Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Very little sleep....serves me right!

Went to bed around midnight, only to toss and turn because my arm was sore. "Why is my arm sore?" hmmmmmmm?

1:30AM the phone rings, "Did someone forget to come pick me up?" .....?..... "Holy Sh__!!! Amie is at the airport! She's not supposed to be home till tomorrow this time!?! .... Isn't she? YIKES!!!"

So, I jumps into some clothes, and out the door.... then I had the battle of which vehicle to take.....hmmmm? "That one most accessible is not road worthy cause DH is working on it still, mine I can't get out of the garage cause DS is parked right there in front, I guess I am taking DD#2's car!.... ? The standard driving one. .... Where are the keys?" I can drive standard, but my knees don't like me to... And my arm!!! "Why is it so sore?"

I got to the airport around 2:20AM, and after hugs and kisses, we loaded all her luggage into the car and home we went.... me realizing along the way that DD's bed wasn't made yet! DH had just put her furniture back in the room during the day (DS did her flooring while she was gone), and I was to do the rest to have it ready for here today....ha! Today! NOT! Anyway, DH made her bed while I was gone to pick her up at the airport. How sweet is that!?

Once back in bed at about 3:30AM I finally realize why my arm is sore (like the dickens)! Let's just say I will not be trimming that many squares in one day again.... Arm is still really sore this morning.... Live and learn!!! 8-/
Photo of DD#2 this morning with the fur girls glued to her hips! I think they missed her! 8-)

Time to get off this comp and see all what DD has to show and tell!

Later! 8-)


Lise said...

Boy, you sure had a hectic am LOL..don't worry about arm, humm done that too LOL..hope dd#2 appreciated all what mom did ....and all girls hanging out looks cute...Lise

Lilly said...

Well, haven't you been the busy girl? Love the quilt you have started. I plan to make one like that some day. Glad your daugter is home safely. You are a good mom! I think I would have let her sit in the airport til morning. Just kidding!

Quilter Going Bananas said...

You all must be thrilled that DD2 is home safe and sound. I bet she has a ton of stories to tell you! Good job on all the sewing you did yesterday but why on earth is your arm sore?? Did your rotary cutter attack you?? Were you pressing down on your ruler way too hard while trimming all those HSTs?? A mystery that's for sure QGB

Gina said...

Well done on waking up to the phone. When I go to sleep the house could fall down around me and I wouldn't know.

Glad she's home safely

Love and hugs gina xx

Joyce said...

I'm sure she'll have some interesting stories to share.
You must be glad to have her home safe and sound.

Julie said...

I hope DD2 had a great time. She will have to come back one day and see the rest of Aus. Did she get on OK with the money side of things, I remember you were wondering what to take at one stage. Julie.

Anonymous said...

Ha Ha Ha! You likely heard me laughing all the way to your place! What a hoot. Ok, you and I were in the same zone today as I went to work and was busy working away when my supervisor, who just got a reply from me via email, came up to me and said, aren't you supposed to be at a training course today? Look at my calendar...sure enough...I am supposed to be downtown training! So 2 hours later I showed up, but they were glad I could make it! HA! So I FEEL FOR YOU! :-)
I remember you saying she doesn't get home until Wednesday. Ah well. Good she phoned! Thanks for the good one today girlfriend!

Anonymous said...

Love the photo. The furry family members really missed her.

Dorothy said...

Hi Myra,
Glad to see your daughter arrived home safely. Hope your arm is better.

Lurline's Place said...

My goodness, Myra - your life sounds almost fuller than mine if that is possible! Lovely for you to have DD home and look after that arm.
hugs - Lurline.