Sunday, August 10, 2008

Oh what a day!!! 8-)

A great turnout for our day retreat! I wasn't sure as to the numbers cause I didn't organize it, but we ended up with more ladies out than I had thought!!! Which, of course, is great!!! We were 18!!! Yahoo!

Before I show the photos of the day, I will show you another display wall layout with my charm pack squares... took the photo last night...There is just so many ways to play with these! 8-)
Now on to the day retreat photos, which by the way, was held in a community club gym... We each had a whole table to use!! Wow! We also had about 3 ironing stations, as well as 3 tables put together in order to do some sandwiching, which is what was happening first thing in the morning... Dl's Bargello... What a beaut!!! She is making it for a friend...Lucky friend!! 8-)
This small photo shows Pg doing a pillow case demonstration. She showed our other group how to make one last month. This is such a wonderful method...She calls it the hot-dog method. A hidden seam in the opening, and French seams for the rest... I shall be making a couple soon... Perhaps I can do a tutorial for you...perhaps... 8-)

Here we are taking a lunch break.

After lunch, while machine quilting my welcome quilt, I realized I was without my quilting cloves. Having my own big table, they couldn't go far... finally found them on the floor far under my table. Crouched down to get them and I got a lovely surprize. Got a nice sting on my neck from a wasp. So there I am with a bag of ice on my neck, machine quilting away... 8-) It still hurts tonight... I got stung on then neck last year at my cousin's 25th anniversary celebration (outdoor social/party tent). Todays sting came from open doors...no A/C...
This is As"s work of art! She has been a sewer for many, many years, but has been quilting for the last year... She is doing some wonderful projects... Way to go As!! 8-)This is Dd's Dragonfly wall-quilt. This is going to be a special gift for a special friend of her's... The fabrics are wonderful... She's doing a great job! 8-) This our young J. I think this is her 4th quilt she is in the process of making. I believe this one is for their bed. You go girl! 8-)


Quilter Going Bananas said...

Sorry to hear your neck still hurts :^( .....did you get any more quilting done on your welcome banner?
Good time was had by all :^) QGB

Quilter Going Bananas said...

I kinda like your latest arrangement of charm squares the best of all of them...decisions, decisions......QGB

Myra said...

Got more quilting done on the banner, but ran out of thread...time for a trip to Fabricland! 8-)

Tere Sanders said...

Your quilt is looking really good! I love all the quilts from your group. So colorful! Your group is so creative!

Gina said...

Poor you, a nasty wasp sting. I hope you feel better soon.

apart from that I'm glad you enjoyed yourself

Love and hugs Gina xxx

LiaL said...

I would NEVER get a quilt top together if there was more than one way to do it!!! I can't make up my mind about anything.

I love bargello.

bingo~bonnie said...

This is my first visit to your blog - found you from your comment over on crazy'boutquilts page. :) I'm the host of her mini 9 patch swap... and if you have any questions about it, I'd be more than happy to share. :)

By the way you have one of the prettiest blog pages!! I love all of your quilts in your side bar! and those dark/light HST's you are working on are beautiful!!! Love those colors. It'd be hard to choose a setting, but I don't think you can go wrong!

Love from Texas! ~bonnie