Saturday, March 28, 2015

Making Progress on Sewingroom

 Thanks for all the suggestions on my last post!
I've taken your advice and been doing half-hour stints a couple times a day, 
so am making slow progress, but progress non the less.

I can see my cutting board again!!! It had been a long while for sure since 
I've been able to do any cutting there. I sorted all of my scraps into color bins, 
and here I am sorting/cutting strip widths and squares. 
 Feels good to go through all my scraps!

 Today I spent time going through my magazines. Mags between 2000 and now got shelved, and those before 2000 got glanced through, and keepers ripped out, and the rest tossed.
Later I will put the keepers into page protectors, and then sort into binders.

Slow and steady....


Saturday, March 21, 2015

Overwhelmed... What else is new?

Well, DH is gone for a week of golfing with his buddies, 
what better time to sort and clean up my sewing/computer room... 
Only problem is, I stand in the doorway and think,
"where do I even start?", and then I have that overwhelmed feeling.
That of course is bad, cause then I turn around and hide from it.
But, it needs doing badly, because it is keeping me from doing 
anything productive in my quilt-making, and there is much to complete.
I can't even share a photo of my room cause it is so embarrassing.

Wish me luck!


Friday, March 13, 2015

A Trip to Kickass Quilt Shop

I wasn't going to buy anything much, but you know how that goes!! 
Bought some sale fabrics, went for lunch, back to shop cause one of our gals had yet to pay for her chosen items, and of course I started looking around, and found this book.
Do I need any more quilt books? NO! It had 3 patterns in it that really caught my eye, so of course I had to buy it!! Pictures aren't that great. Taken with my iPod, since I broke my camera about 8 months ago. Anyway, here are the 3 that caught my eye.
And if any of my gals are checking, no, I did not get a post up last week, for my once a week promise. We had an eventful, as well as a rough week last week, for we had a sad and upsetting tragedy happen in my extended family, and my thoughts were consumed with that. I just remembered today about needing to post on the blog. Am I forgiven Ladies of my quilting circle?

Here are the fabrics I bought. Some Christmas prints.
Plus a few others...
 Our twins were up from Wisconsin for a visit.
And Hubby bought a 2010 Honda Civic. Better on fuel than our gas guzzling trucks!
Time to get some sewing done, now that life has calmed down again and things are falling into place...

Happy Stitching!