Thursday, January 8, 2009

Twas a Wonky Bits day today!

Last night was our first Wednesday night quilt gathering of the year, and I ended up staying home due to very little sleep the night before (only 4 hours). BUT today, I did make it to our first Wonky Bits gathering of the year!

Not much Show & Tell, but lots of talking, AND we discussed the possibility of having a quilt retreat! Boy I'm going to have retreat planning coming out of my ears soon! LOL! But I don't mind, just as long as we can find a good date. I already have two planned/booked. One for February and one in May, and a annual retreat to for me to attend in March, so I don't want to plan another too close to the others... Takes a week to recuperate you know!! Wink-wink! 8-)

The first photo above is Pg's Christmas table topper. The binding was completed today. She's all set for Christmas '09... 8-)

The next 3 photos are of Pd's traveling display wall. The outside of it is made of a nylon windbreaker fabric, and the display side is flannel. All pieces are from her stash. It measures about 60"x80", folds in 4 for easy travel, has loops for hanging lengthwise or widthwise, and has zippers to remove the foam board for washing. Our Pd is a very inventive/creative lady! 8-)

The Disappearing 9-Patch blocks on the display wall are Pd's. We were all playing with them at some point... You know! Our 2 cents worth... 8-)

Yesterday we had the Plumbing and Heating guys over to do some work on our furnace. We had to turn the temp way down so it wouldn't kick in, thus it got a tad chilly so I brought out our little electric heater. Ruby really liked it!!! It was VERY warm that close, but she would not stay any further back... in fact she kept creeping closer yet! Silly little fur-girl!!! 8-)

If you haven't seen enough challenges, BOMs, or swaps, hop on over to Anne's blog "Bunny Tails" to check out her BOM. The first month's pattern is adorable, as I am thinking the rest will be! 8-)

Pop on over to Rachel's blog "P.S. I Quilt" to check out her Calender Quilt Challenge. She also has the link there to Pat Sloan's blog, and a link to the book with that project. If you scroll to the bottom of that page you will find a photo and brief description.

And just remembered one more! There is an adorable "Seasons of the Heart" BOM, shared by Sandi, on her blog, A Legacy of Stitches.

Found something really neat on Finn's blog yesterday that I thought I could try sometime... Here is the link to the post of interest. Here are some links to more of this strip-scrap quilt top. One, Jane's "Sew Create It", explains how it is put together on her Dec 16 post, and the other, Libby's "A Simple Girl", gives a suggestion for mapping your quilting year with this method on the Dec 12th post...

You think I have enough links in this post?! Sheesh! I hope I have the right links with the right paragraph!!! 8-/

I forgot to wish all our Ukrainian friends/bloggers a Merry Christmas yesterday!! I hope you all had an enjoyable day with your families! Next week their New Year starts! 8-)


Hazel said...

Thanks for sharing all those great links I have started two of them and one from here http://ajpadilla.com/patterns/bom/country-cups/2009-country-cups-january
I just love tea cups so I couldnt pass it up .

Quilter Going Bananas said...

I'm so confused, I thought WB was next Thursday? Looks like you had a good time, lots of chatter just like it was last night at CCC. We did miss you though...

em's scrapbag said...

Lots of fun things going on in blogland now. Thanks for the links for a few more. Looks like fun playing with the DNP.

Lurline's Place said...

Lots of retreats to look forward to - that's great - I love them!
Hugs - Lurline♥

Guðrún said...

Ruby must hate wintertime.

Faith said...

I loved reading your blog and wow all the want to do lists are endless we all have them. Looks like you had a great time there with the group I wish there was a group near here like that.