Monday, June 29, 2009

Appliqued Hollyhocks...

I did it! Woohoo!!! I got my last hollyhock stem/flowers stuck down today. Just the 2 hummingbirds to go, but I think I will machine applique what I have here so far, and then put the hummingbirds on... 8-)
Last week friend Sb gave me a bag full of old jeans for me to cut up and use as I please... There are 9 pairs there... Thanks a bunch Sb!!! 8-)

A family dinner and mail call....

Our adult children came over last night (it was supposed to be tonight-plans change) to make a late Father's Day meal for DH, which also turned into an early Birthday Dinner for me... My parents came after supper for cake and coffee... 8-)
Spliced photos around the table: my parents, Mr Rose,
DD2, DS, DD1, DS'GF, DH, and me...Delicious!!! We had spinach salad, homemade turkey and vegetarian burgers, and an ice-cream cake from Dairy Queen...again! LOL! 8-)

Oh my! The mailman brought me another package!!! Whoopee! It IS my birthday this week! lol! 8-)

This package c
omes from "Call Me Crazy". It is my win from her 200th post giveaway!!! Oh what goodies inside! 8-)

A fabric wrapped package...

Lookie what was all inside! Two wonderful fabrics, a bag patten,
a little zippered pouch that held some D-Rings and Velcro!!! Oh have I been spoiled!!
Thanks to your hubby for picking my name Crazy! 8-)

Now, enough of this lolly-gaggin' I've been doing lately... Its time to get my butt back to working on the hollyhocks applique!

Have a great day everyone! 8-)

Sunday, June 28, 2009


We went to friends W & J for supper last night... I love W's roasts! Mmmmmm... She spoiled us with a wonderful meal! Even with a surprize birthday "ice-cream" cake from Dairy Queen for me!!! Yum!!! Sneaky W... My birthday isn't till Tuesday... 8-)
We had a lovely meal and evening with them...
Thanks you two, and to the boys! 8-)
Love yous!

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Mail Call...

Imagine my surprize when I came home from an outing to find a package in my mailbox from Australia. An "Act of Kindness Gift" from Blossom (15), daughter of Jenny of Elefantz's...

Blossom had joined my Pay-It-Forward group, but sadly was unsuccessful finding volunteers to play with her. Between Blossom and her mother they thought to change it up to "Acts of Kindness" to a few chosen people. I don't recall who the other lucky souls that
were gifted are. Maybe Blossom or Jenny can mention who in the comments... What a little sweetheart that young one is! Takes after her mother I think!?! 8-)

I best get working on my PIF goodies...soon!

Look at the wonderful goodies she put together for me!!! The main item is what Blossom made with her own 2 hands, the rosary, complete with a darling little bag. Isn't it gorgeous! Made in my favorite color too yet!!! It is wonderful E! I love it! Thank you! 8-)
Also in the package was this beautiful handmade card, some flowery fabric, and some ribbon. Thank you so much for your act of kindness E (Blossom)! You are a blessing... 8-)

I think someone up there is trying to tell me something through Bloosom's act of kindness rosary gift and Mary Grace's PIF mini rosary gift too me.. Hmmmm...?


Now, something totally unrelated, cause that is how my brain jumps around and works, laundry baskets!

I was folding my laun
dry yesterday and I was lamenting on my baskets. They sure don't make them how they used to, that is for sure!!! This yellow basket my mother received as a bridal shower gift 50 years ago. I seemed to aquire it quite a while back, though I bet my mother regrets it now... This basket has stood the test of time... My brother and I used to play in/on/with it all the time as toddlers. We both sat in it together at one point, even stood on top of it when one was in underneath... Our children have even played in/on/with it!
I know I have gone through 5 to 7 laundry baskets since I had mo
ved from home at 18. All lasted maybe 2-5 years each before falling apart... But this yellow one is still holding strong... 8-)

See? Totally unrelated... 8-)

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Show and Tell...

It was a Wacky Bits day today... Sadly, there were only 4 of us there for the day, and Pr popped in to show us the lovely afghan she made with yarn that Lp had given to her... Pr makes and donates afghans, and she wanted to show Lp what she made with the yarn... Other than this, there was nothing else to show...
Here is a close-up of the "blocks" that Pr knitted up and joined together...The true color is more like the first photo... Nice work Pr! 8-)
The rest of us were just working on things you've see in progress already... 8-)
I had full plans to work on my Hollyhock today. I had everything packed, ready to go... Or so I thought! I got to Wacky Bits and found that I didn't have the most important item needed, the panel (Oh my! It has been a month since I've worked on it!!!) to iron the applique on... Duh!!! I got distracted by DH just before I left the house and thus, I obviously didn't pack everything I needed... Grrrrr.....
At least I brought my hexagons to work on!

Too cute! Pug pushes stroller video...
Gotta learn how to put videos in my post like some gals do... Now if I could train Ruby to do this... 8-)

She has a little bit to talk about.... 8-)

Check out this cute little video... you won't be sorry... too cute, too funny! 8-)

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

An Awesome YouTube Video...

Click on this link to view the Perpetuum Jazzile - Africa... YouTube video. It is simply awesome. I believe there are no musical instruments. All human made sounds... Awesome! 8-)

A blog hop of blogging Quilt Designers...

Ten blogging quilt designers, all from Minnesota, are taking part in a blog hop. Each designer will have a free demo, technique, or pattern to share... So hop on over to Gudrun's World to check it out for yourself! It started Monday so you will need to catch up... 8-)

I may not be blogging for a while. I have "stuff" to catch up on around here... I need to get my butt out of this chair in front of the comp... if you know what I mean.... 8-)

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Movies watched, and a win!!!!

Today we all went to brunch. Me Ma, me Pa, me Bro & SIL, plus me little unit of 5... 8-)
After stuffing ourselves, the 3 youngins all went on their way (work & such), and the 6 seniors of the family went back to Ma & Pa's for drinks. We had a lovely visit.
On the way home, DH and I stopped in to rent a couple of movies... I know what the "Bucket List" means now Wk! 8-)

Two good movies! Thought provoking...
Then after watching the movies I...
...went to check my email and blog. What a surprize! I won a giveaway! Woohoo lucky me!!!
I won "call me crazy's" 200th post giveaway! Go check her blog out! She has wonderful eyefuls of candy there for you to see! 8-)

Back to stitching tomorrow...

I hope all the father's out there had a wonderful day!

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Ruby's poolside trials...

"Don't know if I like this idea...?"
"You not sure either Dora?"
"The neighbors are having fun in the big pool in their yard.... So, maybe I'll try it again in our pool later... "
"I'm constantly having problems with infections in my deep creases... Mom has to wash and dry them twice a day. I cooperate with Mom cause it feels good."
"Oh that air at my creases feel good Mom...
Do any of you Pug bloggers out there have the same problems?"


Hubby and I went to our DD's apartment last night for him to install a window air-conditioner for them... I played Tetris (addicting) on the Nintendo that DD1 bought at a garage sale. She got the Nintendo machine, and about 25 games to go with it!!! Don't recall what she paid for it, but knowing her, she would not have bought it unless it was cheap enough!!! Great score DD1! 8-)

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Upside down, but quilt top done!

It is a tight squeeze on the display wall, and upside down, but it be done! 8-)
On to the backing tomorrow, and then I pass it on to Dp for her to quilt it...

Back to the Hollyhocks project after that! 8-)

Glad you all had a laugh...at my expence...HA!

Glad you all got a chuckle out of my "locked out" post! lol! I know, it is funny... lol! But do you want to hear something else funny from that day? The "one" phone number that I "know", DD2's, I got wrong... not once, not twice, but three times! She called me yesterday, and I relayed the story to her, and she says, "Mom, you dialed my first 3 numbers, and your last 4 numbers!" ...?... SHEESH!!! DUH!!! lol! Last night at my Crescent Group, DH calls me to tell me he won't be home from work till 10-11pm... Thank goodness the "lock out" didn't happen then... I would have missed my Crescent night!!!! Yikes!!!

So, yesterday I did get more sewing done. I did finish the center panel of the Sudoku quilt, and discusion at Crescent we figured out the outer border stuff...limited fabric, and math not being my strongest point! So today I shall be cutting out the borders... OH! And we are not pressed for time with this quilt now, cause the CSE will start the raffle in September... Whoopee... One of the gals, that was not involved in this project, could not figure out why are numbers were "out of order" on the center block... If you know how Sudoky puzzles work, then you 'll know why... 8-)

Jc had both the Cat bed and lap quilt tops to show at Cresentwood last night. Piano keys on, backing and batting ready... Her friend that had the house fire will be moving back into her house some time soon, so she would like to present her with these gifties before she goes out and buys all new bed and bedding, and everything else she will need to replace...

I was preping this post for publishing late last night when DH came home and booted me off the computer cause he needed it. He is taking a computer course all this week from work and has had major "homework" to do. Would you believe he was up till about 4:30am doing "homework" and then had to be back at work for 8:30am!!!! Unreal! Thing is too, he worked from 8:30am till 11pm last night too yet! :-/

OK now, I'm off to do some border cutting... 8-)

Have a great day!

Monday, June 15, 2009

One of those days...grrrr....

Big intentions to get more of the Sudoku quilt done today, but guess what I did!?! I locked myself out of the house... and now have no energy for sewing... :-/

I went outside with the fur-girls for a 10 minute sit on the deck for some fresh air at 3:30pm, just before I was planning to turn Pfaffy on. Then, once I felt "cooked" enough (1o minutes in 27*C - thank goodness this did not happen yesterday with 30*C temps) I got up to go in with the fur-girls. The inside door knob was locked!!!! Sheesh!!! 8-(

You see, normally I would only close the storm door, but I put the A/C on this morning, and I did not want to loose all that nice cool air (I hate heat), so I closed the inside door... obviously not realizing the handle was still locked. I hate those knobs that you can open from the inside, but not on the outside...Deceiving...

I would normally have my phone with me, but today I decided not to bring it with... DUH! :-/ At least I had my glass with me, or I would have been drinking from the garden hose!!! I had to water the fur-girls down too. Pugs don't do well in the heat...

Borrowed the neighbors cell only to realize that I only know one phone number, DD2s (darn speed dial), and her cell was out of service.... grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr......So we sat there, against the house, slowly loosing any and all shade (I don't do sun sitting)......

Darling DH rounded the corner of the house shortly after 6pm... The fur-girls and I all jumped for joy as soon as we heard the chainlink fence gate rattle... 8-)

This will not be happening again!!!
One funny thing to mention here, I visited Winifred's blog last night and she had posted a funny YouTube video. Victoria Wood's "Lets do it!" Do go and check it out...even if you don't NEED a laugh just now... 8-)

Sudoku Sashings...

I got all the sashing pieces all prepared, and am now in the process of putting the blocks together... Busy fabrics hey!?! It is what the majority from the group decided on, so I must go along with that...
I am hoping to get the outer boarder prepared today yet too, and perhaps attached if I am lucky enough... Hoping I have enough of everyone's stash fabrics! 8-)

Sunday, June 14, 2009

On the display wall...

Our Crescent group's "Sports Sudoku" blocks...
We had started the project about a year or more ago, but had been missing a block, so we could not complete the project. No one knows who took that package to put the block together...?
Tis a mystery...
The quilt needs to get done, so we've come up with the center block for the one that is missing, and the "sudoku" all works out... from what we can tell. There is only one directional patch that needs to be turned around... The dark fabric in the center block will also be used for the outer boarders...
So, that is what I am up to in the sewing room... 8-)

It has been a quiet weekend for me again. DH is gone to a fishing derby with DD2 and Mr.Rose about 3 hours north of here... 8-)

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Some Sew and Tell

It was a 3 day quilting week! Tuesday was Country Rose night. This is our table of goodies... stitchings and food.
Six attended, only Jb was missing! 8-(
It was a Crescent quilt night on Wednesday. I had full plans to attend, but a gut ache ended up keeping me home. Jc emailed me a photo from the group stitch-in that was held that night!!! The cat quilt! They sure got a lot done! All that is needed is the top and bottom boarders... Nice job ladies! 8-)
Today was a Wonky Bits day. I was guiding the ladies with putting together their X-Bags. I tell you all, I am not a teacher!!! Good thing I don't do this often... We did some stitch ripping... 8-(
I am wondering why I only took a photo of one of the bags, as there was 5 ladies making them with some awesome fabrics!
Duh Myra! You're loosing it!!!
This bag is Pd's dragon bag... Great fabrics! 8-)
Lp made this preemie quilt for her new grand-daughter. She is soooooo very tiny. Two pounds!!!
Cute quilt Lp! Love the fabrics! 8-)
Kn is our hooker (wool rug-hooker that is) in the group. 8-)
She creates beautiful items with her hooking! Here is Kn's little sheep bag. Isn't it darling!?! Buttons for eyes, and on the other side of the bag is the back feet. 8-)
This beaut is Jm's. She finished off the quilting today, and will be trimming and binding it soon, I think!
Looks great Jm! 8-)
Myself, today I was doing some measuring, and doodling a layout for the Sudoku blocks that I agreed to put together for our Crescent group. Dp will quilt it, I will bind it and hopefully have it done soon. We will be donating it to the retreat house we hold our retreats. Then they can sell raffle tickets for it during children's summer camps that are held there... 8-)

Find the man in the coffee beans... 8-)

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Playing Catchup and Mailbox Goodies...

Hello people! Gosh it seems that I am away from my computer more than I am on lately... I've been playing catchup often since the beginning of May!!!

My visit with Thunderbay friend was good. Ht came on an "up with the birds" early flight on Saturday, and I brought her to the airport later last night for her return flight... We had lots to catch up on, and we did. 8
Hope you got home safely Ht! 8-)

That pointy thing sticking up to the sky on this
photo, is the top of our City's restaurant on the bridge... The restaurant is a Salisbury House restaurant...
We found it closed still on our ride home from the airport... 8-(
We went somewhere else for breaky...
On Sunday, Ht and I went to my city quilt group's mini day retreat for an hour visit, and to peek at what everyone was working on... If you want to see some of the show and tells from that day, pop on over to Kh's blog for a look-see, as she has posted some about it... 8-)

This is the Esplanade Riel pedestrian bridge.Which runs alongside the traffic bridge...
We ended up going there for brunch Monday morning...
It was pouring rain out, and we ended up getting a little shuttle ride (extended gulf cart) back to our van after breaky, which is a service they provide on yucky days... 8-)

View from the inside of the restaurant...
Another view from the inside. The 2-tiered roundish green top of that one building is the Royal Crown revolving restaurant... During your meals there, the restaurant does one full turn of the city. Very impressive, especially at night... The building to the right of it with the green peaky roof is the Fort Garry Hotel (history)...
To the right of that is a rounded green dome topped building that is our Union Train Station...

Friend Ht and I went for a nice long walk in a nearby park, Kilcona Park. We had some good one on one, woman to woman, sharing time... Here you see 2 of the 9 ducklings we saw with momma there... The rest disappeared behind the reeds by the time I got my camera out and ready... shucks!
This morning the mailman brought me the goodies that I won from Michelle's blog giveaway... Wonderful quilty note-cards, two table topper patterns, and some Dick and Jane fabrics! Thanks Michelle! 8-)
In photo, left to right, DD1, Mr.Rose, and DD2.
I just thought I would introduce you to DD2's boyfriend of 6 weeks, Mr.Rose... Comes from a family of 10 children, and "Mom" home-schools...
She must have the patients of a saint!!! 8-)
Well, that be it from me for now... time to get caught up on everyone's blog, again!!! 8-)