Wednesday, June 30, 2010

June 30th, 2010!!!
We made it!!! The Challenge is done! 8-)

The time has gone by way to fast for me with everything that is going on around here!!! As you recall, I had to bow out of my own challenge due to my dear darling daughters throwing 2 engagements/weddings into the year just a week "AFTER" I put the challenge out there.... 8-/
I am glad I got ONE quilt done though!!! 8-)

Any participants have a PhD finish to report yet?
Check my right hand sidebar of my blog to make sure I have the correct "finished" numbers for you.

A giveaway draw for the PhD participants will take place tomorrow evening around 7pm my time...
Putting up a post today with your PhD finishes (photos) in it will have something to do with the giveaway...
I will be looking at your blogs tonight... 8-)
Prizes will be fabric and a pattern...
Possibly 2 prize draws too yet! 8-)

Sorry I wasn't as attentive as I had hoped to be during these past 6 months... Daughters' weddings!!! lol! 8-)

A busy day for me today, so I will check in (emails & blogs) later tonight! 8-)
Thanks for participating ladies!

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

The Social Evening

The engaged couples...
Mr Farmer, DD1, DD2, MrRose...

The Silent Auction tables... 17 + 3 grand prizes...
DS, my mother, and MrFarmer in the photo...

This Lottery Tree made it to the auction table after I took the first photo...
A friend of mine won it, and I am waiting to hear if she won anything from it... 8-)

DD1 & MrFarmer, during the intro first dance...

... and DD2 & MrRose, during the intro first dance...

... and DH & I...

This is the 36-foot Subway-sandwich donated by DD2's bosses for the evening lunch...
A lot of the peoples' eyes went wide when it was carried in, in 12-foot sections... It got eaten up fast! 8-)

My family surprized me with 2 large birthday cakes, that was enjoyed by all...
My big 50th b-day tomorrow... yikes!
A chocolate, and a white cake! Delicious!!!
Thanks guys! 8-)

A great time was had by all, and the security guys had nothing to concern themselves with at all with our whole bunch...

Success, and a great social fund-raiser for both couples...

To our family and friends, we thank you all for your contributions and support! 8-)
DH left for Wisconsin with MrFarmer yesterday, to help with more work on the farmhouse for a while, and I'm still trying to catchup on my sleep from the weekend... 8-)

Up next, Bridal Showers, and continual work on the wedding quilts... sigh...

I will do an update post for the PhD Challenge tonight...


Saturday, June 26, 2010

Saturday Sampler @ Six... Block 7... plus...

I don't think I mentioned, but perhaps you've gathered from my photos, that I'll be putting these blocks on point when I put the quilt top together....

Block 7 - Tumbling Blocks

You can view the previously posted blocks from this BOM here...
I've been busy with my adult children all week long...
Not much time for my interests... or the computer...
Family comes first!
*DS was here Sunday to Wednesday. His first love heartbreak... I feel for him... 8-(
*DD1 here most of the week, and then stayed Wednesday to today/tomorrow. MrFarmer got here Fridat night. DD1 had the flu since Sunday. Brought her to hospital on Thursday. Needed fluids and meds put into her by IV... Finally today she feels somewhat normal thank goodness!
*DD2 here every day to get things ready for the Social evening too... All the prizes were in our basement... LOTS of work!!!

*We just learned that my Dad needs surgery ASAP on his neck/spine.
Can anything more be put on our plate this year!!!?!

As you finish reading this post I will have cut up these 2L jars of pickles for the Social...
Someone needed to do it! 8-)
I shall take lots of photos at the Social to share...

Hope you are all having a great weekend!
Sorry I haven't had time for much blog visiting...
Hopefully next week! 8-)

Friday, June 25, 2010

Found our blogging G!

A blogging friend went missing a while back, but after an email to her, and a redirection, I am following her once again!
You'll figure out who she is if you were one that was following her before... 8-)
G has 2 posts up on her new blog now...
Go to this first post here!
View her slide-show and you will know you found her... 8-)

Welcome back G!!! 8-)
Many of us missed you!

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Kiddy Coloring Bags

Today I made these 2 mesh bags to go with 2 "Kiddie Pack" prizes for our daughters' wedding fundraiser. We call these fundraisers "Socials" here.
Manitoba Canada, has been having Socials for as long as I can remember. This is not something that all the Canadian provinces do.
A big facility is rented, and friends and family buy tickets to attend in support... There is music/dancing, silent auction tables, drinking, and merriment! This event is meant to raise funds for the wedding, for the couple that is getting married... In our case it is 2 Socials in one...

One more bag to make tomorrow. A lady's tote...

Happy stitchings!!

Another gorgeous quilt....

Another gorgeous machine embroidered quilt that was hanging in the Kelowna Quilt Shop (mentioned in yesterday's post)...Lots of embroidery stitching done on this one too! Even in the sashing!
Click on the photo for a close up! You may even click on the larger photo to enlarge even more...

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Inspiration & PhD 7 Day Count Down...

How is this quilt for inspiration!?!
Machine embroidery (something I've never tried) and applique... Click on the image for a closer look! 8-)
This is a gorgeous quilt that was hanging in the shop I visited in Kelowna.
"Linda's Quilt Shoppe"
Not much to see on their website, but if you are ever in Kelowna, I would definitely recommend visiting this shop... Credit card in hand... An easy 2 to 3 hour visit!!! 8-)

They have many a yummy fabric bolts to look through, and have a big classroom setting, through a hallway in the back...
Lots of wonderful quilts hanging everywhere!!! 8-)

Tomorrow, if time allows, I shall post the quilt to the left of this one on the photo...
Another awe inspiring creation!!!
Tis the start of the PhD, "7-days left", count down to the challenge finally date of June 30th!!!
For those participating in the challenge, I mentioned in this post, that I'd be having a giveaway for the participants of this challenge listed in my sidebar. More on that next Monday...

Participants; Would it be too much to ask each of you to do a post, to pop up on June 30th, featuring a photo of each of your PhD Challenge finishes? No need for a big write up... I will then link to each of them in my July 1st post for other bloggers to visit and "wow" at your wonderful finishes...

I had hope to finish at least 1 more PhD myself, but alas, it was not meant to be... Up to my earlobes in Socials, Showers, Weddings, life, family, and 2 queen size wedding quilts...
2011 can't come soon enough!!! lol! 8-)

Happy stitchings!

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Saturday Sampler @ Six... Block 6

Block 6 - Lover's Knot
I know it isn't the true Lover's knot, but that is what this block was called on the BOM pattern page...
You can view all the blocks posted so far right here...

Still getting back into "home mode" from my brief trip...

Happy stitchings!

Friday, June 18, 2010

I'm back...

... On home turf! 8-)

My mother and I flew out to Kelowna BC for a few days. We had a 3 hour stop over in Calgary AB, where cousin Joey (photo), and a few of her family members, came to the airport... Thanks for meeting us for a coffee visit Joey!
It was great seeing you all! 8-)

In Kelowna, we visited my Great Aunt, and visited/stayed with cousin Thea and her family for a couple of days. Auntie is 95 years young, and doing quite well actually. Her only issues are physical, which frustrates her to no end, but I think she is managing great for a woman of her delicate age, as long as she remembers to use her walker!!! 8-)

Four of us went for a lunch outing which Auntie really enjoyed. I'm so glad she was up to going, and feel so blessed having been able to see her... 8-)

In the photos are cousin Thea, Auntie Riek, and Mom. To the right is Thea's cute little fur-boy Bailey! He is a smart little cookie! 8-)

I even learned a new card game while at Thea's!
The card game Wizard! It was great fun and I will be playing it again!!! 8-)

This is Thea's lovely backyard.
Her husband Barrie is a great gardener!
Thea even brought me to this quilt shop!
It was a wonderful place and the fabrics were gorgeous!!! A wonderful assortment!!! I could love this shop if I were to move there! 8-)

This is a shop sample. They ran out of this pattern. 8-(
It looks simple enough to figure out! Yup!

Another shop sample. "Riding the Waves" Designed by Castilleja Cotton.
I bought this pattern. 8-)
I shall show you other photos from this quilt shop in the next few days...

I also bought this gorgeous fabric with something in mind to make!
(Paulette, can you guess?)

Kelowna is a wonderful city with it's lovey mountains around it! I wouldn't mind retiring there some day!!! (Yup friend Wendy! Another place to ponder for the future...) 8-)

We had a lovely visit to/in Kelowna!
Thanks so much for the great hospitality and fun Thea!
You are a really great caregiver for your mother there!
Take care of the caregiver! 8-)

Time to go buy a Lotto Max ticket!!!

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Saturday Sampler @ Six... Block 5

Block 5 - Grandmother's Flower Garden
Hand-pieced and appliqued...
You can find the first 4 blocks and the story behind this BOM here...
Another thing I bought on our "day trip" the other day...
A four stretch repeat piece...
My Ruby-Booby-Fur-Girl... Good shot that my bro took! 8-)

Has anyone else noticed that Gina's blog Quilting in the Valleys has disappeared? I am saddened by that discovery... No explanation for it either... Just gone... I certainly do hope she is alright...
Getting to know Gina through blogging has been such fun. She is such a talented and creative lady, with what seems from her posts, like a wonderful and fun personality!!!
Does anyone know what happen to our blogging friend?
Can you fill us in?

Till next week, take care & happy stitchings!!! 8-)

Friday, June 11, 2010

It's been a full week...

It has been a week... a long week...
Not much time, need, or desire for posting and blog visits... Sadly, next week already looks pretty much the same...
DH with car problems 2 hours west of the city (2 day fishing trip). Me, car problems in the city (couldn't go anywhere cause van ready to die on me)... Hubby brought it to the service station this morning... I sure hope there is a new vehicle or 2 in our near future!
Lotto Max pleassssssseeee.... 8-)

A dear uncle in the hospital, DH going golfing for a week, party planning, an unexpected trip
(anyone know of a quilt shop in Kelowna BC?),
parents, the adult kids, wedding plans and quilts in different stages of progress, and the list goes on...

Pardon my absence this past week & this coming week...
I have seen all kinds of quilts with "box" blocks over the last while, so I doodled and played with pencil and paper some, for sanity sake...

I think this will get made into a quilt... soon! 8-)

My Wonky Bits group did a retail day trip yesterday. It was a lovely day in the country, much needed fun!

Two towns, 2 wonderful quilt shop visits, a great lunch stop, and an afternoon teashop stop! Whoopee!!!
Here is a photo of the wonderful damage to my credit card... 8-)I have to remind myself next time, to look for more fabrics that read as solid colors...That is where my stash is lacking...

I leave you with a photo of Ruby, which I haven't featured in a while...
DH is holding her here. She is such a snuggle bug! 8-)

Happy stitchings all!

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Saturday Sampler @ Six... Block 4

Block 4 - North Star
Notice that one diamond is missing? There should be 8 points! I hand pieced it, and had no room for the 8th one... ? Go figure...? lol! 8-)
You can see the first 3 blocks and the story behind this BOM here...
Answer to yesterdays question:
If you guessed that it is a key from the old "attach to your shoes roller-skates", then you are correct!!! Don't know where my skates ended up, but I found the key in my childhood tackle box... You know? The guys had all their fishing gear out for last weeks fishing venture, so DH dug out my tackle box at my request... All my tackle was rusty... Hadn't been used in years!!! lol!

Here is a link to our Canadian "Quilter's Connection" magazine (photo of it in previous post). Check out all the headings as you may find something there for you! 8-)

DS, with what looks like bed head hair, with one of the many large fish that the gang caught... Would that be a meal for 4 to 5? 8-)
What am I up to?
- I did my row for my city group's "Secret" Row Robin Project. 9 participants... I will have to be patient to get mine back... it won't happen till February 2011... That is when I can reveal all the rows I did, and the 9 quilt tops when they are done...
- I need to get pieces cut out and ready for a class I'm going to in mid-June...A Christmas table topper... Like I need to take a class? NOT! But I've been wanting to join my ladies in a class with this teacher, Marie Minaudier, so now is as good as ever!
- I need to make a bags and a few more items for the silent action table, for at my daughters' Social fundraiser...
- I need to quilt DD1's wedding quilt...
- and I need to get cracking on DD2's wedding quilt!

Happy stitchings!

Friday, June 4, 2010

This and That

It came! It came! Woohoo! 8-)
My magazine!
In it, and on the cover, is blogging friend Marlene's "Canadian Gardens" quilt/pattern...

Blogger Krista, whom I've found this week, is published in this magazine! In the article, her friend/teacher Dianne Stevenson.

There is even an article by well known Pippa Moore.
Question: In the upper right hand corner of the photo, does anyone recognize what that odd looking gray thing is? Will see if any of you can guess! 8-)
Do check out this new Halloween Row by Row BOM by Fat Cat Patterns! It's wonderful! 8-)

Have a great weekend everyone! 8-)