Thursday, May 22, 2008

It was my turn.... 8-/

You know, you get "everything" ready that you will need at your quilting bee for the day, only to realize halfway through the visit that you forgot something at home! It always happens to someone in the group... today it was my turn. I thought I had all my needed patches with me, only to find out I was short, and of course I did not have the rest of my fabric with me to cut more... Oh well, it ended up that I got some good feedback from the ladies, and am now putting on an extra 2 rows each way, instead of an inner and outer boarder. Leaving just the blocks.... and the binding eventually...and, instead of putting all my directional fabric facing one direction as I had intended, one of the ladies suggested turning every other row the opposite way... These changes were agreeable to most of the gals, and to me! Thanks ladies!!! 8-)

My strips here are up on my design wall.

So yesterday I mentioned putting photos up on how I made my 4 patches. First I cut my strips selvage to selvage 3" wide, and sewed them together. After pressing them open I butted 2 sets togethe right sides facing. Then I cross cut them into 6" sections.

I sewed up each side of the units as seen in the photo, and then did a 3" cross cut, which leaves you with this...

Two sections. Then once pressed open you end up with two 4 patches!

Note how the seams in the center at the back of the one is opened up. All the seams are pressed to go clockwise. The patches lay nice a flat when done like this. I am sure a lot of you ladies know this, but I do come across some ladies that had never seen it done like that, that is why I am posting it.

Two more flowers opened up today!! Aren't they beautiful, and the smell!!! Wow!!!

We had a lovely day today at Wonky Bits with birthday cake too yet! There were 9 of us in total. We talked about our June 26th trip to Kenora, Ontario, for a quilt show, and to check out a new quilt shop...13 of us going... It will be a fun day!!! 8-)

Time for bed now... Hopefully my strip will be sewn up tomorrow at some point after shopping...

Oh! And I must say that I am totally blown away by the little map of where people are viewing my blog from! It is somewhat exciting!!! 8-) I believe that this blogging bit is holding me to task, and there is no telling how far I will get into my UFOs this year!!! Woohoo!!! 8-)

Happy quilting!

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Kizzy said...

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