Sunday, January 31, 2010

Sunday Sampler @ Six - Block 3 + M&D update...

"Fast Flying Geese Piecing"
That is all this block had for a heading on the BOM instruction sheet...
The one thing I don't like about this block, is that it doesn't have any of the off-white background fabric as the other blocks do... I may have to change that when I am ready to put the blocks together...
You can find the first block with the info about this BOM, as well as second block, under "Sunday Sampler BOM" (label), but I linked it here for you already...

Mom is doing great! Needing much less care than I thought she would need. I do spend about 3-4 hours a day there. If I have plans for a day, she does without me and one of my daughters fills in... 8-)
Mom hasn't had her stitches removed or started physio as of yet. That gets done on Feb 8th, so we will have 3 appointments a week to go to for a while after that...

Dad has a very early appointment for an ultrasound test this week, at our city's biggest hospital. A good place to get lost in... LOL! After that we will wait for an appointment with a Vascular Specialist to see what the test shows, and we are still waiting for a appointment with a Neurologist.

Happy stitchings! 8-)

Friday, January 29, 2010

A good day!

Well, I did make it out to my Wonky Bits group yesterday, because DD1 spent time with/doing for my parents! Woohoo! You are wonderful to your grandparents L! 8-)
She has a close bond with my folks because my mom babysat her for a big part of her first year of life, while I worked till DD2 came along... 8-)

So, I was happy to be at the pot-luck we had at Wonky Bits yesterday...
As per usual, we had great food and a wonderful lunch!
Thanks ladies! 8-)

This is Kn's baby quilt, binding still needs stitching down. She is making it for a future great grandchild. One that is but a thought right now... 8-)
Apparently she will be making a few of them...
This little wall-quilt shows Kn's artsy side, made as a sample for teaching I believe... It is made with all kinds of fabrics, with yarns couched between the blocks, as well as couched swirls...
Do click on the photo for a closer look...
Nicely done Kay! You never seize to amaze us! 8-)
Lp is using up all her left over Christmas fabrics to make Christmas quilts for her 2 grandchildren... I'd say she had lots of left overs! 8-)
Looking good Lp! 8-)
Es brought in her flannel scrap quilt she's been putting together...
That is going to be one comfortable/snugly quilt Es! 8-)
I trimmed up my Sunflower quilt yesterday. We've got the room and the big tables to do that where we gather, so may as well use it... I also did some hand-quilting on my Many Thanks quilt...

Well, that is it for my free day yesterday, today brings me to help out my parent's again. Mom is doing well, and yes she is pumping in the fibreous foods to ward off those hard problems from the T3s... 8-)

PhD ladies, I hope you are having fun and making progress with your PhDs! Sorry I don't have the time to give you the personal encouraging comments right now... Soon!

Happy stitchings everyone! 8-)

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Quilt Gathering Photos

I got to my quilt gathering last night, but first us 9 participants for the Row Robin Project got together for a "dinner discussion meeting" at Yn's house. Thanks for having us gather at your place Y!! We had a great dinner, and came up with our outline/plan for the project...8-)

These 12" blocks are our contribution towards a comfort quilt for our dear friend Dp, who is battling health issues, and has been missing from our group for about 6-7 months now...
We miss her smiling face, her humor, and her quilting tidbits she shares... We hope she will be up to joining us again some time soon... 8-)
A few more blocks that did not make it to be displayed with the others, and one more late comer that I missed getting a photo of, so this will indeed be a nice size quilt... 8-)
Cd made a tote bag for our Dp to go along with the comfort quilt...
Love the fabric! 8-)
Busy hands of Kh and Yn...
Busy machine of De. She is our newest member. Last night she was putting together a pieced border for her Bargello...
Gotta run now, and see how my day will work out with regards to Mom, daughters, and Wonky Bits... 8-)

Happy stitchings!

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Another day with my parents...

Hello all... I've made efforts to catch up on my friendly blogs reading, but have fallen short of concentration and energy... Sorry about that. Will try some more this week...

I spent the day with my parents again. Mom isn't sleeping very well at night and very uncomfortable. Her knee/leg has swelled and bruised further, keeping her from bending it as far as she did at the hospital before leaving. We are hoping this will not be a big problem for when she starts her physio some time during the week of the 8th... I suggested she take two Tylenol 3s before bed, instead of one, for maybe a better sleep...
We shall see tomorrow if it helped...

Tomorrow is a quilt night, and I do need to be at this meeting. We will be discussing what guidelines we want to follow, and get started on our Row Robin Project. There is 9 of us participating, so this should be interesting... We are all very excited about it! 8-)

Since every post needs a photo (though I think I may have posted this when I first started blogging.,,) I leave you with a creation of my aunt's. It reads "Eat More Fruit" in Dutch... She made this when she was 17 years old. Sick for a whole year... Don't recall what it was that she had...
My guess is, that it is about 60 years old now... I picked it up quickly when my cousin set it aside in the"not to keep pile" after my aunt died... I thought it made a very nice keepsake for in my sewing room.. 8-)

Hope you are all having a wonderfully productive week!

PS: In case you are interested in hearing my voice (like I am of you), check out my previous post...

Monday, January 25, 2010

Home day, snow storm, catch-up time...

So, does my voice match what you thought? On the phone, people at times think I am a young child...

Mom will be fine today. DD1 can walk over there if she really needs some help, but Dad will do his best, all be it slow motion... 8-)

A lot of cars are getting stuck on the streets and in parking lots today, so it is indeed a good day to be at home...

Happy stitchings, quilt on!!! 8-)

PS: I have a new blogging friend, only 8 post deep, that needs some of our encouragement... She has even joined in on my PhD Challenge... Please go say hi to Joanna at "Fabric and Flowers in Texas"! 8-)

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Sunday Sampler @ Six - Block 2

"Quarter Square Triangle Practice"
That is all this block had for a heading on the BOM instruction sheet...
You can find the first block here with the write up of this project...

This post was a pre-scheduled publishing, due to not knowing how much time I would have for blogging, while caring for my parents...

Happy stitchings! 8-)

Edited add on @ 8:30am: I got my parents settled in at their home nicely yesterday, and Mom is doing really great! As I type this I am preparing to head on back there soon...

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Home time for Mom...

Hospital call came to say it is time for Mom to go home, so we are packing Dad's belongings up and heading to the hospital to fetch Mom in a little while... We will hopefully have her fed, settled and comfortable by mid afternoon... Now the real fun begins! lol! 8-)

Thanks for all your comments ladies! I really appreciate them, and sorry I don't have the time to reply or do any blog visits right now. Hopefully I will have some time in the evenings when home from my parent's place... Or should I say, IF home from my parent's place...? No computer there, and not sure how all will pan out with what Mom requires of me... 8-(

I am hoping to attach the binding to my Sunflower quilt to do the handwork at Mom's... Soon to be my first PhD finish!!! Woohoo! 8-)

I leave you with a couple of photos of what my DH has been doing, at every free moment, this past month...

Studying for an exam tomorrow for a job promotion...
He wrote up, and stuck these big study sheets up all around the basement...
What a way to spend the first month of 2010!

Quilt on ladies! 8-)
I'll touch base with you when I can!

Friday, January 22, 2010

Quilting machine rental day...

Supper/dishes done, a quick post now, as Dad needs me....

A good but exhausting day today...
A learning experience far from perfect...
All done in free motion...
Completely done in just 4.5-hours... including an 1-hour lunch break! 8-)

I am happy with it!

Mom is doing great! They may let her go home tomorrow...
Then my time will be extremely limited I'm sure...

Happy stitchings all!

Thank you all...

Wow! Thank you all for your prayers and well wishes, they mean a lot to me, and I will pass them on to my mom today... 8-)

I went to see Mom last night, and she is doing much, much better!!! She was perky, gets in and out of bed to the bathroom on her own, and doing her walking down the hall with help went very well too... She was sitting on her bed waiting for us with great anticipation!

Off to pop my Dad off for the day, and to go and do my quilt! 8-)
Much sleep to catch up on tonight...

I leave you with a photo (cause every post needs a photo) of blocks collected so far for our friend's comfort quilt...
Have a great day everyone!

Thursday, January 21, 2010


Just a quick little post here....
It has been an exhausting few days with Dad... Visits to hospital, picking up stuff, lack of sleep from worry, meeting Dad's needs, and dealing with Mom's impatient state right now...
In all this though, Mom is doing as well as can be expected... Her pain is being managed, she was still somewhat nauseous from the meds yesterday, and we haven't seen her out of bed yet...
Mom's never stayed in a hospital for anything in her life other than childbirth, so this IS an experience for her, as well as the rest of us... Mom is a doer, fast mover and somewhat of an impatient lady, so this is really hard for her to deal with...

I managed to get to one of my quilt groups last night cause my brother and SIL took my dad for sup and the evening, so that was a nice break for me. Thanks T and L! 8-)
I am still planning to quilt my Sunflower quilt tomorrow, since Mom doesn't want company during the day anyway...
God help me! 8-)

Sorry no time or head for blog visits right now...
Happy stitchings all, and know that I am cheering those in the PhD Challenge on... Go team! 8-)

Monday, January 18, 2010

A monkey wrench in my plans...

Things have been going really well for me this last week! I've kicked past my motivation barrier to dive into my PhDs and doing well. My CCC group has the wheels in motion to get going on a Row Robin together for next week. I made some appointments for this week, including renting a quit machine on Friday, and I've been in the process of mentally preparing myself to have my dad stay with us, and to set things up for him here, while Mom is in the hospital with her knee replacement surgery next week on the 28th...

So, where is the monkey wrench in all this you may ask? Well, Mom called this morning asking if I was ready to have Dad tomorrow...?... Tomorrow?!?...?... TOMORROW!!!?

Seems that Mom got a call regarding a cancellation, and was asked if she wanted to take that cancelled appointment at 8am tomorrow... on the 19th. Big sigh... 8-/

Now plans/appointments have to be rethought/replanned, and I may not be on here much for the next while... Will be busy with my dad while Mom is in the hospital, and more so once Mom is home. I will be at their place a lot helping as much I can... Hmmmm...? Maybe, if time proves to be available, I could bring my Pfaffy there for a few weeks...? 8-)

I managed to get my borders on my Hollyhock, and had big plans to get my hummingbirds on, and get it quilted today, but there are beds to changed and prepare, rooms to clean, shopping to do, etc...

Get working on those PhDs ladies! You/we can do it!!!
Happy stitchings! 8-)
Back when I can!

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Sunday Sampler @ Six - Block 1

Firstly, check out this post on Brenda's blog, if you have an interest in helping those in need, primarily those in Haiti right now...
Brenda does a lot of utility charity quilts, and is inviting others to help where the can...

Yup! I thought I'd piggyback on friend K's, QGB, "Saturday Sampler Series", by posting mine on Sundays! lol! 8-)

K has been doing her Saturday Sampler Block posts for the last 20 Saturdays. Yesterday was the final block in that series...she things! I believe she has another set of blocks up her sleeve though, so stay tuned!! 8-)

Here is my first Sunday Sampler block!
I can't even give you a name of this block as the instruction page from this local BOM doesn't give one, except to say "Half Square Triangle Practice"!
I may have to hunt down this block on the internet to find a name... Unless one of my lovely readers knows it? 8-)I believe this was a 2006 BOM...
Wow! It is an old PhD!!! One of my many, and not on my Challenge list at this time... 8-)
I have 10 of the 12 blocks made, and bought the finishing kit...?... That, I have no idea of where it is at the moment!?! Hmmmm...? Another hunting trip/dive/dig!!! 8-)

I must say, I have not been very happy with this BOM. Many of the block instructions had major errors on them, or I had to read them 3-4 times to figure them out because of the way they were written. Also, seems that one of the blocks ended up much bigger, and a couple a tad smaller than the majority... This was not a great experience as it was one of my first in true patchwork piecing... 8-(
I will figure out what to do with these blocks in the end though!!! 8-)

I will post a new block from this BOM every Sunday @ Six, and maybe I will have the last 2 blocks done in time to show you on the 11th and 12th Sunday from now...
Here's hoping! 8-)

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Quilt top done...

Yay!!! Another top done!!!
Today I added the borders and mitered the corners...
Measures 62"x74"
The mitered corners went very well.
No ripping... 8-)
I found this in my stash.
Perfect for the backing, so I prepared that today too!
Now to prepare some batting and perhaps I can line up another appointment to use the frame/machine at my friend's shop... Sometime after my Sunflower quilt gets done this coming Friday of course! First things first! 8-)

Now, obviously it hasn't happened as of yet, but "I am hoping" to have my Hollyhock wall-quilt all done this week! There! I set a goal without even realizing! Kewl! 8-)

Check out Em's post today. She finished up one of her PhDs! One down, 5 to go!
Way to go Em! Good for you! 8-)

Ladies, please remember you need to let me know when you've finished a PhD... 8-)

Hope you are all having a great weekend!

Friday, January 15, 2010

Sew & Tell, Fur-Girls, PhD Update

Now, Wonky bits show & tell...
Because our CCC group has been preparing to do a Row by Row Robin project, Pg mentioned something she did in a Round Robin manner. Her jacket!!! She brought it to Wonky Bits to show... Awesome Pg! 8-)
Apparently there were 5 participants. Pg started with the back, her 5 pattern pieces cut out in muslin, and patchwork attached, and the other participants made each a sleeve and each a front panel. Awesome!!!
Then when all the pieces were complete they go back to the owner of the jackey, to be put together and finish it off... Something I'd like to take part in at some point! 8-)

Pg also brought this jacket to show us. This one was from a class she taught when she worked in a Quilt shop... The cat fabric was her feature fabric... This one is awesome too Pg! 8-)
Es was binding her Christmas table runner...
Looking good Es! 8-)
Jb! I forgot to get a photo of your pot-holders... Oops! Next time! 8-)

The Fur-Girls... Turns out that Dora's lump on her back is just a fat deposit that may get bigger, but nothing to worry about, and her nail clipping went really well...
Ruby's lump on her face is something that may get bigger, but should disappear on it's own, so no cancer. Yay!!! They did have to knock her right out to take the needled cell sample. They took advantage of that time to also give her face creases a good cleaning, and cut her nails. She was "stoned" for the remainder of the day, so we had to watch her closely, so she didn't do the stairs or jump up and down on things, but today she is her old spunky self! 8-)

I am just amazed at the amount of interest in my PhD Challenge I put out there! Wow! Thanks Ladies! 8-)
If I've missed listing anyone that expressed interest in taking part, please email me. I've been getting some confused as many of you lovely ladies are new to me... Patients please... LOL!
Remember, do let me know when you've completed a PhD project so that I can mark it off the list, and direct other bloggers to your blog...
All the power to you ladies!
Quilt on! 8-)

OK now! You've heard enough from me today!!!

Thursday... What a day...

Long story - shortened?
I have my van back! Yay....
Up early - I'm not a morning person 8-(
To the vets with the Fur-Girls
Fur-Girls at Vets & me off to Wonky Bits...?
Van doesn't start, battery dead - Great!!! Not!
Walk to service garage, guy comes to boost van
Drive to service garage, battery good, connectors a mess
Guy cleans connectors, $$$ spent and on my way, late
Get to Wonky Bits, forgot to stop at Subway to buy lunch
Enjoy a few hours WB, go get lunch w/Pg/her car
Phone call from Vet, "come for Fur-Girls in 2.5 hrs"
Enjoyed more Wonky Bits, van starts, go get Fur-Girls
DD2 meets me at Vets, $$$ spent
Dora goes with DD2, drug-dopey Ruby goes with me
Home, Fur-Girls happy, watch Ruby, no stairs or jumping
Ruby sleeps lots!!!!
DD2 and I in sewing room, neck-warmers to make
DS and girlfriend come over for visit
(GF in from Edmonton, 3 days)
DD1 comes over for visit
DH comes home form work
DD2 fiancee comes over for visit
Pizza/salad ordered, arrived, $$$ spent, eaten
Card game played
DH to bed, all leave by 11pm...
Alone at last... Sigh... 8-)
A long, eventful, and expensive day...
Too much information? Possibly...
LOL! 8-)

DD2 had bought some polar fleece before Christmas to make some neck warmers and mitts for her and MrRose...
Yesterday she came over to have a go at sewing some, so I showed her how Vf made these ones... DD2 has not sewn much compared to DD1, but it is a start! I told her she could have my old machine if she feels she wants to get into it... She did good on this neck-warmer, but felt it was too feminen for her guy, so made a tube neck-warmer also! 8-)

Shame on me! I just realized that I didn't even take a photo of family time together last night!!!
All my kids, and DS's girlfriend were here last night for pizza and cards! She has been in Edmonton for the last 10 months, and is heading back out that way today!!! Duh!!!

Back to my PhDs!

My day on Wednesday...

I don't go out much. I'm pretty much a homebody now a days compared to my earlier years... Boy I am making me sound old and I'm not yet 50, but I have become a homebody... Anyway, point is, when one of the kids or DH has car trouble, I am the first to be without a vehicle, and I am not impressed with that situation on a day when I have my quilt groups to go to!!!
You understand I am sure... 8-)

Thanks to my DD1 she made arrangements so her ma could do her outing, and thanks to DD2 I had a car! I got to the quilt shop to do my "shopping", to the hairdressers to get my haircut, and to my CCC quilt group! Yay!!! 8-)

Here are my purchases. Potato fabric to make a potato bag (and some for gifts) for cooking potatoes in the microwave... And my 3 fabrics that I needed for the borders on my Hollyhocks... Stupid thing is though, is that Myra doesn't look past her nose to see she also needed fabric for binding the quilt! Duh!
Another shopping trip... maybe? Will check leftovers and stash...
Here are the fabrics along side the Hollyhocks...
There was some sew, show & tell at CCC too! This is Pg's second bag like this. Pattern by Maple Island Quilts, "Wallet & Grommet". Love the fabrics P! 8-)
This is De's Quilt-as-you-Go she had made for her daughter a while back. She was doing some maintenance work on it because it has been well loved... 8-)
Our Vf is into making these wonderful neck-warmers...
Here are the ones she made for Pg and Yn! Looking good V! 8-)
Will make a Wonky Bits show & tell post later...
Much to show, and an update on my Fur-Girls!
PS: I put a different photo of the snowman in the previous post that blows up bigger, for a better look... In case you are interested...

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

One PhD Done!

... but I can't take credit for it... 8-(

Friend Phyllis, with no blog, has completed her first for this PhD Challenge... Her Pfaff is always a smokin'!!!
Phyllis is a woman with a mission at the best of times, and this past year she blamed me a few times for her guilt, and finishes of a few of her PhDs... LOL! 8-)
That can't be a bad thing... right!?! 8-)

Anyway, here is a photo of the 6 projects she has committed to, for this PhD Challenge, as well as a photo of her first finish... Looks great Phyllis! 8-)

In Phyllis' own words, "I have a soft spot for snowmen."
She also told me that she had bought the background fabric yesterday, for the Fat Cat Patterns "Christmas" a Row by Row of the month project... Check that one out... It's cute!

It is a CCC quilt gathering night tonight, as well as a Wonky Bits day tomorrow, so I may have some Sew, Show & Tell for you all tomorrow...

Quilt on!

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

A need to shop!

I see the need for a trip to the quilt shop... 8-)
Too bad there isn't one right next door...

My Hollyhocks are only steam-a-seamed on right now, and I've decided to machine applique them right through batting and backing, thus quilting it right away too. I need to put the borders on... This is where the fabric need comes in, borders.
I need more batiks, a purple, a deeper yellow, and possibly a different red... Here is a photo of the pattern, where you can see the 3 border colors...

Getting my Sunflower Quilt stuff together, I realized I seem to be missing the left over backing fabric, but did manage to find some of the left over border fabric. I haven't decided on what to use for the binding...?... I think? Maybe I prepped some binding already?...? That is the thing about working on PhDs that have been sitting around for a long time, ya can't recall where you were going with it, or where things are...
Unless of course you are a very organized person...
Which I am not!!!
Much to my dismay... LOL!

I must mention a thank-you to all the wonderful gals (17) that have joined me in my quest to finish up some of my many PhDs, and it has only been a week since I posted my invitation.
It will be interesting to see how many PhDs are done between us by the end of June!
Thanks ladies! It will be wonderful "working" with you... 8-)
And if anyone else wants to join us, go to this post here.
We'll be happy to have you!

Hope you had a great day!

Monday, January 11, 2010

One of my PhDs...

Well, I took my first step to finishing this "Sunflower Quilt" by calling my friend's shop to book the use of her frame and machine to finish this puppy!
I booked this Friday the 15th, thinking that it was next week...
Duh!!! That is THIS Friday!!!
That will never do, cause fur-girl Ruby's stint at the vets is on Thursday, and IF she ends up having surgery, I should be home with her on Friday...
So, back on the phone to rebook, and now I will be heading to the shop next week Friday the 22nd with my Sunflowers...
It will be a first time on a quilting frame/machine situation...
Should be fun... I hope! lol! 8-)
The quilt is 67"x75"... 8" finished blocks.
I wonder if I prepared some binding for this already...?
Will have to go have a dig... 8-)

Now to decide which other PhD to work on till then...

Happy stitchings friends!

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Wishing Star is done...

I made the Wishing Star today. Tis a fairly easy block to make I found... Now to sign and give a wish on it... Hope it is considered "bright" enough! 8-)
Now that that block is done, 3 weeks early (imagine that!!!), I can move onto one of my PhDs that has been nagging at me for months!

Speaking of my PhD's, I have 17 wonderful ladies listed in my sidebar, ready to play along in my PhD Challenge! Ladies, some of you have not given me your goal numbers as of yet, but I am patiently waiting. I am so happy to have you ladies climb on board with me, while I get these monkeys of mine off my back! lol! 8-)
It is not too late to join in... 8-)

Now, to add to my workload (when it rains it pours) "I initiated" (what was I thinking) the idea of doing a Row by Row Robin to one of my groups, to see if we had enough interest to carry it off. Well, we have 9 interested ladies willing to dive in! Once we have an initial meeting to discuss it, we shall see if it will happen at this time... Should be fun when it does happen! 8-)

And speaking of Row by Row Robins, go and check out this really cute "Row of the Month" that Fat Cat Patterns is offering right now! It's a Christmas pattern... Too cute!!! 8-)

That be it for today!
Happy stitchings!

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Manitoba Homecoming 2010 Quilt Competition

With permission, I can now show you this wonderful quilt!!!
This photo has been patiently waiting in my Kodak program
for its debut since mid-October... 8-)
My friend Pg (here - Manitoba) and her SIL C (British Columbia), are thrilled that their quilt was chosen as the winner of the Manitoba Homecoming 2010 Quilt Competition. The quilt now goes onto the Olympics and will be displayed at Manitoba House. How exciting is that!?!
Way to go P and C!!! Awesome and creative work indeed! 8-)

This is a combination of the farms P and C were raised on.
The barn is from P's family farm, and the house is from C's. They included other aspects of all farms, wheat fields, pastures, a slough, old rusted out vehicle, animals, etc.
P and C worked on this project together last summer (2009) when P was in B.C. for an extended visit... They spent many hours/days diligently working on it as P's time was limited. (one can only be away from home for so long you know...)
They had to "get'er done!" as P always says...

The size of the quilt is 74x94 inches.
There were about 20 quilts in the competition.
(correct me if I am wrong P)

The judging was done on Dec.3rd

Do click on the photo for a closer look...

PS: Any other takers willing to join my PhD Challenge?
Some of you that have agreed need to let me know
how many projects you are committing too... 8-)

And P, if you have anything to add about the quilt,
please do so in the comments... 8-)

Friday, January 8, 2010

Fur-girl Ruby and help!!!

Well, I took Ruby out into the cold to the vets this morning... Sweater on, jacket on, and she was still shivering in the van... lol!
Just in case you think I am one of those that dresses her dogs in cute little outfits, this is as far as I go... A guy at the vets asked where her boot were... Don't have any...
Ruby is going back to the vets on Thursday, along with Dora... The vet has to sedate R to get a needle into her lump to extract some cells for testing, without hurting her. She is to wriggly and uncooperative, and being it is on her face, it will be done this way. IF the lump is cancerous they will remove it right away, since she is "under/out" anyway... Hopefully it is not cancerous, but something that the vet says that some dogs get, and then it goes away on its own...
I found a lump on Dora's back when I was petting her last night, so we might as well get that checked out too right away, but she doesn't need to be sedated!
They can both stay at the vets for 3-4-5 hours while I go to Wonky Bits...

I need some opinions...
First photo
has the block
I want to make
for our friend's
comfort quilt...
3 photos with
the fabrics I am
Been playing
with them and
switching them
A light bkgd, and
a black bkgd...

Do any of you
have any thoughts?
or a preference?

I would appreciated some... 8-)

Thursday, January 7, 2010

My 5 PhDs waiting for my attention...

Clicking on the photo enlarges it...

My fur-girl baby Ruby (2) is going for a Vet visit tomorrow morning. She has had this "thing" growing on her lip since just before Christmas. It was just a flat flesh colored spot for quit a while, but has been growing fast into a large bump... This last week it seems that every day it looks some bigger... 8-(
Time will tell what it is...

OK! Time to get off this darn computer! I swear no PhDs will get done if I stay here... LOL! I will probably not be visiting all my regular blog friends as often as I usually do. I am going to try and visit those that have recently commented here, plus 3 others a day... Sounds doable... Hope you all understand!

Remember, I am a sluggish quilter after all... 8-)
Happy stitchings!

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Back to routine! Quilt Groups!

First, I want to say... "Well shock me silly!
I've received positive comments from 9 and 2 pending participants in my PhD Challenge!!" How exciting is that! I will have company in my 6 month commitment! Good stuff! Thanks for joining in ladies! 8-)
Anyone else want to play along, just go to my PhD Challenge post!
Sorry... a bit of a long post...

I am so darn glad that the festivities have past by for this past year, and that life is back to "normal" this week. Back to my quilt group gatherings and such. I missed my ladies! 8-)

Tuesday night my Country Rose gals got together. A few show and tells, and lots of chatter! Catching up on the last 4 weeks! You know... 8-)

First show and tell is a block- in- progress by a new quilter that joined us last night. Bs is fairly new to the quilting world. I think about a year or two... I'd say she is well on her way and hooked! A wonderful Teddy B! 8-)
I met B through a Pug Rescue Group/Chat line, and she expressed and interest in quilting. We discovered that we lived around the same small community at the time (2 years back), so I invited her to see my sewing room and projects. That one visit led her to take a few lessons, and now she's found our group and joined in! Welcome to the group B!!! 8-)

This quilt top is what Gk was able to put together over the holidays. Looks great G!!! I asked if I could have it but was turned down. Apparently she needs it on her bed when it is done! The nerve... lol! 8-)
This is our Jb's Christmas Wall-quilt that she is plugging away on! Friend Pg made one last year that we all fell in love with, so there is a few of us making them... I haven't started mine as of yet...
Looking good Jb! 8-)
Our Crescentwood Quilters group got together tonight. No show and tell, but plans were being made!
One of our wonderful ladies has been absent for quite a while with health problems, so one gal asked if we wanted to make her a comfort quilt... Well heck ya!!! 8-)
We are each making and contributing a 12+1/2 inch block in brights to go into it, complete with our siggies and words of encouragement...
We also discussed, my suggestion, to do a Row Robin together! I've seen many lovely ones out there and thought it would be fun! Will have to see if there is enough interest to make it a go... Just what I need during my Challenge, another project!!! lol! You know how it goes.... 8-)

I'm going to have to challenge myself to cut back on my computer time... BIG TIME!!! Not so funny... 8-(
Tomorrow, a home day, I hope to post photos of the projects I wish to finish for my PhD Challenge...

Happy stitchings!