Saturday, May 31, 2008

Binding done!

G'Day people!

I got the binding done on the baby quilt today. Just waiting for the correct spelling of the baby's name for the label, then on it goes, wash, and ready to gift wrap!! Yahoo!!!

I also managed to finish up the binding on the raffle quilt. Once LP finishes making the label and we stitch it on it is ready to donate to the school!!! Done! Gone! Out of here! Yahoo!!!

I hope you can see some of the machine quilting that was done on the quilt. Lynn did a very nice job!

Now it will be time to get on with another baby BOY quilt in case the next one is a boy also! Remember I have a baby girl's quilt top done and waiting? The next babe is due in August I believe...

That be it for today!
As always, happy stitching!

Friday, May 30, 2008


G'Day People!!! Tis raining here in Winnipeg today. Nothing much, but it is wet out.

In doing the hand-sewing of the binding on the raffle quilt, I found that everyone has their own way of holding the quilt/binding while sewing it. While binding the quilt with this group around the table, I was the only one that had mentioned that the quilt is not laying the way I normally would have it to sew. So, instead of making a big fuss, I fell into place by sewing the binding on the way the rest of the gals were, but it was not easy, quite foreign to me, but eventually it went as well as could be expected.

Yesterday I was hand-sewing the binding of the baby quilt, the way that I normally would hold and stitch it , and thought I would post a question to you all. "Which way do you hold your quilt/binding for stitching?" The second photo is the way I hold and stitch my project.

I have also noticed that everyone has their own way of holding and stitching their work when doing applique too! I know it doesn't matter as long as the end result is the same, but I just find it interesting.....

Just thought I would put this out there....

Also, I made my Chicken and Broccoli Casserole and rice for supper again last night, and thought to post a photo of it to go with the recipe... So here it be!

Thursday, May 29, 2008

A retreat photo...

I just received an email with photos that a friend took at a retreat we were at. Seems that I come home with lots of photos on my camera, but there are never any with me on them. It is kind of like I wasn't even there! So, I am happy to have a couple with me in them...

This is a photo of my Sunflower Quilt top that I was working on that weekend. I was putting on and machine appliqueing my sunflowers. The quilt is still just the top as I have not sandwiched it yet. It is made of all sunflower prints. I cut strips of different widths, straight and wonky. I learned that the thinest strips made should not be any thinner than 1"!!! Lesson learned! I sewed the strips all together and cut 8 1/2" blocks out of them, and sewed them together as shown in the photo. Once I get the baby quilts 1 (quilted and I need to hand-sew the binding now) & 2 (needs sandwiching, etc), and the 25th anniversary wall-quilt done, I can finish this one up!!!

I tell you people, "This blogging IS keeping me to task!" 8-)

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

It just figures!!! 8-/

So today was to be Ruby's big day at the Vet's. The big "spay"!!! She is 8 months old now, and long overdue! Due to intestinal problems we (vet and myself) have been putting it off till that was all under control. This is the 3rd time this month that we have postponed!!! Had appointment, postponed to today due to Ruby starting her "first heat cycle", now today, postponed cause she is in "full heat"!! Could do, but best to wait! Now she has an appointment for next week Thursday!!! I certainly hope that WILL be the day!!! The trip wasn't a total loss though. Dora needed her shots heart worm test and pills, and such...

I had nothing much to post yesterday. I managed to get the baby boy's quilt quilted. Now I just need to sew in the loose threads and bind it. Tonight is my Crescentwood Quilters gathering night, and I think that C and I are going to do some more of the binding on the Dugald School raffle quilt. We belong to both groups. It will be good to get more of that done.

Thought I would pop in another photo here! We all love to see colorful photos on these blogs don't we!?! This is a little wall-quilt I made for my parent's new apartment's kitchen, to cover the ugly electrical box.

Monday, May 26, 2008

Monday, Monday...

Today I found myself back in the sewing room working on the baby boy quilt. I need to finish that one complete now, as my cousin's son is a daddy now! Baby boy born yesterday just afternoon and came in at 10 lbs 5 oz!!!! I said, "Thats not a newborn! Thats a 3 monther!!! Wow!" Thats one big baby for a first born! My congrats go out to the new mommy and daddy, first time grandparents, and aunties and uncles!!!

While in the sewing room I prepared the binding for the raffle quilt for our Country Rose Quilters gathering at the school tonight. We were able to square the quilt off, machine sewed the binding on, and we got about half of the hand stitching of the binding done. I'd post a few photos of the other gals working on it too, but I won't unless I have their permission to do so. But, here's your's truly stitching away...

I was also able to sandwich the baby quilt tonight too yet, and am hoping to get it all quilted tomorrow... So, my day is thus planned... 8-)

Not much more to type for today!
Till tomorrow!
Happy stitching!

Sunday, May 25, 2008

A nice fresh morning...will turn humid!

Thunderstorms last night brought us much needed rain, and a nice fresh morning to walk the dogs in. More thunderstorm in the forecast, but we won't worry about that now.

DDH (dear darling hubby) came home from his 4 day fishing trip sunburned and smiling, and forgot his fish in another fisher's cooler!!! That is A-OK with me as I am not a fish eater, so cooking it is a foreign experience anyway.

I have a Bridal Shower to attend this afternoon and don't know if I will get on to post later, so I thought I would post a photo of a raffle quilt that my Crescentwood group did in 2006...?...2007...?
Each of us made 4 blocks from our stashes at home, and mixed it all up on the display-wall till we found it just right! Then one of our gals did the boarder and quilted it.

We've made another on since then, but I can't find the photos of it...will search, and right now we are making 2-3 sports themed Soduko quilts, depending on the number of blocks that come in. They will be single bed size for kids/teens.

Time to get on with my day!
Enjoy your's!

Saturday, May 24, 2008

Yummy BBQ!!!

Home from the BBQ now...Pleasantly full from a first BBQ of the season, with real yummy side dishes and deserts!!! Thanks OCCFC!!! You know who you all are! 8-) I'd post some photos of the even, but a lot of people don't like their photos spread around, so I will respect their privacy. You will just have to imagine a BBQ of about 20 with sun, wind, and lots of convos and laughter!!! 8-)

I shall show you some of my UFOs that are far from finished for one reason or another! First, our Quondo Quilters group (now known as the Wonky Bits) did a BOM, and here are some of mine...I think I made about 20-25 x 12" blocks. I can't decide on a sashing....

This photo is of blocks from a 2006 BOM from Quilt As Desired Quilt Shop. I have 3 or 4 blocks to complete yet. PROCRASTINATION! Big time!!!!

I mentioned making Heart Boxes in a past post but did not have a photo. This is our Wonky Bit Donation box. We just got it back empty this last week. Time hot glue it shut, and fill it again. The funds collected are donated to the Oakbank Baptist Church for use of their large and nicely lighted basement twice a month.

I did manage to get some sewing done on the baby quilt today. I hopefully will get the top done tomorrow... they baby is due any day now!!!

Till tomorrow, goodnight! 8-)

Friday, May 23, 2008

When you move things around...

Good Morning!

Funny what you come upon when moving things around. Things that are in the back, sometimes way in the back of your mind, conveniently forgotten, and at times the subject of procrastination.

I came upon my half finished project, from my very first quilt lessons, which were taken about 5 years ago with the wonderful instructor Marilynn Wiebe, of the then Shared Threads Quilt Shop (sadly closed about 2 years back...maybe more). I had gone in there and asked if they had any beginner quilt classes, and this is what I dove into head-first!!!


It ended up being a very enjoyable class, and I fell in love with the project! Marilynn is such a good teacher. She even has her own book out now! "Sensational Patchwork Quilting". Lots of embroidery in it....

Anyway, getting back to my first quilt, it still needs, what I promised for that project, A LOT more hand quilting, and binding. The pattern is "Many Thanks" by Nancy Halvorsen of Art to Heart Designs.

My second project lessons were also from Marilynn. The "Simple Country Sampler" by Lydia Quigley, The Rabbit Factory,

This quilt was the better quilt for me to learn some basic patchwork, and I promised machine quilting to this one. That is still needed, and binding. I have put this one off because my confidence in machine quilting is not up there yet, that is where these baby quilts that I have on the go come into effect. They are my machine learning pieces.

I also have a Round Robin photo here that my Country Rose group made for a donation to the Costume Museum of Canada. They are in downtown Winnipeg now, but when they were out in Dugald where they aloud us the use of their meeting room. This Christmas wall-quilt is for them to raffle off as a thank you from us.

Well people, that is probably it for today... gotta things to do, places to be! So till tomorrow, I bid you good stitching...


Thursday, May 22, 2008

It was my turn.... 8-/

You know, you get "everything" ready that you will need at your quilting bee for the day, only to realize halfway through the visit that you forgot something at home! It always happens to someone in the group... today it was my turn. I thought I had all my needed patches with me, only to find out I was short, and of course I did not have the rest of my fabric with me to cut more... Oh well, it ended up that I got some good feedback from the ladies, and am now putting on an extra 2 rows each way, instead of an inner and outer boarder. Leaving just the blocks.... and the binding eventually...and, instead of putting all my directional fabric facing one direction as I had intended, one of the ladies suggested turning every other row the opposite way... These changes were agreeable to most of the gals, and to me! Thanks ladies!!! 8-)

My strips here are up on my design wall.

So yesterday I mentioned putting photos up on how I made my 4 patches. First I cut my strips selvage to selvage 3" wide, and sewed them together. After pressing them open I butted 2 sets togethe right sides facing. Then I cross cut them into 6" sections.

I sewed up each side of the units as seen in the photo, and then did a 3" cross cut, which leaves you with this...

Two sections. Then once pressed open you end up with two 4 patches!

Note how the seams in the center at the back of the one is opened up. All the seams are pressed to go clockwise. The patches lay nice a flat when done like this. I am sure a lot of you ladies know this, but I do come across some ladies that had never seen it done like that, that is why I am posting it.

Two more flowers opened up today!! Aren't they beautiful, and the smell!!! Wow!!!

We had a lovely day today at Wonky Bits with birthday cake too yet! There were 9 of us in total. We talked about our June 26th trip to Kenora, Ontario, for a quilt show, and to check out a new quilt shop...13 of us going... It will be a fun day!!! 8-)

Time for bed now... Hopefully my strip will be sewn up tomorrow at some point after shopping...

Oh! And I must say that I am totally blown away by the little map of where people are viewing my blog from! It is somewhat exciting!!! 8-) I believe that this blogging bit is holding me to task, and there is no telling how far I will get into my UFOs this year!!! Woohoo!!! 8-)

Happy quilting!

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

It has been a productive day! 8-)

Well, considering how the day started, and my dwindling energies, things went really well. Quite productive. 8-)

Once I decided my pattern/layout for the baby quilt, I got cutting, and stitching...with Pfaffy of course!! I got my 4 patches done, so now I have something to bring to Wonky Bits to work on tomorrow. I may even get most of the top pieced there!!

Lets see if you can figure out how I did my 4 patches from my photos... 8-)
Click on the photo for a closer look...

One on my trusty side kicks sleeping beside the computer desk... The baby... still in her diaper... still in heat.... waiting to get spayed next Wednesday.... Ouchies!!!

Part of my layout on the display wall...
Come to think of it, I need a bigger display wall... SOON! 8-)

My patches ready to put together tomorrow...

And, another flower opened up today... too beautiful not to share!! 8-)

OH! And there's my feet with my phentex slippers that I make... I can't live without my sloffies...

That be it for today! I hope you don't think I am posting too many photos! I myself love looking at blogs with lots of photos!!! Get the creative juices flowing....... 8-)

Till tomorrow!

Wanting comments on my question please....8-)

No I am not sleeping.... I think I am over the hump of the early morning...Second wind kind of thing...

Being a new blogger, when you lovely people leave a comment on my blog, especially with a question, do I respond on my own blog with a comment, or do I respond back on the questionaire's blog? If on the person's blog, is there an easier/quicker way of getting there that I am not aware of?

I thank you in advance for your advise! THANKS! 8-)

Myra 8-)

Tuesday, May 20, 2008



I am stumped today. Wanted to start on another baby quilt top, but haven't a clue as to blocks/layout for it yet? Searching through quilt books and magazines today was not help either... Why is it when you are browsing through them you find lots, and when you are looking for something, you can't find anything!?! I have vowed to put a post-it on things of interest from now on!!!

I bet you think I forgot about my bro's anniversary quilt hey? Not so! I am avoiding it! Hehehehe....8-)

So since I have no progress in new projects or UFOs, I thought I would post some photos of fabric that I bought in Fargo and Grand Forks on my last visit a month ago now...

Fat quarter bundles of home spuns for a particular pattern I have, the book, I think I put a photo of it in here already, and my meters and meters of fabrics. Black, cause I don't have any. Muslin, cause ya can always use muslin. Yellow and alphabets for baby quilts. The little houses, which I just noticed I put in upside down for the photo, because I liked the fabric. And the blue tone on tone, just because! Pretty good for promising myself I wasn't going to buy any fabric hey!?! 8-)
This beautiful fabric is upholstrey/drapery fabric. Bought it for my bedroom curtains/roman blinds, don't know which yet. The colors will go nicely with the fabric that I bought ages ago now, for a quilt for our kingsize bed. I know! I know! I will get to it!!! I keep telling myself to quit nagging but..... 8-)

Beautiful flowers that my hubby came home with on Friday for me... "what does he want? hmmmm?"

Hubby packing coolers for his 4 day fishing adventure at Lac Souel. Usually they tent it, but this year they are staying in a cabin. Apparently there is still lots of ice on the water there!!! "bring back fish... NOT!" I am not a fish eater....
This is my view out my sewing room window today. The sun is shining, the trees are opening, the birds are singing....AND THERE IS ALREADY WEEDS!!!

And this? THIS is my dogs breakfast of a back yard at our new/older home. Can't decide if we want a nicely stoned patio, or if we should just seed it for grass... Hubby dragged the liner (laying by the garage) out of the slew of a fish pond that they had there...it was gross!

That is it for today my friends! Hopefully tomorrow will be a more productive day! 8-)

Monday, May 19, 2008

Another Baby Quilt Top Done!!!

THE FINAL STITCHES ON MY PFAFFY!!! Woohoo!!! Got the baby girl quilt done tonight!!! I even had time to put my feet up for a couple of hours!!! I am a happy camper!!!

Now I have been thinking, my cousin, who is to be a first time grandma, is expecting 2 grand-babies within 2-3 months of each other. I was going to go ahead a make this quilt up fully, but thought "what if the first one is boy?!" So, I think I am going to go ahead and make a baby boy's quilt top right away, that way I can grab whichever for the first one born. And, I will still have time to whip up another to choose from for the second born. This must be how big time quilters think..... Nope! I bet they have quilts made up and ready to choose from!!!

I am getting frustrated with trying to layout the photos and stuff, but I am sure I will figure it all out eventually!

Here are my fabric choices for the boys quilt. I am not crazy about the gray, but it does match. That will be tomorrows start... Time to sit back with a coke and watch some TV...


On the go with Pfaffy again...

After a lazy morning at the computer drooling over some of the fantastic blogs I've been viewing, and a lot of putting my feet up yesterday, I decided it was time to get going on that Disappearing 9-Patch again. So here is my progress...

I started with 6 1/2" squares stitched into a 9-patch, cut the 9-patch in quarters, and rearranged to my desired layout. Now to stitch them together and decide on inner and outer boarders... I'm on a roll!!!

I will check in again tonight. 8-)

Friday, May 16, 2008

On the Menu today!!!

Chicken & Broccoli Casserole

1.5 to 2 cups cooked chicken or turkey
4-6 cups broccoli, cut up and cooled to slightly tender
1 can of Cream of Chicken Soup
1/2 cup mayonnaise (I use Hellmans)
2 Tbsp lemon juice
1 to 3 tsp curry powder, depending on your taste (I use close to 3)
3/4 grated Cheddar Cheese

Grease a casserole, lay all the broccoli in the bottom and then 
the layer of chicken. Mix the next 4 ingredients together, and 
spread on top of the chicken. Sprinkle all the cheese on top. 
Bake for 375* for 30 minutes.

Broccoli hint: Chop stems and stalks and steam/boil to desired 
texture. Add florets and steam/boil only 1-2 minutes longer.

Enjoy with a rice of your choice!

Myra  8-)

What a pain!

So I guess it is high time I have something new on here hey?

Well, I did some bonding with Pfaffy yesterday. Pfaffy was great! My project wasn't! What a pain in the butt machine appliquing around all those bends and curves of the pine trees on my bro's anniversary quilt!!! Who's idea was it to do THOSE trees anyway? ... Oh ya... ME!!! I figure one tree a day is about all I can handle on that one...I imagine the quilt will get done eventually. Not as soon as I had hoped!

I managed to get some more of my binding done on my wedding ring table runner. I only work on hand projects/binding when I go to my quilting groups. I avoid dragging along the machine if I can. I also got some more of my Scrap Hexagon Quilt done. Been working on that one on and off for about 2 years. I am piecing it all by hand. A very relaxing task that I put together for when I go camping, to my groups, etc.

I store/bring my hexagon pieces in a fabric box that I put together. Been making them for years, for my children, their friend's birthday, gifts for my family and friends. They are great as a stationary box, sewing box, collectors box, and for anything else you want. You can use your theme fabrics to indicate it's use. I also make heart shaped ones. Perhaps if anyone is interested, I will post a tutorial for it some day...

I went to the Optometrists on Wednesday. Turns out I need new glasses!!! Yahoo! Hopefully no more waring 2 sets so I can see my fine work....

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

I Was Hoping to Avoid This!!!

Clouds this morning has given way to the sun!! Yahoo! Don't like the gloom that rain and clouds bring...

This past weekend, my dear darling Ruby came into heat. I was hoping to avoid this by getting her "Fixed" earlier, but due to intestinal problems, 4 treatments of antibiotics, and a change in dog food it did not happen. Last week I made an appointment for her surgery (Tuesday the 21st), only to find out now that we have to postpone it due to her being in heat. So, diapers for the next 2-3 weeks it is!!! Shucks!!!

Early last week I brought our Country Rose group quilt away to be quilted. We are donating it to Dugald Elementary School for a fundraiser. The school allows us to use space for our monthly gathering, so this is a form of thank-you to them. It is a queen size quilt pattern from the book "Plentiful Possibilities, named Path Through the Pines". Photo of the quilt top, and a close-up of the fabrics used.