Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Retreat Demos done...

We had 2 demos done at the retreat. Both done by Lm. First she demoed basket making. Fun stuff! I've had the cording to make myself a basket... for over a year now, and still haven't made one!!!
You know how that goes?! lol!

Then later in the weekend Lm demoed how to use the Fusible Quilters Grid, which can be bought off the bolt, so of course a bunch of us had to buy some from the vendor tables! 8-)
I plan to give a Water Color Quilt method a try with it!

This is the piece that Lm used some of that quilters grid. She finished up the piece by the end of the weekend...
Better a blurry photo than no photo, I hope!? This was a lovely challenge project that Lm will be donating to the Choice Auction part of the Quilt Show here on April 9th weekend (info in a future post)
Mystery Projects from the retreat to come tomorrow! 8-)
Happy stitchings!

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Some Retreat Photos...

This past weekend's retreat was wonderful! Great weather, food, and company!!
What more could a gal want!?! 8-)

I can't show you what I worked on all weekend, but you will see it in time... I ended up with quite the sore back, so my plans to continue when home kind of fell through, but I'm feeling much better today!

Here I will show you what my friends that I quilt with each week were up to while we were at the retreat... You'll have to forgive my somewhat blurry photos. A lot of my photos didn't come out too good this year...
(the effects of me being very uncomfortable I think)

This is Ls' project. Just before Sew & Tell she was putting together her solid and keyboard borders... Just didn't have enough time to finish it all up...
Looks great Ls!!! 8-)
This is Cw's blend of a few different Halloween panels. The fabric used in between the blocks worked really well!
Looks good Cw!! 8-)
To the left is Dw's fabrics that she was strip piecing for her Disappearing 9-Patch which is still in progress...
Wonderful fabrics Dw! 8-)
To the right are the blocks that Jr was putting together. Love the fabrics!!! This is going to look awesome when put together!!! 8-)
These are small Kamonos, that have a chop-stick through the arms to hang up on, that one group was making for a fundraiser for a Senior Movement Center here. They are approximately 6"x7" in size, and apparently selling really well! They are lovely! 8-)

Tomorrow I will post about the 2 demos we had there, and show you the Mystery Quilts that one lady was leading there for whoever was interested in playing along... They are wonderful! 8-)

For those that have inquired, my mother is doing excellent! She is done with her physio, and is now behind the wheel of her van again!!! Although she still has pain, she is a happy camper! 8-)
Thanks for asking! 8-)

Do check out this cute little video of a little duck and a puppy... Too cute!!! 8-)

Happy stitchings!

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Sunday Sampler @ Six - Block 11

So, where is it you are wondering?! Shamefully I forgot to make it this past week!!! You know how that goes... Right!?!
I guess I best do so this week, ASAP!!!

I should just be getting home for my fun weekend away while you are reading this! I gather I will have lots to catch up with on your blogs next this week...?

Can you believe it is just about April already!?! Wow!!

...and since it is my belief that every post needs a photo, I leave you with a photo of Stevie and myself in Vegas... 8-)

Happy stitchings!


Saturday, March 27, 2010

Video of Ruby...

What Ruby is doing in this little clip, is what she was doing for a minute before I got my camera on her... I call it "under her breath barking - at nothing"!!! She is such a little goof! 8-)

Hope you are all having a great weekend!
I will have lots of creativity from other quilters to show from my weekend away... 8-)
Happy stitchings!

Friday, March 26, 2010

Wonky Bits Show & Tell

This and the next post are scheduled for while I am at a quilt retreat... 8-)

These are the projects worked on at Wonky Bits on Thursday.

Hc's place-mats that she was binding.
Very Springy Hc!!! 8-)
Jb was doing the binding on this little table topper...
Nice job Jb! 8-)
Kn was doing the binding on a future great-grandchild's quilt.
They are but a thought in her grandchildren's minds right now, but Kn is planning for the future!!!
You will be all ready for them Kn!!! 8-)
Quilt looks great!
This is a table topper, "color and movement challenge", that our province's guild put out there for items to be donated for selling at our "Quilt Reflections 1020" quilt show, this coming April... It is made by Pg's creative hands. She was working on the binding...
Looks great Pg!
Du was doing the binding on a project too. Pop on over to her blog to see it. It is her 3rd finish for our PhD Challenge! Yaaaaaaay Du! Way to go! 8-)

Pd too was working on bindings for these place-mats that I've shown before...
They are looking great Pd!! 8-)

Seems like all of them were working on bindings!!
Nope! Not Es! I believe she, as I was, busy doing lots of cutting for a new project. I can't show you cause it is one of my daughter's wedding quilt. Not the Double Wedding Ring pattern either!!! lol!! I am working on it as you read this, at the retreat!!!

This is Pg's "Inukshuk" (definition) wall-quilt she made while she was in Vancouver for the 2010 Olympics. What a great momento from that time... 8-)
Looks great Pg!!
Lp showed us this quilt top that she is making for your son...
Looking wonderful Lp!!! 8-)
It is her 3rd quilt made with this pattern...
My thoughts and prayers are with you Lp... HUGS...

Hope you are all having wonderful weather this weekend!
Happy stitchings!

Thursday, March 25, 2010

The Passion Play

Tonight we went to the "Passion Play" that DD2 (Angel) and Mr Rose (Soldier/Guard) are acting in. It was an hour and a half long, about 50 cast/crew members, the first night performance, and they will do so for the next 3 nights. It was very well done!
"For God so Loved the world, He gave His only son."
- John 3:16

Now, to finish packing for the retreat!!!

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

I open my bedroom curtains, and...

... what do I see this morning?

...and no sun!!!

It was all gone yesterday when I was out walking the dogs, enjoying the sun, dry sidewalks, and dry streets around here!!!!

See my neighbor's dirty van? It was clean yesterday!
This snow is not wanted or needed right now!
Not at all!!! 8-(

Heading out to another retreat weekend this Friday, to a wonderful retreat facility!!! I'm looking forward to another good time there, with the ladies I see once a year! It is a 2 hour drive from our city, and the majority of the ladies there are from that area... 8-)

Now, time to see what PhD projects I will bring, or what projects I will begin, and start packing some!
Happy stitchings!

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Sunday Sampler @ Six - Block 10

Half Square Triangles - Optional Settings

The making of this block was fun. I played with the sections for a bit, because they could be laid out in different ways, thus "optional settings" to make different looking blocks...
So this is what I ended up with... 8-)
You can find the first 9 blocks here, and can you believe it!?! I still haven't put blocks 11 and 12 from this 2006 BOM together as of yet!!! I best get to that this week to finish off this "Sunday Sampler" series!! After this BOM, I have another to continue on with my Sunday Sampler posts... 8-)

DH brought me a small gift yesterday...
Does he know me or what!?!
LOL! 8-)
Do you think it could possibly "have" a bigger handle on it!!?!
It's huge!!! Wow!

Hope you all had a great weekend!
Happy stitchings!

5th shop on tour, "Christmas Goose"!

This is my only purchase at the Christmas Goose Quilt Shop! It was about 3:30pm, I was tired, my feet were sore, and I was done for the day... You know that feeling!?! 8-)
I thought this pattern would make cute aprons to add to future shower gifts, AND be worn in the future, when in the family way... lol! 8-)

The shop had loads of patterns to look through, lovely fabrics, I was tempted by the charm packs, but held back, and they had lots of wools and wool patterns. If they would have had a kit for this haunted house pattern I would have bought it to give that a try.
I am allergic to wool, but friends seemed to think the wool product that is used for quilting/small projects may not give me the "rash" I would get from wool blankets and clothing... Normally if I have wool against me I feel very itchy within a minute...

Bathed both the fur-girls and washed all their bedding yesterday, cause I woke to find Ruby had brought up in her kennel in the morning... It was time for a bathing for them anyway!!!
OH JOY!!! 8-/
Now they smell wonderful, and feel so much softer... 8-)

I am aiming to get some stitching/cutting done today, but then my best layed plans don't always come to be...
Thus why I call myself "a sluggish quilter". 8-)

Happy stitchings everyone!

Saturday, March 20, 2010

4th shop on tour, "Nancy's"!

Seems I forgot to post this yesterday!!! I guess I was busy...

Here are my purchases from Nancy's Quilt Shop! Again some fabrics I need, and some other goodies! I've been wanting to get one of these little wall-quilt hangers! 8-)
I have to read up on how to use the new rotary tools/rulers. I think they are what I've been wanting!?! 8-)

DH and I went to look at a "truck and 5th-wheel" combo for sale yesterday. Did a test drive with just the truck. Tis a good deal, but we haven't made up our minds as of yet. We are basically just starting to look at big toys like this... 8-)

Our bridesmaid dress venture on Thursday night was great! What a fun bunch! We took photos while the girls were trying on what seemed like tons of dresses, striking poses and all!!! Apparently what DD2's future MIL did at her daughter's wedding, was make a collage of photos of the bridesmaid dress venture, and taped it up in the ladies washroom at the wedding reception... Fun stuff! Anyway, the girls have the dresses ordered now.

Tis a beautiful sunny day here again! Woohoo!
My 5th shop post will be up tomorrow! 8-)
Happy stitchings!

Thursday, March 18, 2010

3rd shop on tour, "Fabric Boutique" and Sew & Tell

Fabric Boutique is a wonderful Shop!
Lots of fabrics, lots of quilts hanging on the walls, and lots of patterns!!!

Here is what I got there, and the rings, the Texture Magic and 2 of these fabrics are for a bag pattern I ordered from them. It will be coming in the mail, as the owner was expecting more in soon.
Here is a photo of said bag in the shop...
I shall post the pattern when I get it so you will know the name and pattern maker if it interests you... 8-)

I had another Quilter's Connection Mag in the mail when I got home! It has a small Sashiko project in it, which is a method that I have been wanting to try for some time... Just the right size project! 8-)
Only 2 Sew & Tells from last night.

G had this lovely quilt top laying on the table when I walked in. It was a BOM that she took part in last year. I think she said that the blocks are 18" or 20" finished... I forget the name of the pattern... I'd make a lousy news writer!!! 8-/
Edit: It is a Pam Bono Design!
I love G's background fabric!!! Nice job G! 8-)

And here we had Ls' quilt, which I have shown the top before. She is just about done sewing the binding on!
It's lovely! Love the colors! Great job Ls!!! 8-)

Heading out bridesmaid dress shopping with DD2 and her crew tonight. I really don't think they need my input, but the M-I-L to be, and her girls are all going, so it will be a nice opportunity to to meet the girls and get to know them all... 8-)

DD1 is in Wisconsin with her betrothed doing home renos on his Grandmother's old farm house. Lots of work to be done apparently. DH and I will be going down that way some time in April to meed DD1's future in-laws, see the farm, and the home they are fixing us to live in...

Next shop's eye candy tomorrow!
Happy stitchings!

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

2nd shop on tour, "Quiltique"!

Quiltique was a lovely shop! Pretty big too!

They had the Swirly Girls Design "French Garden" up on the wall there, with kits and the pattern under it. I wasn't getting the kit, I knew, but I kept going back to the pattern. "should I get it, or shouldn't I?"... Well, this photos speaks to what I ended up doing! 8-)
The Turtle pincushion I grabbed from a basket on the check out counter. DD2 loves turtles, so how could I not get it!?!

The fabrics, well, they are some that I needed...

Another beautiful sunny day here!
Going to my Crescentwood gathering tonight. I have to show off my eye candy to the ladies as I it is always a must when any of us do some retail therapy! lol!
I've got my Row Robin piece done and ready to go! Whew.... thank goodness!!! I am looking forward to seeing what row project I come home with, for me to add a row to, for next exchange of project boxes... Too bad I can't show you! This is going to drive me nuts! lol! 8-)

Now that I have done my row, I will have time to catch up on all of you... Thank goodness for that too, as I am anxious to see what you've all been up to!
I have peeked in on some of you... 8-)

I may have some Sew & Tell for you tomorrow!
Happy stitchings!

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

First shop on tour, "Fiddlesticks"!

I must say, I did not take any photos inside the shops because we only had about 45 minutes in each. Some of the shop owners do not like photos taken anyway, though in one shop I asked if I could take a photo of a bag they had hanging there (since I bought the pattern that is to be mailed to me due to non in stock, but more were on order...)
You can check out their websites for shop photos...

Our first stop on the tour brought us to Fiddlestitcks Quilt Shop, in Boulder Nevada, which is just outside Las Vegas. It was a lovely drive through some of the surounding mountains of Vegas... The shop was a lovely mid sized shop with wonderful eye candy!!!
This is what I came away with from there... 8-)
Not much, cause I had 4 more shops to visit, plus I was only looking for what I needed...?... well, the heart fabric wasn't a need, it was calling to me! 8-)
The sun is shining and, what I assume is Momma Bunny, is enjoying it's warmth...
The snow has and is melting fast since we left for our trip on the 7th, and everything looks so dirty right now... But it is lovely weather out there! Time to walk the fur-girls! 8-)

Right now I am working on my row for our city group's Row Robin Project. I had 6 weeks to work on it, and here I am doing it the day before it is due!!! Such is how life in 2010 has been so far... 8-(
I can't show you photos of this project because all 9 of us agreed for it to be a secret from each other till we are done. No one knows who's project they will be working on throughout the time either, so it will all be a surprize in the end... 8-)
I'm thinking that will be in Spring 2011 sometime, and then I will have 9 Row Robin Projects to show you!!! 8-)
More eye candy from the next shop tomorrow!
Happy stitchings!

Monday, March 15, 2010

The Las Vegas Tour... & PhDs...

First I have to say, we couldn't believe how much of our snow had melted while we were gone!!! A healthy 18" plus (40-50cm) deep of snow disappeared in our back yard, and we now see a lot of our brownish grass... Evidence of our "under the deck rabbits" around too... 8-)
Dog walking weather! Woohoo! 8-)
The Tour Van... et moi, with first purchase of eye candy... 8-)
I highly recommend doing this tour when you are in Vegas!
Here is the link with the info for the tour...
Here is the page (on the tour info site) with the links to the 5 shops we visited...

Our tour gal/owner, Susan, is a lovely lady.
You can read how this tour came to be.
Susan explained what shop was next as we traveled, and what we could look forward to seeing there, as well as other interesting tidbits around Vegas.

Each shop gave a discount because you are on "the tour", and a few gave coupons for Susan to pass on to us before entering their shops, for even more discounts. We even received little gifts from a couple of the shop owners upon entering their shops too... 8-)

Lunch was also part of the tour. Susan treated us with a lovely lunch at specialty a Soup and Salad restaurant. Yum!!! 8-)Also on the tour with friend Wk and I, was Judy from...?... San Diego? I think it was - W will correct me... if she can remember...lol! Judy goes to Vegas every year, has for years, to meet up with her college friends for a week, and she always takes in the tour with Susan.
We met Vonda, from Maple Creek Saskatchewan. She has been to Vegas numerous times, and always tours with Susan when there also. Vonda owns the Cat's Meow Quilts & Gifts shop in Saskatchewan. I shall have to check that out if ever I am out that way...
Lovely ladies to spend the day with! 8-)

More tomorrow!

PS: Now, has anyone finished up some more PhDs while I was gone? Please let me know... 8-)

I'm baaaaaacccccccckkkkkk....

Hi y'all!!!
Yes I am back from our trip to Las Vegas!
We had a great time with friends W & J, and had a wonderful home away from home (with 3 TVs in our 5 star suite! Big wowzers!!!)
We saw 3 shows (The Jersey Boys, The Blue Man Group, and The Beatles "Love" Cirque du Soleil)...

We did lots of walking and looking around, up and down "the strip", and boy are my feet glad to be home...
OUCH! 8-/
I bought trinkets and souvenirs, and...
Lots of "eye candy" that will fit nicely in with my "stash"!! Wink! 8-)
Yup! I did the Quilt Tour!
Five shops!!! 8-)
My friend W surprized me with a gift of "the tour" as an early 50th B-Day prezzie!!!
Before the trip I had decided to forgo the "tour", and only visit 1 or 2 shops on my own while in Vegas.
What a surprize indeed!!! What a wonderful friend! W even went on the tour with me!!! She doesn't quilt... What a trouper!!!
Thanks W!!! You are so special to me! 8-)

I will post that "eye candy" I bought all this week... Promise!!!
I am also hoping to get some blog visits in this week too... 8-)

Happy stitchings!

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Sunday Sampler @ Six - Block 9

Another scheduled post...

Fifty Four - Forty
Other 8 blocks from this BOM can be seen here...

I will be "just home" from our trip to Vegas as this post comes up...

Happy stitchings!

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Sunday Sampler @ Six - Block 8

Four Star - Directional Triangles
You can see the first 7 blocks of this BOM here, and the story behind it...

Happy stitchings!

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Comfort quilt for Delia...

Just had to quickly share this with you all....
Four from our city group went out to visit our dear friend Delia, and present her with our group effort comfort quilt especially made for her!!!
Our Dl and Jr did the majority of the work by putting this quilt top together, the quilting, and binding it.
Thanks ladies!!!
God bless! 8-)

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Awesome Entertainment!

Here is an awesome entertainment video!
The Ross Sisters!
Do watch past their Potato Salad song for their awesome, flexible, gymnastic moves!
Just had to share this....
Enjoy! 8-)