroom at home, for when our children and grand-children all come from out of town to stay for Christmas.

My "Oak Forest" seems to have a new tree growing each week. Now there
are 8/12 growing. Wondering if all 12 will eventually sprout? Time will tell!
I will be planting them out on the trailer property, though I doubt I will 
ever enjoy the shade they will cast in the future, but someone will I'm sure.

Happy Stitching!


Thursday, November 19, 2015

Eye Candy...

 Friend PG's freshly sandwiched quilt.
A block of the month from group.
Love those colors together. 
I think I missed my chance to collect such.
 DL's tree skirt. Done!
Yahoo! Another finish!
 D's awesome top, minus the borders yet.
Love the movement/effect of this one!
Picture taken from the loft above,
 YC's interpretation of Bonnie Hunters "Easy Street"
Looks so very different from others I have seen because 
of her color choices/placement.
Getting my binding sewn onto GS#1's Rag Quilt.
Then the snippy fun starts... which I heard is not fun.
More eye candy next time.


Sunday, November 15, 2015

2015's Annual November Big Retreat

 Just home this afternoon from our annual "big" retreat, as opposed to our 
many small retreats throughout the year. I didn't get more done 
than the first thing on my list, but I kept busy stitching (and "un"stitching).

This flannel side are the rows for GS#1's Rag Quilt. I have one more seam to do 
to complete the assembly, then make and attach the binding, snip seams, and launder.
 Here lays the recycled jean side in rows.
 Hopefully I will get it all done in short order, because I have my Sunshine and Shadows 
 quilt top to complete before the first Bonnie Hunter Mystery clue is released.

Drum-roll please.... This is my friend Doreen's result of my Mystery I led 
a few years ago. She finished her quilt top at the retreat. 
She put a nice twist on the borders.
 Way to go Doreen!!! Love it!!!

Lastly, here is my Oak Tree forest again. I'm really pleased at the 
number of them that have started growing. Awesome!!
I shall share a few photos of all the quilty goodness from the retreat soon.

Hope you've been enjoying sunshine this past weekend 
like we have in my patch of the world.

Heartfelt thoughts and prayers for France.


Thursday, November 12, 2015

I Spy...

Quilt top done!!
Six gals exchanged charms for this project. 
Hoping to get photos of their quilt tops to share.

Heading out to a retreat tomorrow morning! Whoopee!!

Have a great weekend everyone!


Sunday, November 1, 2015

I think I'm ready!?!

Well, I've done it! I've committed to doing "my first" Bonnie Hunter Mystery!! 

There are a few of us in my group that will tackle this BH-M as our firsts. 
We have a few gals that have done the BH-Ms for years already, and we will join them! 
Whether will all join them next year will remain to be seen...?

I've picked out some stash fabrics at home, 
but I still need to go through my scrap bins (at trailer)
 The only fabrics I'm questioning are some of what is in the "gold" pile.
Are some too light? Too yellow? Too dark?
We shall see?

Wish me luck, cause I'll be needing it! :)

Happy Stitching!


Thursday, October 29, 2015

A Bit of Stitching...

 I dug out a project that I must have started about 8-10 years back.
 I ripped out what I had started, and started over again because my 
strips were too wide...?... I think they may be still, but I'm going with it.
 Three Oak trees started now. I'm pointing to the third here.
 This "owl" is for my grandbabies to lay on. All minky. nice and soft. 
I bought it for $2 on an auction site! can't make one for that price!!
Also in the photo, "my" baby-doll from my paternal grandmother. 
A Christmas gift when I was 18 months old. Five of us granddaughters 
received one that year. She's old, but our babies/kids lover playing with her.


Wednesday, October 21, 2015

What's New?

Skirting is done and insulated now. Ready for the winter.Hopefully it will be warm enough so that 
"I WILL be able to stay there" at times during the coldest part of the year.
About three weeks ago I popped out there with hubby for half hour (I needed out a bit while sick). Good thing too!! It seems my propane stove has a leak!! Talk about stink!! TURN OFF propane tanks DH!!! Stove is going. 
Hotplate, toaster oven to take its place, and more micro-wave usage. Much safer!

I've been feeling better (still using puffers though), so have spent a bit of time at my hideaway, though not up to sewing yet. I've been catching up on my reading, and making the odd puzzle. Very relaxing.
Ten weeks ago I collected fifteen acorns, checked to see which ones were good, twelve. I planted them in a pail. One came up two weeks ago, and I'm pointing to a second coming up that I just discovered this morning while watering them. So pleased. I will have to transplant soon.
Next week I get my Flu Shot, and possibly the Pneumonia Shot.
Got to cover all my bases!

I am hoping to start some stitching later this week. Apparently I've got a blue-jean rag quilt to make for my eldest grandson. The weight of it is apparently good for children with sensory issues, so we are going to give it a try.

Happy stitching friends!