Tuesday, January 27, 2009

New Computer Coming... 8-)

Second post today... 8-)

Hello to all my wonderful blogging, non-blogging, quilting, non-quilting friends!!! 8-)

I am sooooo very happy and excited! We went out and bought our new computer yesterday!!! Woohoo!!! It should be ready for pick-up by the weekend... 8-)

No more ancient Windows '98!!! Ya you read that right... We were still working from Windows '98... it was working for us, but now everything about our computer is old... 11 years old, and it was time to get "more" with the program!!! Notice I only said "more" with the program? That is because we are having the new comp set up with Microsoft Windows XP Professional Edition... I've heard that I would probably be more happy with it, than the most current... 8-)

Yahoo! Yippee!!! Wonderful!!!! 8-)

Fur-Girls at play...on my foot! 8-)


Quilter Going Bananas said...

Oh Boy! A New Toy! Windows XP is better than Vista. You'll have fun with it!

BTW love all the pics you've posted for your hexes tutorial. As a visual learner myself I appreciate it alot! Good job!

Brenda said...

Well, lets just say, you are in for some new stuff, and you will miss the ease of some of the old stuff.... but YEAH!!!!! that is wounderful news!!! I hope you don't get to lost in the new comp. that you don't come out and play with us here anymore!! ;-)!

I just don't like the having to re-set everything on a new comp..... but what else is there to do in the winter anyway???? Enjoy your new 'toy' and have a blast!!

Julie said...

Oooo, exciting, you won't know yourself with a new computer.

Winifred said...

That's brilliant. I still use XP and I like it. My husband's new laptop has Vista on it & it's OK. What I don't like is Office 2007. It's horrible. Luckily he just has a trial version so I think we'll opt out of the full version.

Mind you, it's fastttttttttt!

Finn said...

Hi Myra, hurray for a new computer! There is such potential with the news ones, but I do have to say you do an AMAZING amount with such an old one.
I'm tickled pink for you and it looks like the fur girls are also *VBS* Hugs, Finn

Lise said...

Woohoo Myra,,, you will be very happy with windows xp,, at first it will take a little patient to get to know it...if I can anyone can too...have a wonderful rest of week ...:)

belinda said...

Hi myra, thanks for your visit....yeah....a 'new' toy for you.....you won't believe how wonderful it will be!

Idaho Quilter said...

Oh I wish I had my XP back, you were correct in not chosing the latest. Fun to have a new toy.