Wednesday, January 21, 2009

One Show & Tell

It was a confusing Wednesday night gathering, but it was there...sort of... halved actually... 8-/

There was one Show & Tell for the evening, but in hind sight I could have taken some photos of the gals making gift bags for the ladies that come up for International Day at MPQ in April. That is when the Grand Forks Guild comes up to spend a day with our Manitoba Guild, and shop. It is their turn this year. Next year MPQ goes to GFs for the day...

The quilt pictured here is Sd's creation. Her and her hubby made it for the table auction at the community club's fund-raising carnival. Sd's hubby does all the cutting, and she does all the sewing... What a team hey!?! Lovely quilt Sd!!! 8-)

Seeing lots of stitcheries and cross-stitch projects lately got me to thinking about something I started a very, very long time ago. Before children blessed our lives, before marriage even!!! I don't even recall what parts I did, but DH finished the majority of it when DD2 was born... I think it is more his project then mine! I am planning to make it into a small wall-quilt... 8-)

Tonight I did some more hand stitching on my scrap hex units. I did it correctly this time, so now "unstitching" to do! 8-) It will end up a VERY scrappy quilt. It has fabrics in there from leftovers of clothes/items I made our children when they were young. Some hexes are even from well worn clothing. I guess it will kind of be a memory quilt... 8-)

This is some goodies that I received from Pg tonight. They had a fund-raiser of sorts at the MPQ Guild meeting Tuesday night, where everyone bid on donated bags of UFO blocks, used magazines and patterns, scraps/pieces of fabric, thread, whatever a person chose to put in that they will never use... Pg had no use for these few items from her bag... I'm hoping that the colors used in the poinsettias match a boarder print I have... 8-)

Tomorrow is our Wonky Bits day. We are having our New Year's Pot-Luck, and I am planning to get 2 quilts sandwiched while there... That's the plan... and get some more of my hexagons joined up...

You must check out the blog "Don't Look Now". Awesome eye candy there!


Lurline said...

Wow - great to see you are into the hexies, too, Myra!
Hugs - Lurline♥

belinda said...

I love that pinkish quilt in the top photo....it's lovely isn't it!