Thursday, January 1, 2009

Plans for 2009...

First day of 2009. The hustle bustle of the Christmas season and the last day of 2008 are now behind us. Finally January is here! It is time to make plans for 2009.

Beyond my thoughts to work on my PHD (Projects Half Done), meaning, to make about 3 quilt tops into fully finished quilts and to get my avoided hand-quilting quilt done, I also have new projects in mind, and have to think about the "Pay It Forward" commitment I made on Dec 7th.

A while back Lurline and I and discussed doing a PIF swap with each other if we didn't get enough volunteers for each our PIF. Though the volunteers are here now, Lurline and I both happily agreed to still do a swap with each other, to be done sometime in the new year, as with the rules of Pay It Forward. 8-)

So, I now have 4 projects to make. One for Jenny, Elizabeth, Julie, and now Lurline... All going to be sent Down Under... Down Under... Maybe I will have to make a special delivery to each myself! lol... If only I could!!! 8-)

*Julie and Lurline, if you could email me your snail mail addresses I would be very thankful. 8-)

DS is moving out this coming weekend. The last birdie to leave the nest (though again for him). DD2 was actually the "last to really fly away" in October. She is enjoying her full independence now, with her big sister at her side... 8-) So, it will only be DH, myself, and the 2 fur-girls living here... It will be strange, but nice and quiet... somewhat... "If" I can only get DH to stop making snarky comments at the
commercials on TV and when I'm watching something enjoyable to me!!! And he knows how much "that" bothers me!!! Anyone else have that problem? 8-/

Heading out to my parents for a New Year visit soon... May post tonight yet. 8-)


Quilt Pixie said...

when you get to looking at the costs of ailing, if everything is going to Australia, you might want to explore the possibility of sending one large parcel to one person with extra goodies to cover the costs of them mailing the others "locally"... ;-)

Guðrún said...

I should also work on my hand quilting, I haven´t looked at it for several weeks.

Happy New Year Myra.

Kerri said...

No kids at home, more time for craft work????
Have a great time at your parents.

Lurline's Place said...

Oh, I'm looking forward to lots of gift-giving/swapping in 2009, so musn't get too serious about big projets! Have a few to finish off and will then just plod along having fun with littlies! Buy DH a tele of his own - he's probably too old to teach new tricks!
Hugs - Lurline♥

LiaL said...

Happy New Year, Myra. We had a quiet one at home - in bed early as usual.

Maybe the next time R is watching one of his favorite shows on TV, you can make the type of comments that he would make so he can experience your frustration. perhaps he just doesn't understand how you feel? Around here it is no problem - B watches TV downstairs and I'm upstairs --- definitely not a solution to your problem that I would recommend!

Julie said...

Lets know when you are coming so I can make up the spare room Myra :-)
Have sent you my snail mail today. Can't wait to see what you make all us Aussie girls.

Dorothy said...

Happy New Year to you too Myra.
We've still got one DS at home, and it doesn't look like he's in any hurry to move! I would love to be able to turn his bedroom into my sewing room! lol