Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Days are just flying by......

Yup! I don't know where it goes, but the days are just flying by for me lately!!!! No wonder we age so fast after the kids are grown!!!!

Last night we presented the Path Through the Pines raffle quilt to the school! We are hoping that it brings in a few thousand dollars for them by Christmas 2008.

There were 7 of us quilters present, as well as th
e Principal, Vice-Principal, one School Trustee, two Parent Counsel members, and a writer from the local paper for the area.

L did a wonderful job on the label for the raffle quilt! She even made a pinned on label with washing instructions for who ever the lucky winner is!!! OH! And that will be me! I tell ya! I'm going to win it!!! 8-)

This batik beauty is a full photo of L's quilt for her D-I-L. I believe it is the "Turning Twenty Again" Pattern. She is bound and just waiting for the label now.

I found this photo, taken a few years ago now, of one of J's first few quilts she made. Thinking that that also may have been her first experience with machine quilting too! I believe this one is the "Yellow Brick Road" quilt pattern.

For those of you following my Ruby Pug's progress, she is doing really well. I have the cone off her today, and so far she hasn't been scratching at her nose stitches, or licking her belly stitches. Dora though wants to play sooooo badly with her, but it is too soon to rough-house! Yesterday Dora nosed Ruby off the back of the couch to the floor. Momma not happy about that!!!! Luckily no harm done, and life goes on....

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call me crazy said...

Hi Myra!~
Looks like you are keeping busy! ;-) How do you like your new pfaffy? I have 2, but one needs to go in for a check-up. Happy sewing!