Wednesday, May 7, 2008

A Groggy Wednesday Morning....

I had another productive sewing day yesterday, though it got interrupted with having to make supper. Why does the family need to eat! Can't they see I am on a roll!!!
Got my boarders on the nature/anniversary quilt for my bro and his wife, though I am now thinking, "how safe will this wall-quilt be with their cats?"... I shouldn't even think about it! Anyway, I just have to machine applique the pieces now, baste, quilt, and bind. (I was to going to put a photo here, but it seems that that photo, and a few others were saved "in camera" and I don't know how to get them out!!! Will have to wait for my sonny-boy to come home and help me. Maybe tomorrow?) I also got my backing put together for my Sunflower quilt, in order to baste the layers at Wonky Bits tomorrow. ( Photo?)
I am soooo impressed with myself!!! If you know me, you know that I work at a snails pace usually. I seem to work better under the pressure of a due date!! Mind you, I had also placed a condition on myself that I had to get at least 6 UFOs done and out of the way, and then I would deserve to buy myself a new sewing machine...a Pfaff!!!

Guess what I went and bought this afternoon!!!! Woohoo!!! A Pfaff 2056!!! Been waiting a whole year for this baby!!! And I deserve it!!! Don't we all at some point!
My Kenmore served me well for the last 20 years.... It will be my back up for a while, and perhaps end up in daughter #2's posession at some point. Daughter #1 got a new machine for grad a few years back.

Learning to use this new Pfaff will take me many hair-pulling hours I am sure to figure out, but once I do.... I 'll be a motoring!!!

I shall sleep well knowing Pfaffy is in the house. 8-) Lord knows I need the sleep!!!

Nighty night!

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