Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Quilt gathering night!

Yahoo...we had some show & tells tonight! Eleven quilters came to the community club tonight.

This is Sw's lovely Bag she made at a class. She is also a new quilter... Nice job Sw! 8-)

Next we have 3 Halloween wall-quilts that Pg brought just because of my last post, mentioning show & tell... Wasn't that nice of her?! Thanks Pg!!! 8-) Your wall-quilts are adorable!!!

This is N's creation she atarted at a class... Apparently it is all done with Polyesters... Very cool seeing it in person. That is going to look gorgeous on a wall!!! Nice work N!

This little lovely is being made by Jr. She had been making yo-yos for a while now, but not all for this project... Isn't it pretty? 8-)

This is what Dk was completing tonight for a Project Linus donation. Finishing off the binding.
Easy on the eyes... 8-)

Dk made this for a family gift. Family names were labeled on the snow-men's scarves. Original pattern only had 4 heads... 8-)

I was talking about my UFOs tonight, and Dk says that when family members refer to all her incomplete projects she tells them that she is working on her PHD (Projects Half Done), instead of UFOs... Thought that was cute... I think I will use it! 8-)

This is J's "Puzzle" quilt that she has been working on lately. Cute stuff hey? Nice job J! 8-)

And lastly, we have Frosty and Santa finger puppets that one of Vf's friends made for her... They are adorable! 8-)


Quilter Going Bananas said...

Good time was had by all tonight!

Joyce said...

You are a talented bunch of ladies.

Anonymous said...

Great show! When I read posts like this one, I almost feel as if I had been there with the gang. And its so nice to see finished projects; keeps me motivated.

Hazel said...

Oh I think I have to have that snowman quilt ,what a cute idea to put family names on .

Berglind said...

Thanks for sharing, I love a good show and tell... and those finger puppets!! just adorable :)

Annet said...

Lovely quilts! I'm working on the scarecrow. One of these days I will show it on my blog.