Monday, March 30, 2009

On the display wall...

This weekend's mindless sewing took me to 3 charm-packs which I was saving for the next retreat, but since I needed to "escape" into my sewing room, and was constantly interrupted, I thought why not use them now!!! I may have to go and buy more charms now, or perhaps a jelly roll... tough times!!! lol! 8-)

So, this is what I am playing with on my design wall today...
The clippings from today... 8-)
I also roughly sewed a denim (old jeans) blanket to put in Ruby's kennel. The old towels I had in there had it! I am hoping that the jeans will wear better... she's a scratcher and chewer...

You know how we always say "I'd like to make that quilt one day". Well, do you ever make a list of them? I know I don't, but today I thought that I should. So, here I will post a list of some of the quilts that I would like to make one day, in no particular order... before I go! lol! 8-)

Bento Box
Rail Fence
Quiltville's Double Delight
Storm at Sea
Celtic Knot (Think that is what it is called?)
Delectable Mountains
Snails Trail

Here's the delicious bird I cooked for the family last night... Have any of you ever cooked the bird breast down? I think I shall try that next time as it may provide moister white meat... Got lots of chicken left over for other dishes now.. . 8-)

Today was DH last day off, and it was sooooo nice out this afternoon that we decided to go for a walk as one of our provincial parks... The closest to us is about 25 minutes away... The fur-girls had a ball, and it was nice to get some fresh air away from the city...

DH modeling the latest in doggie fashion. 8-)
And yours truely...

Sunday, March 29, 2009

What a weekend!!!

DH has been ripping the paneling, drywall, and insulation from portions of the fully finished basement rec-room wall, to see why we are getting water in the basement... You wouldn't believe it!!! Boy did I curse when I saw it!!! Isn't it lovely the way people "hide" things when they sell!!! If I knew then, what I know now, I don't know if I would be living here... Am I mad?! You bet!!!

DH's friend D offered to come over this weekend to help... Well, D's "help" is more of joking around, having "drinks", and distracting, but DH enjoys his company... I like D, but can only take D in small spurts, his energy overwhelms me, and this has been a very long weekend for me...if you know what I mean!? So, I am basically spending the majority in my sewing room hiding. You know, out of sight, out of mind? Well, kind of cause D comes in here about once an hour to "check up" on me... 8-/

So, since I am in my sewing room I've gotten caught up on all my blogging friends, watch TV, and for lack of wanting to work on something that needs "thinking", I am doing some mindless sewing with 3 charm packs...again! I am really liking charm packs and jelly rolls! 8-)
Even the fur-girls are hiding out in her with me! 8-)

Here you have Ruby who likes to sit right on me, so this is the compromise we came up with so she can still be very close to me. Can you say "SPOILED"! And then there is Miss Independent, Dora, who is usually just happy to be in the room with me... 8-)

We are having our 3 children over for supper today. Hopefully DH's friend D will be on his way by then... He likes being "Mr.Entertainment Center of Attention" when our kids are here, so a "high time visit" with the kids all together wouldn't really happen with him here... 8-)

DD2 called and asked if she could (if she decided to) bring "Mr. Red Rose" for supper? If you read the last bit of this post, you will know who Mr. Red Rose is... They went to a mutual friend's wedding yesterday, and a few of them all dropped in here for a little visit before the reception... Mr. Rose cleans up nice! Good looking guy too! 8-)

Now, off to make supper....

Friday, March 27, 2009

Another March finish...

Another finish for March for the "One Project a Month Challenge"! I've completed my Envelop Bag today! (sssshhhh... needs 2 buttons for closures)

Today I made the handle, and the inserts I mentioned yesterday.

Then I hand stitched the inserts in place...

These inserts make the side pockets deeper... for fear of loosing something... I tend to carry a lot around... 8-)

The insert fabric was as close in color as I was going to get shopping from my stash... It works well enough! 8-)

For those that requested, I'm very sorry, but I can't do a tutorial on the Envelope Bag, but you can find the pattern at The Quilt Company site. Look under patterns, they call it the "3 Pocket Tote". 8-)

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Envelop Bag and Snow...

I finished up the binding today... Working fingers very tender sore now... 8-/

The quilt at this point is 27 inches square...
Which when folded down into the envelop measures 12"x13".

Here is each side...

This bag has 3 sections. Center section, and 2 side sections.

The bag needs handles and closures yet, but that will wait till tomorrow... I think I may even insert a little piece of fabric into each side also... will show what that is about tomorrow... 8-)

We had even more show this morning... Big drifts! Our deck and the 2 wood benches were totally free of show and ice before this weather system come through... Towards the end of the afternoon the sun began to peek out a bit. 8-)

Wonky Bits was a no go today, as was our Wednesday night gathering... 8-(

That critter in yesterday's post was my cousin B's little black Pom, "Teddy". This other critter is B's "Mouse" who is only 3 months old... a little cuddly lady... 8-)

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

A sew, snow, cold day... Spring... right!!!

We woke this morning to a cold (in more ways than one), snowy, and blistery day! Spring! Ya right...... 8-/
Snow stuck to the front window, and snow filling the outside window ledge...
It was d__n cold!!! Not only outside, but in the house!!! At 9am I looked at the thermostat, and what I have it set for is 68*F, but it were no where near that!!! It was 62*F!!! Brrrrr.....
The fur-girls and I closed ourselves up in the sewing room for most of the day with a dish heater to keep us toasty, while DH did his own thing in his workshop, and waiting for the furnace man to come fix the problem... I took a break to bake some muffins to help warm up the house a bit, and DH took a turn and baked some butter tarts... Mr Furnace man came and by 4pm the temp in the house was back to normal!!! 8-)

I worked on my envelop bag today. Figured out how I wanted to quilt it, and went for it!
It turned out not bad, but next time I will draw the curved lines on it first...
When making/ironing my bias binding, I was reminded of all of the times you hear of a friend slightly burn their fingers while trying to open the 1/4" seam to press open. Well, I thought there must be a better way to do this without burning one's fingers!!!
I opened the start of the seam with my fingers and put my stylus across it, and started pressing. As I moved up with the iron, I slid the stylus along the seam and it opened beautifully for the iron to pass over. No more burnt fingers!!! 8-)

Binding is now attached, and ready for hand stitching...
THEN it can be made into the envelop bag... 8-)

Any guesses as to what kind of animal this is?
I shall let you know tomorrow... 8-)

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Tutorial - "Picket Fences" blocks...

First of all, I'd like to point out where this Picket Fences pattern is from, for some of you may have it, and not know it! 8-)

You know all those lovely quilt magazines that we collect, and then have trouble, sometimes, parting with them? Well, a similar pattern is in the QUIL
TMAKERS - Nov/Dec '94 magazine... Get looking, if you care to... 8-)


I will also show you how I use "The Angler 2" (A2) in this tutorial...

ALWAYS, always read through all instructions before proceeding with a pattern or tutorial. Saves you time and frustration... 8-)

This is how the A2 comes in the package. The instructions that come in the package are pretty good. Now, don't mind my green painters tape there...

Your first step is to cut the "key" out as accurately as possible on the dotted line provided. DO NOT dispose of this key as it is very important to the use of the A2! 8-)

There is a little circle that you need to poke a hole through. Hole needs to be big enough so that 1/8" to 1/4" of your machine needle can poke into it.

I removed my pressure foot so that you could see better here... Now, lay your "key", facing the right way up, on your needle plate as shown in the photo. Lower your needle just a tad into the marked hole. Now you line up your key to be even with your measuring lines on your plate. Leave the needle in...

Take the remaining part of your A2, making sure it is facing the right way up, and fit it back onto your key from where they were cut apart. Look to make sure it is all lining up with your key, and the measurements on your machine... The center line extending down the A2 towards you must be in line with the needle... Once you are satisfied you can tape the A2 down onto your machine. Do not use masking tape. (I did and it is all yucky) Do use painters tape. 8-)

Raise the needle, remove the "key", and snap the pressure foot back on. You are now ready to sew using the A2!

Picket Fences

Each block "unit" uses:
* 2 light fabrics - cut 2+1/2" by 4+1/2
* 4 medium to dark fabrics - cut at the same measurement as the lights.
I had to use this measurement because I was using a jelly roll, but I have the original measurement typed in at the bottom of the tutorial if you want to make the bigger blocks. (I simply used a few scraps for the tute.) You can use scraps, jelly rolls, or use a color way of your choice.

Take one of your light pieces (bottom), and one of your medium or dark pieces (top), and lay them out as in photo. You will be sewing in the direction of the line indicated in the photo, but you do not have to draw lines on any of your fabric cuts.

Line up your one corner with the needle, and the other corner with the center line on your A2. The top fabric in the photo is slightly raised for you to see.

Take a few stitches, and double check where your bottom corner is. This corner rides the line all the way under the needle.

I use a stylus to guide it along...

Sew another light and med/dark piece together in the same manner, and then sew your remaining 2 med/dark pieces together as such also...

Remember, can click on any photo to enlarge for a better look...

Here you have your 3 sections sewn together...

Trim seams to 1/4 inch, and iron seams to the dark fabric.

Your "pickets" should all be leaning in the same direction at this point. Your lights should be positioned in opposi
te corners of each other as in photo. Stitch together, scant 1/4", as laid out....

Press seams to the center section of this unit... Your block should measure 6+1/2". Trim if necessary.

*Take care to make sure your "light points" are leaning into the center section of the unit. I have them circled for you in the photo...

This is what your block will look like once you have 4 units sewn together into a block. There are points to watch while sewing the block together.

In this photo you see 4 blocks put together. If you click on my WIP, you will see all my Picket Fence blocks put together, waiting for boarders...

The first Picket Fences quilt that I took part in putting together was a scrap donation quilt to be raffled off. It can be seen at this link. Our city group made it. The measurement for this quilt had us using 4" by 7+1/2" pieces. We each made 8 "units" at home from our scraps, and at our gathering night we mixed them up on the display wall for putting them together. Gotta love scrappy! 8-)

Click on image below for a better look at my sample drawing for the larger blocks, as you will also get 3+1/4" half-square-triangles that you can use in the boarders if you wish...

Please notify me if any of my directions seem off, or incorrect... Thanx! 8-)