Friday, June 20, 2008

Carberry Retreat House Photos.....

These are photos of the Circle Square Ranch where I have gone for the Carberry Quilting Retreat for the last 3 years in March. It is about one and a half hours away, but it is sooo worth the weekend! We have a blast there! Lots of lovely ladies there. About 45-50 of us quilters from all over a good part of Northern Manitoba. A great bunch of gals!!! 8-)

These photos are of what we see when we drive up there. On the left side of the long driveway we see these Teepees that we think the kids summer camps use. What fun that would be!
Just beyond the Teepees is the big sign to the ranch! We are here!!! 8-)
And beyond the sign around a corner and over a hill we see the ranch town its self. It is a place for summer/winter camps for kids, and also used as a retreat and conference center I believe. When we are there in March the road can be very mucky, but so far we haven't gotten stuck...
The building on the right are the sleeping quarters. Bunk beds, but us ladies only use the bottom bunks. Four Ladies to a room, with a bathroom.
The building in the middle is the cook house, dining room, and offices. The food is wonderful!!! The building also has sleeping quarters upstairs. I've never stayed up there myself.
The third building is the workshop, up and downstairs! The quilting workshop that is!!! 8-) I was in the upstairs room the first year, but the last two years I was in the downstairs. About 14-16 work stations fit in the upper, and the rest of us are in the lower work stations. Lots of room and very good lighting!!!
These are the chuck-wagons beyond the workshop building. We think that the camp kids use them also. Once again, it must be great being a kid at camp there!
The only thing I don't have a photo of on the grounds there is the barn and horses. Lots of horses!!!

Tomorrow I will post some photos of the lovely show and tell we've had there.

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