Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Well, the sun was shining earlier today!

Current temp here is 15*C. Yesterday, and this morning, the sun was out for the most part, but now it has clouded over. I sure hope we are not going to get the snow the the folks north-west of us got yesterday. Only 4-5 hour drive away! 8-(

The buds are opening on our Shubert Chokecherry tree now (branches right), as is the neighbors (branches left). I think our tree was a sucker from his tree...
I love the trees, but not all the suckers!

I am getting organized for my retreat weekend. I think it is time to get those HST blocks all put together. I was going to put it together like a photo that Annemiek sent me, but for the life of me can't find it in my comp anywhere!!! Grrrrr..... I was waiting for ink to print it, and now I have spent too much time looking for it, so, I played around with the blocks a bit, and think that I like this one! Looks like spools... Here and here are the other layouts I played around with... 8-)

Edit: Just in! As soon as I published this post I went and checked my emails, and Dear Darling Annemiek resent the photo for me after I had emailed her earlier!!! I printed it right away quick before I lost it... again!!!
What a Sweetheart hey!?! 8-)
Thanks Annemiek!!!
Now what to do? Figure out her photo for the blocks, or go with the new layout!?! 8-/

I got my cuts all ready to put together in to Cat blocks for one of our quilting friend Jc. Her close friend suffered a home fire while she was gone on holidays, thus has nothing. So, Jc rallied us around to each make some blocks to get this quilt put together... Fun stuff! 8-)
I also have a few other things put aside to bring along... 8-)

Tis a quilt gathering night tonight!
Maybe some show & tell tomorrow?!


Pat said...

Enjoy your quilt group tonight and I hope you don't get anymore snow this season.

Finn said...

hi Myra, remember me?? *VBG* I know I've been missing a whole bunch,haven't I?
Love the new header and even better, it's your stitchery...awesome! So happy that you were rescued in the HST quest, altho I really like the picture you're showing....that's a neat layout. Wonder how that would look scrappy?? See how I get so many UFO's? Have a wonderful retreat. Big hugs, Finn

Rosaline said...

Your HSTs are lookin good. Re layouts, my vote is for the second "here". I just love the barn raising design, and the warm color of your fabrics adds to the charm of this design.

Winona said...

Which setting did you decide to go with? I really like the last setting you posted. It will look fabulous, no matter which setting you use. Winona

Annemiek said...

I love you too *lol*!