Monday, September 22, 2014

My Reading List...

...on Google is showing up now! 
That is really weird, but I am happy about it! Only thing is no time to do any blog hopping today. Will try tomorrow!

 I leave you with photos of all 4 of our sweet grandsons. 
Busy boys!


Wednesday, September 17, 2014


I seem to have lost my reading list? What happened to all the blogs "I was" following? I was going to check up on everyone's latest creations, and I have no list!?!?! What's up with that!!


Sept 2014 Homewood Retreat

 I FINALLY finished my 4th grandchild's quilt. 
He turned One in April!! My bad!  :(
 I got the "fornicating" PJ bottoms made for my DH. (Can you see why they are so named?) Started them in May, but had problems with my serger, then summer happened, and well, time went on.
 DL helped me with my "serger issues", and I got them done. Now DH can wear them at his week of golfing with the guys. Should be worth a laugh or two!  ;)  I also made a pair of Canadian PJ bottoms for myself. All the gals made a pair. At $2.00 a meter, and a good quality flannel, why not!?!
Thanks DL!!

Then I went on to FINALLY start making my B-I-L a quilt for his bed. (the fabric has only been sitting around for a year +) I thought that a simple pattern would see it done for Christmas.
Two borders, and a few circle/donut appliques to add yet.

As per usual, my small group retreat in a lovely little cottage was a welcome, 
productive, and enjoyable time!! There is 9 of us in the group.

Hope you are all keeping well and stitching up a storm!