Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Wanting comments on my question please....8-)

No I am not sleeping.... I think I am over the hump of the early morning...Second wind kind of thing...

Being a new blogger, when you lovely people leave a comment on my blog, especially with a question, do I respond on my own blog with a comment, or do I respond back on the questionaire's blog? If on the person's blog, is there an easier/quicker way of getting there that I am not aware of?

I thank you in advance for your advise! THANKS! 8-)

Myra 8-)


Rose Marie said...

Hi Myra,
I couldn't reply back to you through email as your email address is set-up as 'no-reply'.

You need to go into your blog and sign in. Once in (you should be looking at your Posting page), look to the far right and click on EDIT PROFILE. Then, 3rd. box down for the question: "Show my email address", click on the box and then go down to the bottom of that page and SAVE SETTINGS. People will now be able to start replying directly back to you when you leave a comment on someones blog.

To answer your question, mostly I reply directly back to the person that asked the question. If the answer is something that could help everyone, then I will post about the question and answer on my blog.

Welcome to blogland!

Liz said...

Hi Myra, Thanks for visiting and posting at my blog! If you make a silhouette, I would love to see it.

I usually email a response to anyone who comments on my blog if they have an email address on their profile or site. Sometimes, if I think others might have the same question, I'll post a comment to answer the question.

Myra said...

Thank-You for your suggestions ladies! Will do!
Happy quilting!