Monday, October 6, 2008

My choices for the unusual award... 8-)

Katherine of Quilter Going Bananas
We have quilted together once a week for about 2 years now, and I know that Katherine has a good sense of humor, does lovely quilt-works, and has a really nice blog. You must pay her a visit! 8-)

Marlene of Sipiweske Quilt Designs
Another gal with a good sense of humor! Marlene designs quilts. She has several wonderful patterns out now, and is working on a few more...being very secretive about it too..... 8-) Marlene has some very interesting information and photos from some of her local travels... I have learned quite a bit from that! Go have a look and see! 8-)

Lise of Lise's Bits and Pieces
I definitely know that Lise has a good sense of humor just from her blog entries, and some of the emails we send back and forth! She does wonderful quilt-works, and posts some really great photos of nature and such! Right now she is homeless, as in waiting for the possession date for her new home soon. Of course she is staying with family right now... Go check out her blog! 8-)

Gina of Quilting in the Valleys
Does have a good sense of humor! You can tell reading her posts about Stanley, and some of the mishaps her family or herself have come across... She is adventuresome in her creations, and does lovely quilt-works too! Just this past weekend Gina posted a tutorial for an awesome book cover. Pop on over for a visit! 8-)

Lilly of Lilly's Stuff
What can I say, I get a kick out of Lilly! Just the way she words things, especially in emails, I feel like she is right there a talkin'! A definite sense of humor, and she does some very lovely stitch-works!!! I have been some worried about her because she hasn't blogged for quite a while...not like her I don't think...she hasn't answered any emails either... Can anyone tell me that things are OK with her?
Check out Lilly's blog, she has many links to great blogs in her posts... 8-)


Quilter Going Bananas said...

Thanks Myra!

Gina said...

THank You

Love and hugs Gina xxx

Isabella said...

I have been worried about lily too Ive sent Emails not not had answers iether and like you said thats not like lily, could it be her back ??remember she hurt it.

Lilly said...

Thank you for the award, Myra. I am glad to know you think I am ugly enought to deserve it. LOL. I will post about the lovely award on my blog tomorrow.

Lise said...

Awe, thank you Myra..I'm blushing LOL.....

Luv Ya