Thursday, August 14, 2008

Wonky Bits Day! 8-)

... 7 Wonky Bitters present, and one mini wanna-be... That would be Pg's 10 year old grand-daughter. 8-) What a sweet-heart. The whole day while we were doing our stuff, she was scrap-booking her photos, and doing a wonderful job! Yay S! 8-)

First thing this morning Hc told us that we needed to be her Guinea-pigs and try a new breakfast recipe out. Mmmmmmmm..... It was a Blueberry French-Toast Bake from the oven.... Photo of the left overs. It was very nummy!!! Thanks Hc... but next time let us know ahead of time so we won't eat breaky at home first... 8-)

This is one of Lp's Watermelon Placemats. Beautiful fabrics! Her grand-daughter love corn, so she is planning to make some with corn fabric... Cute idea hey? 8-)

Another of Lp's works in progress is her Wholecloth hand-quilting... She didn't want me to snap a photo of it cause it wasn't done, but we love to see WIPs don't we!? 8-) I think she is doing a lovely job!

Last photo is of Es's Jean Throw Rug. She has made a few of them for her daughters. In this photo she is cutting it to make chenille, apparently they feel wonderful under the bare feetsies... I have my stuff all cut up to make one from 2-3 years back...?... I guess I have another UFO to add to my list!!! Sheesh! Forgot about that one!!! Thanks Es!!!

Today I trimmed my "anniversary quilt" in prep for binding..."there is an end in site!!!" I was going to make some Continuous Binding from the outer boarder fabric for it, but decided, with help for the other gals, that I should use the green that was used for the inner boarder for the binding also.... Problem!!! I have no more of that fabric left!!! I guess it be time to go hunting... By the way, if you look on my sidebar you will see a link to a Continuous Binding Chart. Very handy!!

I also did some more applique on my "log cabin/flowers" quilt today... Soon enough that one will be ready for sandwiching also... I'm getting there!!!


Gina said...

that bake looks yummy

Love and hugs Gina xxx

Quilter Going Bananas said...

Do you think Hc would share the recipe?? The leftovers look sooooo yummy! Now I'm drooling all over my laptop, sheesh! cheers, QGB