Wednesday, October 15, 2008

City quilt gathering night!

Well, it was a fairly uneventful evening...Only 5 gals out of twenty-something showed up, and sadly, no show and tell for you tonight... good thing because I forgot my camera at home anyway! We had a good time though! It's not how many show, but how much fun we still can have! 8-)

I think there was some confusion. Usually the 3rd Wednesday of the month we can't meet due to the community club holds a meeting in the room we use, but earlier in the week we learned that the meeting will be held next week instead, so I think that is why there were only 5 of us present tonight. Other plans were made by some... 8-(

Since I think that all posts should really have a photo, I thought I would share what you would see if you came into my living-room at any given time in the mornings... (Did I mention I don't really do mornings?) At my computer, with a cup of Java right by my mouse, and me in the chair that leans back like a recliner, I accommodate two 16-20 pound dogs! The bigger one on my lap, and the smaller one on my chest... Ya I know! They walk all over me, but we are all quite content to sit like this for a while... 8-)

OH! Just took another photo for posting...8-) In looking for something else, I found the fur girl's seasonal trinkets, so just had to snap a photo.

Ruby is ready for Christmas and loves prancing with the bells, and Dora is ready for Halloween, but not too happy about it. DD2 there, just got the keys for her new apartment today. I went with her to check it out. Not bad... It is a fairly old apartment, but will provide all the the girl's need. DH and DS will help DD2 move her belongings this weekend, and when DD1 is back from her trip out east at the end of the month, they will get her stuff moved in too... OH happy day!!! 8-)
Doing the happy dance here.... 8-)

I do plan on being in my sewing room tomorrow in order to do that tutorial for you this weekend...

One more thing, Julie of Provincial Patch is celebrating her 100th post with a giveaway... Do go and check it out! She has some wonderful creations on her blog!


Julie said...

Thanks for the plug Myra. I love the girl's seasonal trinkets al though I guess they could get slightly annoying after a while for dog and owner!

Anonymous said...

Love the picture of the dogs on you while you're on the computer. I'm usually in the same position, with my cat on my lap while I type and read.

Lurline's Place said...

Myra - you are such a good girl! Your blog is so up to date and with it and still you have time to share with your puppies -it is always a pleasure to visit!
Hugs - Lurline.

Lilly said...

Myra, your doggies look very comfy. You are a good mommy, but do you think you may be spoiling them a bit? I hope your daughters enjoy life in thier new apartment. I moved out when I was eighteen. Moved back after 2 weeks. I found out that I had it really good at home and my Mom was a great cook! Thanks for your comment about my gourds and yes, I did paint them myself. I will be sure to show you the Noah's Ark project when it is finished.