Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Evening update on Ruby and more...

Well, after a bit of a worry from the vet early this afternoon, it turns out that things are going well for our Ruby. She is resting well tonight, and I shall phone early tomorrow morning to see how she did during the night. If all is well I shall pick her up in the early afternoon....

And now for some photos from tonight's gathering! 8-)

On the right is the results of an online mystery that K did a couple of years ago! What a lovely job she did! The photos do not do justice to the colors used...

This Bargello on the left is the WIP that Y started at our February retreat! Love the colors Y! Can't wait to see what you do for the boarders!!

This quilt top on the right was made by L. She is making this one for her grand-daughter... I think?... Click on the photo to see a close up of the fabrics used. There are cats on some!

This lovely table topper on the right was made by A. A is a fairly new quilter, and does wonders making clothes... especially for her grand-daughters!

The hand bags on the left were also made by A. The Yellow and blue one is not quite finished yet. Another pattern we all have to try soon!

The photo of it opened sewing/quilting tool case on the left was an exchange that D had at her country quilt group! It has so many hidden pockets it is surprizing!! We all thought it was great!! Photo on the right is the case closed. A must to learn to make! And we all told D so!!! 8-)

The plastic case on the left is from Luminus light bulbs that she purchased at Costco! It fits her spools of thread just wonderfully! Now watch, we are all going to go and clear the shelves just to have these cases!!! LOL!!!

The evening was, as per usual, a great time with the gals! A great group of ladies! We were only about11 strong today, but I am sure if we were all present there would be about 24 of us!!!

The only frustrating part of the early evening was that I forgot my basting spray on my cutting table at home, so I could not get my quilt sandwiched. I guess I will have to do that tomorrow at our Wonky Bits gathering, and move on from there! Nuts! Another setback in my plans....

Well that is about it for today! Time for bed!

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Darcie said...

Thanks for the fantastic quilt show from your group! Lots of talent in one room.

Is that sewing case D's own pattern? It looks great!

Hope little Ruby feels like wiggling her backside for you this morning!