Saturday, June 28, 2008

Some little things....

The sun is finally staying out now....been trying hard all day! 8-)

I had told Cathi from Quilt Obsession I would post my little needle case for her to see. I did not make it this one. I bought it at one of our Quilt Guilds vendor table meetings. The gal that made it is Rose Anne from My Quilt Works. Rose Anne makes all kinds of little goodies.... 8-)

These Thread Catcher/Pin Cushions I did make a few years ago now. The one with the hearts is for traveling as I can tuck my pin-cushion into the sack part for easy packing. The blue/gray one is for home use beside my Pfaffy. I put a plastic container from sour cream into it for easy clean-up. Very handy little things that I wouldn't do without!

My friend K just started her own blog! Congrats to you K!!! Looks good so far! Her blog is Quilter Going Bananas. Have yourselves a look-see! 8-)

I had big plans to do some bonding with Pfaffy, but it doesn't seem to be in the cards today. I am dead dog tired today. We shall try again tomorrow.... 8-)

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Catherine said...

Thanks, Myra -- it's fun to see how someone else makes one of those a bit differently.
Your thread catchers are fabulous -- love the idea of the plastic container in the bigger one!