Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Bonnie Hunter Mystery Progress...

 I just got home from a 4-night stay at my trailer. I finally have my sewing table out there, and I set it up right away for sewing. I had been sewing at the kitchen table.
 I still need to get my cutting counter top out there, and have hubby attach legs to it. It was attached to the wall at home. I also still need to sort through some boxes... sigh...
Rome wasn't built in a day, right!?!

Here is my BHM assembly line. This is how I left it when I came back home today...
These groupings are waiting for a space on the assembly line.
 Once blocks are sewn, up on the display wall it goes!! I have to sew quite a few more blocks to make for a total of 50. Then it is time to sew the set in triangles together, but I must find a different red for them. The ones I have up there aren't working for me...
I'm pretty pleased with how well the scrappy neutrals are working together in these blocks.

Happy stitching folks!


Monday, January 18, 2016

A Family Day...

 I received this photo of our DD2's children just before Christmas. 
Ages; T - 4 yr 5 mon, S - 2 yr 9 mon, and K -  9 mon)
 My daughter and the twins came up from down south between Christmas and the New Year. stayed for a couple weeks. Here F and D at breakfast time. Ages; 3yr 9 mon. The one under the table looks just like his mother at that age.
 And here is DH and myself with all of the grands at our family day at DD2's house.
 We all went to watch T's hockey game late that afternoon. We had a good laugh, as a couple of times during the game, he'd skate by, stopped, and waved to all of us, while the rest of the team were playing the game.
 We also had some time to play outside in the early afternoon. We built a snow fort. Right after this pic was taken, the twins destroyed it, much to the dismay of T and S... That is DS in the back.
Good food. Good company. A lovely day it was!
Yes indeed!


Sunday, January 17, 2016

Disappointingly Ugly...

I started this quilt for my B-I-L in 2014, hoping to have a quilt made for him for Christmas. NOT!! Didn't like the look of it, so kicked it to the side for a year...
In October I took all the rows apart, thinking I could do something different with them... Then put it aside for a few weeks.... 
I tried this? Nope!
Or maybe this? Nope!
How about this? Hmmmm...? I don't think so!
I didn't hack up the rest of the rail fence blocks, just in case I didn't like these blocks. I don't know what to do, besides throwing it all in the scrap bin and start from scratch again...?
Any suggestions?
Be honest!


Monday, January 11, 2016

BHM Update!

We had a small quilt retreat this weekend! Five of us seven were working on our Bonnie Hunter Mystery Project. This is where I am at now. 14/50 blocks done!!
I showed off my new PJs to my gals. Yup! They are on the big side, as I thought they were probably Flannel. (They always shrink.) DD#1 picked me up a set on her way up to Winnipeg, from Wisconsin. They are very cozy!!
 I had an unfortunate ending to my enjoyable retreat weekend. I did a slip-trip on the deck of the cottage when we were packing up my truck to head home. A right side fall... I broke my glasses, got a cut up an bruised eye/cheek, very sore fingers on right hand (so much for sewing for a while), sore shoulder and knee. I guess it was bound to happen. I haven't taken a spill like that in a very long time. Gravity bites!!!

Happy stitching!
Stay warm or cool dependeing on your patch of the globe!


Monday, January 4, 2016

Progress on my BHM...

 Happy New Year to you all!

I fell behind on my 4th clue on Bonnie Hunter's Mystery... I was doing really well! Clues 1,2,4 were done before each new one came out. Then on the day Clue 4 came out, I got some cutting done, but then had to leave it to help DH dig me out at my trailer. My sewing haven.
So, once out of there, I couldn't go back till after Christmas, when we had to did my way in to the trailer. I stayed for two nights, and managed to get Clue 4 done...
I got a start on Clue 5, and then Clue 6 was released.... 
Aw shucks! I had hoped to get caught up before the reveal. Ah well, I'll be working hard on it at our much needed retreat this coming weekend.

Happy Stitchings!