Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Nothing exciting going on....laundry.

Nothing happening in the sewing room for the last while. Reasons, excuses, who needs them!?! It is what it is..... 8-)

J sent me a photo of myself sandwiching the Anniversary Quilt. How many of you end up working on things in this way? I seem to have been "caught" in this predicament a few times.

Today I have a roast in the crock-pot, which got me thinking about a wonderful blog I came across, with Crock-Pot Cooking. Stephanie has some wonderful sounding recipes!!! I plan on trying some out....soon!!!


Bugsy said...

I must say that I've never been caught basting a quilt on a table! I end up doing mine on the floor!

I chose your title - it definitely seemed to fit!

Thanks - Joe

Tere Sanders said...

That is so cute! You look like a kitty cat on the table!! Thanks for the crock pot links. I love to cook that way... like I really cook that often hahaha.