Saturday, January 24, 2009

More of Hexagon Tutorial...

*** I forgot to mention in my past instruction that you only sew on the lines, end to end. You don't sew to the end of your piece of fabric, as you will have problems with pressing out your seams later... ***

Please read through all instructions before continuing... 8-)

Now it is time to add a 3rd hexagon...

Photo 1.)
The thread/needle from the first 2 sewn together sits in the middle of the 3. We then line up the new hex with the first that we started with.

Photo 2.)
Match pin your stitch lines in the same manner as you did the first two hexagons.

Photo 3.)
Check the back to make sure everything lines up properly. Some fudging may need to happen.

*** Please remember to; do 2 back stitches at starts and stops of each hexagon; when you are picking up your 4 to 6 stitches to peak at the back to make sure you are on track; and to back stitch about every 3/4" as you sew... ***

Photo 4.)
You've finished your second stitch line. You many snip your thread leaving a 3/4 to 1" tail, or leave it hang there to pick up later. If you do this, you will need to take up another thread to sew the third seam to complet
e this unit, and carry on as with the first two seams...

Photo 5.)
At times, you may need to pass your needle through a seam to carry on with the next block... **
* An example of this below. ***

Photo 6.)
Here I am connecting large sections. Working on the orange hexagon.

Photo 7.)
I've come to the end of that seam.

Photo 8 & 9.)
I pass my needle through a cross seam to the next hexagon at the corner marking. Now you have to twist your hex groupings to match up for the next seam. {Check out this post at the booboo I made when not having worked on it for a while. You don't want to do this!} Now I carry on with my pinning and stitching...

Please notify me if there are any errors in my instructions, or if you are having difficulty...

Later today I will make a post to show you some hex groupings, and how the seams should be pressed for a nice flat quilt top...

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Betweens said...

Oh my look at all those lovely hexagons!! Great tutorial!! Myra thanks for stopping by. I love your furbabies they are darling they do keep you laughing don't they?? and yes always underfoot.