Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Still procrastinating...

Well not much to report about yesterday except more procrastination with regards to the Anniversary Quilt! I did quite a bit more hand-quilting on my whole cloth sample.

Here is my computer sidekick Ruby. Always has to be on, or beside me at the computer... Sometimes I even have Dora on me also and then I have to type one handed...not the easiest thing to do. The things we put up with with regards to our beloved pets! 8-)

On my computer it felt like Christmas! A lot of my Crescentwood group were emailing out photos from our first retreat back in February. Fun times! Although I will not post photos of my friends without their permission, I can post a few of their works in progress from the event, and some photos of myself and that of my DD#1 that cooked for us the whole weekend. What a sweetie she was for doing that! 8-)

On the left we have friend N's Bargello in the making. Something I have yet to make.

On the right we have D's Bargello in the making. Beautiful job ladies!

A photo from our snack table of a wax covered mouse shaped piece of cheese. Too cute!

This here is J's Destination Void in the making. Now she is done all her blocks and we played with them on a display wall. Oh what fun that was, and how awesome it looks!!! Another one I would like to try one day! 8-)

Another one of my UFOs. I brought it to the retreat as a back-up project, but didn't end up working on it. It is STILL at this stage. I need to finish the applique on it. The Log Cabin blocks were my first experience at paper piecing. I found it fun to do.... 8-)

Here we are in the retreat house kitchen! DD#1 actually has an Camp Coordinator office job here, but in truth she does a lot of what needs to be done! Great kid!

I shall post some more photos tonight...till then!


may said...

i have a pug and a boston terrier. great to see another pug owner!

LiaL said...

Yup, we're definitely related! I can procrastinate as well as you!

Karen said...

I love the mouse on the cheese plate. How cute!