Thursday, June 12, 2008

An eventful day!

It was the day to pick Ruby up at the vets, as well as a Wonky Bits gathering day for us, and boy did we have some "show and tell"!

First things first, I called the vets to see how Ruby was first thing this morning, and all was fine. Then off to Wonky Bits for 10am, with the intention of leaving early to pick my Ruby up around 1pm.

This little WIP table topper is being made by J! Some of the fabrics have coffee cups and coffee beans on them if I recall correctly. J is always surprizing us with something new when she comes out... Nice job J!!! 8-)

This block is a quilt-as-you-go being done by H. On the other photo she laid all the blocks on the floor to see it's affects! H is making the quilt for her husband that just recently moved into a nursing home. I am sure he will be as snug as a bug with the quilt soon enough! Nice job H!

This quilt is a "quilt an hour a day" tutorial from Judy Laquidara's blog. It was a May tutorial. P could not resist going to her stash to find the fabrics to make this lovely quilt top. P was a bit miffed with herself cause, in her own words, "I don't know what I was thinking! Like I need to make another quilt!!!" But you know how it goes! If something inspires you, and you have what you need in your stash, why not make it right here and now!!! P is known for doing things like this often... Way to go P!!! 8-)

P always seems to have an endless stream of "show and tell" quilts for us to see. She is a recent addition to our group, and whatever she brings to show us, we are just in awe of it all. We think P is a GREAT addition to our group! Don't we grils!!! 8-)

The flower quilt is one of P's, as it the next 2 beauties!!! These 2 were of her own creations. P was inspired to be creative not only once, but twice with this idea! "That seems to be the problem. I have to try it again in other colors!" says she!!! 8-)

These 2 Disappearing 9-Patches were made by J. (the one on the left for her sister-in-law, and the one on the right is for her) J is the new quilter I mentioned in a past post. She belongs to Wonky Bits and to Crescentwood. She always seems to have a new suprize up her sleeve when I see her too! Beautiful work J!!! 8-)

This is L sewing a label onto the raffle quilt. We are
handing it over to the school this coming Monday, and it will be handed it over gladly. You know, sometimes you just got to get rid of it hey!?! 8-)
L is finishing off the Batik quilt on the right. It
is a gift for her daughter-in-law. What a lucky gal hey!? Just lovely!! 8-)

This flowery bag was made by K! K is a lady of many hobbies and talents! She is the sole rug hooker in our group. She makes beautiful rugs. K has made many quilts, and wows us with the clothing she makes for herself! 8-)

Here is my Ruby, home from the vets. She got spayed yesterday, and had her nose snipped. She started rubbing at her nose, so I had to put the cone on her. If you click on the photo you can see her lovely purple stitches. Dora is happy to have Ruby home, here she is checking out the fancy collar!!!! And water can be drunk from the water bowl with the darn thing on!!! Cool! Now I am wondering how she will sleep tonight in her kennel with the cone one? Hmmmm?

And on the menu tonight!

Game-burger Casserole…or Not

1lb ground meat (moose, deer, or ground beef)
1lb ground pork sausage meat
1 onion, chopped
6 to 8 medium size potatoes, pealed and thinly sliced
1 can cream soup (mushroom, celery, or potato)
½ soup can of water
Salt and Pepper to taste

Brown together the first 3 ingredients, then drain off fat.
In a bowl, combine the soup and water well.
Spread meat mixture on the bottom of a casserole dish. Layer the potatoes (salt and peppering a bit between the potato layers) and top off with the soup mixture.
Bake covered, at 350*F for 45 to 50 minutes, till the potatoes are tender. ( some times longer depending on your oven)

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Tere Sanders said...

Poor baby pug... why did you have to get his nose snipped? What is that?