Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Tidbits from my weekend...

Friday was DD2's 22nd Birthday. She worked, came home, packed, and was out the door to go to her friend's cottage for the weekend..."Nice seeing you too! Happy Birthday!" Actually, I didn't even see her as I was at the Quilt Show... 8-/

Also on Friday, for a very brief time, DS came home with his girlfriend that we have met maybe 3-4 times now. ...?... What can I say...? She had my DH and I doing more than a double take... and then they were out the door again (out for supper, and then her to work) leaving us with our mouths open... I think she likes going for the shock factor, don't you? 8-)

Saturday we went to Steinbach with my brother and S-I-L for my Cousin-In-Law's surprize 50th birthday party. It was a very big surprize, and we had a silly good time! One of their guests had the cutest 8 week old Rotti there. A little sweetie. Got home around 1:30am, on the comp a bit, and that is when I lost my server for 45 hours... 8-)

Sunday we went to my parent's for a fishy dinner... My dad and I had chicken. I don't do fish in our house, so when my mother got fresh fish from my bother and son's fishing trip earlier in the week, she thought my DH would appreciate a fish dinner...

At some point on the weekend I did some mindless stitching. I worked with my Moda Holly Jolly charm packs. Planning to do a Disappearing 9-patch with them..

Monday night we had the whole family in for coffee and cake for DD2's and DH's Birthdays...as well as our 24th anniversary. Can you believe I consented to us getting married 24 years ago on his birthday!?! Anyway, DS had his girlfriend over again, with a new hairstyle of yarns, and my crazy brother, went out to his truck and came in with this look, after they had left of course (cause we don't know if she can take a joke)... His "hair" is made of shoelaces of all things... 8-)

Today I have been catching up on my emails, blog hopping, and
such, and found some neat things.

Go check out this post on the Rosaline's Samadhi Blog to see a wonderful Stack & Whack/Kaleidoscope/Hexagon quilt. It's gorgeous! I love the addition of the silhouette flowers... 8-)

Check out Helena's blog for this post here! It is an adorable little bag! Helena is one very creative lady, doing alot of stitcheries! 8-)


Joyce said...

You've had a busy few days. The girlfriend seems like one of a kind. She must be fun though, seeing what she'll wear next!

Anonymous said...

I love the little Rotti, reminds me of our Rocky!
Great pics GF! Great stories!

Keep up the great work!