Thursday, April 29, 2010

Retreat Weekend...Again!

This is where QGB and I are going to this weekend! We, and our group, have been looking forward to this Spring Retreat for a while now... DD1 and DD2 will be cooking for us!!! Looking forward to that as they are good cooks! Yum! 8-)
Have a great weekend everyone! 8-)

Monday, April 26, 2010

Sunday with MrRose's family...

We spent the day with MrRose's family yesterday. They have a lovely home and family, and they sure know how to have fun!

As we drove up there was a volleyball game in progress, which we were welcomed to join in right away... (This photo was taken of the game played after our delicious BBQ dinner... little 6'5" DS in blue)
Players aged 6 to 50... 8-)
Then it was decided to take DD2 & MrRose's "new" older boat for a test drive, so off we all went to a pond a mile down the road.

Getting ready to lower it into the water here...
A boat full, and a few of the kids in a canoe in the background...
DD2 doing her queenly wave while MrRose puts on his life-jacket...
Safety first! 8-)
The little boys were showing off their minnows that they were catching. (which they released no problem before we went back to the house)

...et moi... on the boat...
At dinner time there were 16 of us. DH & myself, DS & MissLocks, DD2 & MrRose, and the rest was his family plus one in-law. Absent were his 2 older siblings and their families, as well as our DD1 and MrFarmer...

Here is some after supper fun... Skipping was one of the topics at dinner, about how a lot of boys/men don't know how to skip. We had a good time watching as many of the children (and adults) had to prove something about that through the house... We all had a good laugh.
Here is a sampling of the "skipping" that was done outside later...
Warning, don't have your sound on too loud...

Oh but we had a wonderfully fun day with MrRose's family!!!
All the fresh air, wind, and sun got to DS and MissLocks. They slept the 1.5 hours drive home... 8-)
On the stitching front, here is a secret sampling photo of my addition, row #2, for my city group's Row Robin Project... It was fun to make, and I am looking forward to our "row robin pizza box" exchange this coming Wednesday! There is 9 of us involved, plus a list/box keeper.
Seven more trades before we see our own pizza box come back to us... No one knows who's project is who's, so it is all a surprize... but fun to guess at!!! 8-)

Newest fabrics to my collection...
Happy stitchings!

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Hexagon Progress...

Well, I do have something to show for myself after all...

Most times when I go to my quilt groups I bring a hand project. Lately it has been some knitting, but today I took my Hex Project. It is growing, not by leaps and bounds, but it is growing steadily... 8-)If ever I do another hex quilt again, I will do it in rows, not in clusters of 10/12 as I have done here... 8-)

Off to make supper now!
Myra 8-)

Country Rose Sew, Show, and Tell

There was some sew & tell at our Country Rose night on Tuesday! I missed out on photographing J's 3 table runners, but caught these projects here....

This is P's flimsey! Different hey!?! I likes it! 8-)
This is what she is using on the back. Kind of like a fake fur. Don't know how quilting that will be, but I am sure she will fill us in when next we meet! 8-)
This is the Spring wall quilt that C is making for her Daughter's classroom door. I think it is every month that they hang a new one... The kids love it! 8-)
Isn't it darling!?!
This is G's floor mat she was crocheting out of an old corderoy (sp?) curtain, for in her sunroom.
Waste not, want not! 8-)
I'm gonna try this sometime...
Pitty, but I haven't anything at all to show for myself, as I don't want to spoil the surprize of the wedding quilts... 8-/

Tis a Wonky Bits day today, so I am sure I'll have some more show and tell for you from that...

Tis a beautiful sunny day again today! 8-)
Hope the sun is shining where you are!

Happy stitchings!

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

More Quilt Show Eye Candy...

Applique/Pictoral quilts...
...for your enjoyment! 8-)
Thread play flowers... Love it!!! 8-)
This piece sparked some convo for sure, with its different inserts...
We got a good chuckle out of the writeup for this quilt!
Tis a Country Rose quilt night today. I haven't seen the gals in a good month because of my travels to Vegas, and to the Wisconsin farm... I am looking forward to seeing them all... 8-)

Happy stitchings!

Monday, April 19, 2010

DD1's Engagement Ring...

... properly sized and back on her finger! 8-)
(back to engagement post)
DH is back from his 2 week stay at the farm in Wisconsin. He says that they got a good start done for the home renovations for DD1 and MrFarmer... 8-)

We had a lovely family BBQ here yesterday. It was a beautiful day spent outside.

Back to DD1's quilt...
Happy stitchings!

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Some quilts from the Quilt Show...

For your viewing pleasure (eye candy), lovely quilts from the quilt show...
Made from men's ties...
Each is on a side of a corner, thus looks somewhat distorted...
Perhaps some more Quilt Show photos tomorrow...

Took a break to post some photos for your enjoyment... Been busy stitching away on DD1's wedding quilt, pondering DD2's wedding quilt as well as my addition to my groups Row Robin Challenge, and now going to get to cleaning the house...
It has to be done!

Happy stitchings!

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Quilt Show and Rocker...

I went to the "Quilt Reflections 2010" quilt show today. I had almost forgotten about it, with all the Wisconsin excitement earlier this week!!! Good thing I looked at the calender this morning!
I shall show you some of the quilts that were on display later... 8-)

I check this site, "Kijiji" (which is a free classifieds site), from time to time looking for a wonderful find. Last night I found an add for this wonderful rocking chair.
Here it sits in my living-room today! 8-)
This rocker is in wonderful shape! Barely used I'd say, and the wood matches my dining-room table and chairs, as well as my living-room wall-unit, all of which we bought through the Kijiji site also...

It was a gorgeous day out here today!
Spring is definitely here! 8-)

Happy stitchings!

Thursday, April 8, 2010

I'm Baaaack.....

Where have I been since last Friday? Gone 10 hours drive away, to Wisconsin for Easter, with DH and DD1, to meet her future in-laws, and see where she is planning to make a life with MrFarmer... 8-)
First I must say a "HAPPY BIRTHDAY" to DD1 who turned the big "25" today!!!! 8-)
All of DD1's future in-laws surprized us with this early birthday treat on Easter Sunday, since we were all together...
Delicious cheesecakes!! 8-)

This darling little barn-cat took to me that day for some reason, and followed me/us around like a dog the whole time we were there...
It tried to be a "stowaway" for the ride home!!
...did I mention I am not a cat person? 8-)

There were even 2 Easter calves born on Sunday! Two males... The one in the photo was born while we were doing the dishes... 8-)

This is Mr Farmer's grandparents' 80 year old farmhouse that will be renovated for them to live in when married.
You should see the beautiful woodwork in there!!!
It is going to be wonderful when done!!!
I am sooooo jealous!!!

This is the barn!
I couldn't believe how many dairy farms there were to be seen in Wisconsin!!! Like 3 to 6 every mile we drove it seemed!!! GOT MILK!? ...GOT CHEESE!?! 8-)
Wisconsin does, and how!!! 8-)

Milking time!
We had never seen a "dairy parlor" and how they operate. It was very interesting! Here DH (center) is helping with evening chores... DD1 (red babushka) knows here way around this setup quite well! She really surprized us, especially since she has always hated (smelly and dirty) disliked farms...
Mr Farmer, her teacher, in the yellow...

Yup! That is me!
Someone had to "muck out" the barn after milking...
Since I chose not to do any of the milking (beyond proving, with a squirt of milk by hand, that I could), I got "voluntold" to do so...
So mucking out the barn I did! 8-)
Don't I look like a natural!?! lol!
Like the fancy boots? 8-)

Here, I am just showing you a bit of the overland flooding from the Red River that happens out our way most Springs lately... It wasn't as bad as last year, as this year the roads were open for me to take the normal way home from the USA... We took an alternate route going down, bit it takes more driving time...
This photo was taken on a bridge. The water was covering the bottom of it...

... in case you are wondering, I did some more retail therapy on the way home... Mill End Textiles in Fargo, and Joann's in Grand Forks... I shall show you later what goodies I bought! 8-)

Happy stitchings!