Sunday, June 1, 2008

Wow! June 1st already!!!

Wow! It has been a whole month of blogging for me already! Woohoo! I am enjoying it soooo much! I am getting to know quite a few talented quilt bloggers from all over the world! How cool is that!!! 8-) And what is even more amazing is that I have pushed myself to be productive in my quilting journey in order to show progress on my blog!!! That alone speaks volumes!!!

I am known to be an excited quilter with starting a new project, only to become a lazy quilter with many a UFOs on the shelf! It got so bad that I promised myself not to buy any fabrics unless I really needed it! I had also cut back on buying patterns too. I did fairly well with that...the odd breakdown, but far from what I had been buying... A lot of my quilting friends were telling me how wonderful the Pfaff sewing machines were. They even teased me by letting me use a Pfaff 2046 (?) at a quilt gathering at our friend B's shop "Corellan Sewing Center". With all the bells and whistles I experienced on it, and on the others around me that night, I decided I needed a new sewing machine, but didn't deserve one until I got at least 5-6 UFOs out of my way. The gals kept saying that I would get them done much faster with a new machine, but I kept to my word. That was a year ago now. So, at the beginning of last month, with many UFOs completed, and a few "have to make gift quilts" done, my DH agreed that I should get a new machine. I had bought myself my Pfaffy 2056, and my Kenmore has been sitting on the side ever since! I have done a lot of sewing on my new machine! Love it!

So, the month of May had been a very rewarding and productive month in my mind, and I am very please with that!

I must say though, my Kenny (Kenmore Sewing Machine) had served me well for 20 years. It had seen me through many of mine and my children's outfits, and many sewing creations over the years. One day it will serve as a good starter machine for DD#2 should she decide to give sewing a try. We bought DD#1 a sewing machine for a 2004 graduation, because she was using my machine a lot.

This is one of my UFOs. My Convergence Quilt. It would take no time to finish it up, but I do have to work on the Anniversary Quilt! I need to get it done! I am procrastinating it big time!!!


Bugsy said...

Congrats on your month of blogging and your new sewing machine! I hope to see some more of your quilts soon!

I posted a picture of me doing some binding if you are interested. I'll also be posting some drunkard's path quilts I've done, doing and starting.

I have plenty of UFOs! Plenty of projects I started and then got tired of and moved on to other projects; but I've gone back to those old projects and completed them!

I think everyone goes through that. Kudos to you for sticking with your goals and completing them.

Enjoy your new machine!

Linda_J said...

I was directed here by a fellow blogger to see your convergence quilt. I have a top made minus borders that I made online with a couple of friends a few months back. I love your version and the addition of the flowers!

Welcome to Bloggerland! You are right about blogging making you a bit more accountable. After all, we need pictures to go with the narrative. How boring it would be say I should be doing this but I'm not for (fill in the blank) for a few too many posts in a row!

Rose Marie said...

Love this little quilt ..... it really wouldn't take too long to finish up ......

Veronica said...

Your Convergence quilt is wonderful! I have only done one but I really like yours with the flowers added to it. I'm not finished with mine so I may go back and embellish a bit. Thanks for the inspiration.