Tuesday, April 28, 2009

New display wall...

First, I thank you all for your lovely comments about my Gazebo stitchery... I had fun doing it. 8-)

Nothing fancy, just
a flannel sheet and some Ladybug pushpins (tacks). Washed the sheet last week, boy I could not believe then amount of fluff that came off in the drier!!! I can't imagine what a raggy quilt will loose in there! Wow!

I tacked up the sheet this morning... "loaded" it up with a couple of pieces just to check that they will indeed stay "stuck" for the day as I go by and such... It is a much bigger wall than what I had to work with before... Now it is floor to ceiling, and about 6 feet wide... 8-)

Here are my little beggers, wanting some of my peanut-butter and banana sandwich this morning... they ALWAYS think I should share with them... Naughty little fur-girls... 8-)

What spoiled little girls they are too... Look at the great window seating they have right under my sewing table... Even better now with the window open, cause then they "hear" everything going on out there! They especially go nuts when a rabbit comes under window... brats!

Three more sleeps till our May Retreat! I best stay away from the comp for the rest of the day to get my projects picked, readied, and packed up... Nothing like leaving things till the last minute! 8-)

I hope you are all having some lovely weather, but not too lovely that you aren't getting to your UFOs, PhDs, WISPs done... Mind you, handwork can easily be done out on the deck, in a comfy chair, under an umbrella, out of the wind (a must), with a nice cup of icetea to top it off! 8-)


em's scrapbag said...

Congrats on the design wall. It looks great! Have fun at your retreat!

Brenda said...

I think that is a grrrrreat size for a design wall. And I love that your fur-babies want to have breakfast with you!! I had a guinea pig, that if you opened a banana, he would smell it and make chipping noises and grunting till you shared!! Even if you were in the next room, he could tell you were eating one!!!
And another retreat!! You are going to have fun. Why even unpack your stuff, you should just leave it all ready - as is - till the next escape you are going to be going on!!! Then, you are always ready!!
I hope you are getting the warm weather. It's cold but at least not snowy today!! I am tired of the white rain we've been having... it fills up the rain barrels, but it's sure cold out there when it's happening!!!
So, for you, I wish you warm sunny days - and flowers!! The fur girls sure like thier view!!

Guðrún said...

Another retreat!!! Myra you are never at home, just a joke :)

Lilly said...

What a great idea for a design wall. I will keep an eye out for one at garage sales. Cute pics of the pugs.

Cybele's patch said...

I love the stitchery in your header. It is beautiful.

Dolores said...

Your gazebo makes a lovely header. Beautiful. Hope you have fun at yet another retreat. ;-)